241 examples of penitentiary in sentences

At the invitation of Peter, Archbishop of Tarragona, Raymund of Peñaforte, the Pope's penitentiary, presided.

To give the old fraud his due, he really holds in abhorrence any crime that might land him in the State penitentiary.

Rhinegoldt had gone to the penitentiary because C.N. Morse had willed it so.

"To the penitentiary, I hope, Mr. West, for breaking Her Majesty's revenue laws.

Pope, Papa, pontiff, high priest, cardinal; ancient flamen^, flamen^; confessor, penitentiary; spiritual director.

In 1917 he prosecuted "without fee" all laboring men on strike and is attorney for the Cosmopolis "penitentiary" so called on account of the brutality with which it treats employes.

Since the tragedy at Centralia dozens of union workers have been convicted by "courageous and patriotic" juries and sentenced to serve from one to fourteen years in the state penitentiary.

Robert Burns UNDISMAYED A convict explained to a visitor why he had been sent to the penitentiary.

The penitentiary is ready for the reception of convicts, and only awaits the necessary legislation to put it into operation, as one object of which I beg leave to recall your attention to the propriety of providing suitable compensation for the officers charged with its inspection.

It will be seen that the humane and benevolent intentions of Congress in providing, by the act of 20th May, 1826, for the erection of a penitentiary in this district have been accomplished.

The verdict was a foregone conclusion: death for all but Oscar Neebe and for him 15 years in the penitentiary.

On Wednesday morning, two days after his arrest, he was put to work with a gang of twenty men breaking stone on the roadway that leads from the insane quarters to the penitentiary.

It is easy for the Executive to pardon some convict from the penitentiary; but who can pardon him out of that sterner prison of public distrust which closes its disembodied walls around him, moves with his motions, and never suffers him to walk unconscious of it again?

And now hear me: if ever you breathe to a living soul one word of this preposterous story, I will charge you with the theft, and have you sent to the penitentiary.

We likewise visited the public schools, the house of correction, penitentiary, hospital, and other public institutions.

After he regained consciousness he denied the whole thing, but was told that he would be sent to the penitentiary for perjury if he went back on the confession he had signed before a notary public.

"Ruggam," the editor explained, "is a poor unfortunate who should have been sent to an asylum instead of the penitentiary.

In his new assurance he reminded me strongly of a man who drove me for a too brief while in my younger daysa rare fellow, now doing time, I believe, in the penitentiary.

The chief object of interest, statewise, is the penitentiary, which we did not care particularly to examine.

He said: "'Jacinto Limjap having been proclaimed commander of the volunteers of the penitentiary, I ask you to authorize the creation of a disciplinary battalion and the provisional appointments of officers for 600 sandatahan, or militia, ready to provide themselves by force with the American rifles in the Zorrilla Theatre.'

The practical results obtained in Bilibid, the insular penitentiary, are worthy of special note.

But he took the part of the native body against this alien soul, and felt hurt and grieved that our world was a mere penal colonya penitentiary for all the scabbed and leprous souls and spirits of the rest of God's creation.

The perfect desperation of his case alone warranted Bissell in calling Wade, with whose testimony the trial closed; and on the verdict of guilty, Myers was sentenced to the Penitentiary for ten years.

" Under the authority of the United States there have been inquiries by a court into the causes of the imprisonment of the inmates of the penitentiary and common jail at Manila, and others who have suffered from the enmities of the members of the government that ceased when the Spanish flag was taken down and the American flag raised.

If a poor Indian wishes to get into a jail or penitentiary, that is just the course I would advise him to pursue.

241 examples of  penitentiary  in sentences