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139 example sentences with  pendent

139 example sentences with pendent

V. be pendent &c adj.;

Fluttering its pinions, almost within reach, About the pendent nest, did thus espy 85 Her Lover!thence a stolen interview, Accomplished under friendly shade of night.

The deep sides of the gulches were draped with pendent lantana branches full of purple flowers, or, more beautiful still, with a profusion of fragrant white honeysuckle.

"pendent opera interrupta, minaeque Murorum ingentes, aequataque machina coelo.

soli literati admittuntur, nec ad eam rem gratia magistratuum aut regis indigent, omnia explorata cujusque scientia et virtute pendent.

Their very toes are bedizened with brass rings; and long festoons of red, white, and blue beads hang pendent round their necks.

Some of them are prickly, and as the elephant slowly forces his way through the mass of pendent swaying cords, they lacerate and tear the mahout's clothes and skin, and appropriate his puggree.

One of the drivers reported that he had seen a bear in the jungle, and we saw the earth of one not far from where the young tiger had fallen; it was the lair of the sloth bear or Ursus labialis, so called from his long pendent upper lip.

If on her we see display'd Pendent gems, and rich brocade; If her chints with less expense Flows in easy negligence; Still she lights the conscious flame, Still her charms appear the same; If she strikes the vocal strings, If she's silent, speaks, or sings, If she sit, or if she move, Still we love, and still approve.

Vain the casual, transient glance, Which alone can please by chance; Beauty, which depends on art, Changing with the changing heart, Which demands the toilet's aid, Pendent gems and rich brocade.

How must it amuse the pendent spectator to see the moving scene of land and ocean, cities and deserts!

And blown with reckless violence about The pendent world.

A very ornamental, small-growing tree, with large deciduous leaves and pendent clusters of pure white flowers with long fringe-like petals, and from which the popular name has arisen.

It is a charming shrub of bold, bushy habit, with prickly holly-like foliage, and scarlet and yellow, trumpet-shaped pendent flowers, borne in quantity.

The flowers are produced on the naked shoots in April, and are rendered conspicuous by reason of the pendent yellow stamens.

A neat shrub of about 3 feet in height, with oval leaves, and pretty white flowers in pendent clusters.

This is a dwarf, slender-branched, and gracefully pendent shrub, of free growth, undoubted hardihood, and well worthy of extended cultivation.

As I looked down the aisle, I saw on one side of it, near the pulpit end, a leg projecting about eighteen inches, in a pendent position, at an angle of about forty-five degrees.

There are a number of niches or open closets in the walls, whose arched tops are adorned with pendent wooden ornaments, resembling stalactites, and at the corners of the room the heavy gilded and painted cornice drops into similar grotesque incrustations.

Here the fringed arches, the lace-like filigrees, the wreathed inscriptions, and the domes of pendent stalactites which enchant you in the Alcazar of Seville, are repeated, not in stucco, but in purest marble, while the entrance to the "holy of holies" is probably the most glorious piece of mosaic in the world.

Each of these domes is composed of five thousand separate pieces, and the pendent prismatic blocks, colored and gilded, gradually resolve themselves, as you gaze, into the most intricate and elegant designs.

He was touched with a sense of guilt for having looked so long; for not having at once called to her; and rather than give her the shock of calling now, he moved toward her, the scuff of his limp, pendent foot attracting her attention.

Jasper Ewold was at his best, a glowing husbandman, when he pointed aloft to the clusters of fruit pendent from the crotches of the stiff branches, enclosed in cloth bags to keep them free of insects.

This escort, all the individuals of which were dressed in character, was not long in making its appearance with the officer in question, a warm, substantial citizen and proprietor of the place, who, otherwise attired in the ordinary costume of his class in that age, had decorated his beaver with a waving plume, and, in addition to a staff or baton, wore a flowing scarf pendent from his shoulder.

During the month the various hotels of Bombay will be pretty familiar with the grey sun-hat, fortified with puggaree and pendent flap, which is the sign of the globe-trotter in the East.

