103 examples of peeks in sentences

"Is it a big town playing peek-a-boo among those hills, Uncle John, or is this really all there is to the place?"

Yea, for such wry-necks all the world's a lawn To peek and peer and pounce a sinful worm; The fatter, the more luscious.

I show up to marry one man to a girl and nex' thing I know I peek in a winder and see" "Never mind that," cut in King hastily.

I used to peek in at them, never so softly, in Dona Ina's living-room; Raphael-eyed little imps, going sidewise on their knees to rest them from the bare floor, candles lit on the mantel to give a religious air, and a great sheaf of wild bloom before the Holy Family.

He had to stop at Peekskill and he took us all ashore for a peek that's what he said.

"I couldn't help givin' a peek tew the will, and there I see not Hiram Flint nor Josiah Flint, but Bewlah Flint, wrote every which way, but as plain as the nose on yer face.

sartin, little sister; but that only make him want peek um some more," said the little hunter.

Shy and wild as he naturally is, a duck, like a caribou or a turkey, must take a peek at every new thing.

" "I tole yer they warn't funny; they warn't o' that kind that peeks through them long stick glasses and puckers up their lips.

"I lose him in the crowd and then take a peek at the entries again and find the gee-gee I intended betting on didn't even start.

By this means, and with the aid of globe- and peek-sights, (which should always be used in trying a gun,) it may as certainly be held in the same position at every shot as if it were clamped in a machine.

"M-m," he sighed, "you know how I come to peek in your door like that?"

"Would you care to have a peek at him?" "I should think so," said his wife, jumping to her feet.

Ah! here's a little peek-hole....

A sweater, a sarong and a peek-a-boo bang.

A sweater, a sarong and a peek-a-boo bang.

A sweater, a sarong and a peek-a-boo bang.

A sweater, a sarong and a peek-a-boo bang.

Pikes Peek or bust.

Then the clerk pulled out the copy of Al-Hoda and rustled it, and His Honor, who had been dreaming that he was riding through the narrow streets of Bagdad upon a jerky white dromedary so tall that he could peek through the latticed balconies at the plump, black-eyed odalisques within the harems, slowly came back from Turkey to New York.

me!"and there, on a sudden, she peeks out.

No more 'n they want Sunday to pry an' to peek Into wut they are doin' the rest o' the week.

Haul in the slack end 'n' let's hev a peek at it.

Why he's so handsome and good the very birds in the trees will stop singin' to listen to his talk, and the grass turn brighter green where he's stepped on it, and the May-flowers peek up and blush with happiness if he looks at 'em.

Bringa da peek!

103 examples of  peeks  in sentences