LIPS, FLEWS, AND DEWLAPIn front the lips fall squarely, making a right-angle with the upper line of the foreface, whilst behind they form deep, hanging flews, and, being continued into the pendent folds of loose skin about the neck, constitute the dewlap, which is very pronounced.

The Artificial Illuminations made in it: From the arched Roof Pendent by subtle Magick, many a Row Of Starry Lamps and blazing Crescets, fed With Naphtha and Asphaltus, yielded Light

The stream flows through the midmost privacy and deepest heart of a wood, which, as if but half satisfied with its presence, calm, gentle and unobtrusive as it is, seems to crowd upon it, and barely to allow it passage, for the trees are rooted on the very verge of the water, and dip their pendent branches into it.

Curious bosses, like lace-pillows got up for church, swing pendent from the verdant pine-branches.

Above or about the pictures lay mossy, gnarled, and twisted branches, gray and green, framing them in a forest arabesque; and great pine cones, pendent from their boughs, crowned and canopied the mirror.

Mr. Soule has given another beautiful view of it, when stripped of its leaves, equally remarkable for the delicacy of its pendent, hair-like spray.

The long line of nearly dead level, with its stretches of thin pine-forest and its occasional glares of open sand, gives you an idea of nearly the whole country about Charleston, except that in general you ought to add to the picture a number of noble evergreen oaks bearded with pendent, weird Spanish moss, and occasional green spikes of the tropical-looking Spanish bayonet.

A faded flower, an althea-bud, was still pendent from my coat.

The superfluous waters, drained off by a little channel on one side, were conducted through the rocky parapet of the garden, whence they trickled and tinkled from rock to rock, falling with a continual drip among the swaying ferns and pendent ivy-wreaths, till they reached the little stream at the bottom of the gorge.

The pretty Bessie was attired in maidenly white muslin, an India fabric of marvellous fineness, with a sash and streamers of blue, and the light fleecy curls of her hair unadorned save by a slight pendent spray of jasmines.

She now directed her steps to a little rustic seat, almost hidden from view by the pendent branches of an old willow-tree, and close under a hawthorn-hedge, now in full, fragrant bloom.

On peut assez s'imaginer a quelles soufrances ils furent exposez dans un tel batiment, pendent une telle route, et avec si-peu de vivres, et si-mauvais.

A lean mother-cat came and rubbed her thin, pendent flanks against their legs, purring and whining.

Even Heath Wilson, for instance, writes: "The massive shoulders are thrown back, the right arm is pendent, and the right hand grasps resolutely the stone with which the adversary is to be slain."

If on her we see display'd Pendent gems, and rich brocade, 10

Vain the casual transient glance, Which alone can please by chance 20 Beauty, which depends on art, Changing with the changing heart, Which demands the toilet's aid, Pendent gems, and rich brocade.

And, pendent from each rusty nail, Helmet and steely dress, With bright and gilded morion, To grace that dim recess.

In the interior were columns engaged in the wall of the nave, with the capitals elaborately and heavily foliated with pendent bunches of flowers and fruit, much more in accordance with English than French taste.

The poles are now entirely covered with verdure, and the pendent flowers appear in clusters and light festoons.

he added; and, turning round, I observed the distinguished military authority seated on one chair, and his legs gracefully pendent over the back of another.

At one minute you are struggling for space, and suddenly you emerge upon a Gothic-looking hall, full of gracefully pendent stalactites.

For every branch, every twig, every stone and rail had its pendent ice and icicle, and the strong sun smote the world with flakes of flame.

A huge, long, black cloud hung pendent from midway in the sky, with its lower part resting on the sea.

Imparibus meritis pendent tria corpora ramis: Dismas et Gesmas, media est Divina Potestas; Alta petit Dismas, infelix infima Gesmas; Nos et res nostras conservet Summa Potestas.

[Footnote 1: "Interia dulces pendent circum oscula nati; Casta pudicitiam servat domus".

The chapel was, however, restored by Queen Anne; the floor is of black and white marble, the pews are of Norway oak, and there is some fine carving by Gibbons; the roof is plain Gothic with pendent ornaments.

The long straight road dips across them gallantly, a silver band of travel to tie them to the city, with little cities or towns pendent from it at wide intervals.

It was Houseen Abdelkader, the caid's son, the comrade of long agoHouseen in silk of wine and silver, hyacinths pendent on his cheeks, a light of festival in his eyes.

The chandelier, a design of originality in its day, gave light by what purported to be wax candles standing each in a circlet of pendent crystals.

A passing vehicle in the street, however, now and then drew a shiver of sound from the pendent prisms of the chandelier.

The first represents the river or back front of the Hall of the Fishmongers' Company: the second cut, the arms of the Company, is added by way of an illustrative pendent.

* * * * * By way of pendent, we add the present state of THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY, from the report just completed.

"Among the roots Of hazel, pendent o'er the plaintive stream, They frame the first foundation of their domes.

The customer firmly pushed back a pendent lock of hair and became impressive.

The roof springs from clustered columns, branching into an enriched groined ceiling, with a very large and embellished pendent key-stone in the centre, from which will be suspended the chandelier to light the whole of the interior.

It is a pendent to Faust, or, rather, to Don Juan.

June weaves into this green foliage pendent clusters of flowers of mingled brown and white,

There she lay dead; here is her room, and there is her book-case; there are the photographs of the Miss Austins, here is the fuchsia with the pendent blossoms falling, and her canary is singing.

While Clotilde amused herself by gathering the blossoms, and turning aside the pendent boughs of the willows that hung over the celebrated stream.

No jutty frieze, Buttrice, nor coigne of 'vantage, but this bird Hath made his pendent bed, and procreant cradle: Where they most breed and haunt, I have observ'd, The air is delicate.

Everywhere the glitter of glass, mirrors over the mantelpieces, mirrors let into panels, glass chiffoniers, and pendent prisms of glass round the ornamental candlesticks.

It produces lovely pale pendent flowers from June to August, will grow in almost any soil, and can be increased by seed or division.

The graceful, pendent branches are laden with beautiful red or purple heart-shaped flowers; these, combined with the delicate green of the foliage, give them a conspicuous place among plants.

They are quite hardy, and flower in the spring, bearing clusters of pendent bell-shaped flowers surrounded with tufts of fresh green leaves.

F. Meleagris are of dwarf, slender growth, and bear in early spring elegant pendent flowers of various shades netted and marked with darker colours.

The pendent white flowers are produced close to the branches in June.

A hardy, summer-flowering, bulbous plant 3 ft. to 4 ft. in height, gracefully surmounted with from twenty to fifty pendent, bell-shaped snow-white flowers.

On the top, at the intersection of the arches, which are somewhat depressed, are a mound and cross of gold the latter richly jewelled, and adorned with three pearls, one on the top, and one pendent at each limb.

"Die Zusammensetzung der nächsten Generation, e qua iterum pendent innumerae generationes"the very composition and essence of the next generation and of countless generations following it, depends, as he says, on the particular choice of a mate.

All the love-affairs of the present generation taken altogether are accordingly the meditatio compositionis generationis futurae, e qua iterum pendent innumerae generationes of mankind.

Pendent ce temps elle mit le pied sur l'étrier, elle enfourcha le cheval comme le font les hommes, et dès qu'elle fut en selle le vieillard lui jeta le manteau sur les épaules; après quoi il lui donna un de ces chapeaux longs, à pointe, usités en Grèce, et vers l'extrémité duquel étoient trois plumes d'or qui lui séyoient très-bien.

Leurs chevaux sont bons, coûtent peu à nourir, courent bien et longtemps; mais ils les tiennent très-maigres et ne les laissent manger que la nuit, encore ne leur donnent-ils alors que cinq ou six jointées d'orge et le double de paille picade (hachée): le tout mis dans une besace qu'ils leur pendent aux oreilles.

Up the steep-hill ascends the nimble doe, While timid conies scour the plains below; Or in the pendent rocks elude the scenting foe.

Pendent opera interrupta ...' Virg.

A few weeks back, each pendent bough, The fields, the groves, the mountain's brow, Were bare and leafless all, but now How verdant ev'ry feature!

For flowers, there were masses of blue flags and coarse tawny-red lilies, besides a huge trumpet-vine which swung its pendent arms from one of the gables.

The large boots betoken a wood-man or ice-man: yet such a one would hardly have stepped so irresolutely where a little film of water has spread between the ice and snow and given a look of insecurity; and here again he has stopped to observe the wreaths on this pendent bough, and this snow-filled bird's-nest.

If we lift the shell, we find beneath a soft lining-skin covering the whole animal and called by naturalists the mantle, from the inner surface of which arise a double row of gills, forming two pendent folds on the sides of the body; but at one end of the body these folds do not meet, but leave an open space, where is the aperture we call the mouth.

The moss, everywhere pendent from the limbs of the trees, covers them like a shroud, and in some localities shuts out the sunlight.

; this made us suspect the truth, and we were certain, of it when some one caught sight of the pendent sheet.

Tandis qu'en joyeux chants les vainqueurs se répandent, Auprès de ces poteaux et de ces croix pendent Ceux que Malaspina vient de supplicier, Corbeaux, hiboux, milans, tout l'essaim carnassier, Venus des monts, des bois, des cavernes, des havres, S'abattent par volée, et font sur les cadavres Un banquet, moins hideux que celui d'à côté.

E.J.H. [By way of an appropriate pendent to our Correspondent's paper, we quote the following excellent passage on Psalmody, by the Rev. W.S. Gilly, in his Memoir of Felix Neff.]

It was the very fellow of the weapon I had used on the pendent calf in the kitchen.

Every articulation which has no action, must remain absolutely pendent, or become stiff.

The right hand pendent.

not those of men or women, but mystic, hybrid creatures, with hands nervous and pale, and eyes charged with eager and fitful light..."un soir équivoque d'automne"..."les belles pendent rêveuses à nos bras"...and they whisper "les mots spéciaux et tout bas."

When presented upright, it says, "Think of me;" and when pendent, "Forget me."

At the head of the path above the orchard grows an old ash tree, and so leans that its boughs, now bursting into leaf, droop pendent almost as a weeping willow.

Steadily the warm, rosy flush of sunrise crept down the snowy slopes of the mountains, until at last, with a quick sudden burst, it poured a flood of light into the valley, tinging our little white tent with a delicate pink, like that of a wild-rose petal, turning every pendent dewdrop into a twinkling brilliant, and lighting up the still water of the river, until it became a quivering, flashing mass of liquid silver.

To trust its gold to that so gentle hand, The bluebird fled not from the pendent spray.

Though I am still twenty yards from where he poises lightly on his stilted legs, I can see distinctly his long pendent snow-white breast-feathers, his crest of waving black plumes, falling loosely backward over the ash-gray neck, and even the bright red skin of his bare legs just below the feathered thighs.

The decorative adjunctsthe curving tufted crest on the head, the pendent silvery gorget on the neck, the long ornamental quills of the pinionsall look exactly as if they were deliberately intended to emphasize and heighten the natural gracefulness of the heron's form.

"These Letters-Patent," continued Sir Giles, taking two parchment scrolls with large seals pendent from them from Lupo Vulp, and displaying them to the assemblage, "these Royal Letters," he repeated in his steady, stern tones, and glancing round with a look of half-defiance, "passed under the great seal, and bearing the king's sign-manual, as ye see, gentlemen, constitute the authority on which I act.

It was looped about the tips of her two upright thumbs; part of it had slipped through the palms and flashed like a pendent arc of light below.

she said, as she came to borrow some tape of Eleonora Vivian, who was fastening the pendent articles to the drapery of her sister's stall.