5987 examples of penning in sentences

I now write lying on the grass with my gun cocked beside me, and penning these lines by the light of my Columbian candle, namely, an ignited piece of rosin-wood.

In penning this note, I had some difficulty; my hand, I knew not how

Henry Chettle, who certainly joined Anthony Munday in writing "The Death of Robert Earl of Huntington," if he did not also assist in penning "The Downfall of Robert Earl of Huntington," was a very prolific dramatic author.

In scholars' fortunes, twice forlorn and dead, Twice hath our weary pen erst laboured; Making them pilgrims in Parnassus' Hill, Then penning their return with ruder quill.

To him, however, was intrusted by the committee the labor and the honor of penning the draft, which was adopted with trifling revision.

M. Zola's device is Nulla dies sine linea, and even before the materials for 'Fecondite' were brought to him from France he had given an hour or two each day to the penning of notes and impressions for subsequent use.

Behind him and us, penning our table about with a living hedge, stood the leading burghers of Nivelles, now listening to him, now watching us with curious eyes.

In penning this note, I had some difficulty; my hand, I knew not how

As he was light-heartedly attending the festivities at the White House, and as he was penning these two interesting letters to his wife, letters which she never read, and anticipating with keenest pleasure a speedy reunion, she lay dead at their home in New Haven.

If, instead of rainbows, we may be allowed to read halos, we can understand the writer, who, instead of thinking of summer showers, appears to have had a haze in his mind while penning this and other paragraphs.

After he was seated, I asked, as I was penning these minutes, the signification of his name, Mukwakwut, as the meaning did not appear obvious.

I have already said, that one of the motives which induced me to the penning of this narrative, was to console myself in my insupportable distress.

How little did he dream, when penning these words, or did his friend dream while reading them, that, after the lapse of more than forty years, the "dear Elizabeth" would find her grave near by the old parsonage in which that wedding was to be celebrated, while the dust of the lovely daughter of Dorset would be sleeping on the distant shores of the Bosphorus!

I can see her now as she sat bolstered by pillows in her reclining chair, a writing tray upon her knees, penning a long letter.

Some of the most respectable authors or compilers of more general systems of English grammar for the use of schools, are the writer of the British Grammar, Bicknell, Buchanan, William Ward, Alexander Murray the schoolmaster, Mennye, Fisher, Lindley Murray, Penning, W. Allen, Grant, David Blair, Lennie, Guy, Churchill.

Pen, penned or pent, penning, penned or pent. (to coop,) Plead, pleaded or pled, pleading, pleaded or pled.

In penning the last four sentences, the writer must have had Brown's Institutes of English Grammar before him, and open at page 235. OBS.

" While Anderson was thus penning the plain issue, as it lay in the clear light of a soldier's conception of right and conviction of duty, another pen was framing the reply agreed upon by the President and his advisers at Washington.

PIEDIGROTTA PENNING 1927; versi di G. Tetamo, et al., musica di E. Cerino, F. Pennino e D. Ietti; mand.

PIEDIGROTTA PENNING 1927; versi di G. Tetamo, et al., musica di E. Cerino, F. Pennino e D. Ietti; mand.

Sir ANDREW FREEPORT has a Letter from one of his Correspondents in those Parts, that informs him the old Man caught a Cold at the County-Sessions, as he was very warmly promoting an Address of his own penning, in which he succeeded according to his Wishes, But this Particular comes from a Whig-Justice of Peace, who was always Sir ROGER'S Enemy and Antagonist.

We see him, the poet of all that is truest and tenderest in human affection, abandoning his young wife and child, drawn by the power of some fatal fascination into the whirlpool of low life in London, and then, as if inspired by a sudden revelation of objective vision, penning the throbbing lines of the forsaken mother's song: Weep not, my wanton, smile upon my knee, When thou art old there's grief enough for thee.

His pathos, as is the case with all weak writers, constantly trembles on the verge of bathos, while his lack of humour betrays him into penning passages of elaborate fatuity.

[Illustration] Readers of this journal will be surprised to learn that I am penning these lines from Blancheville, which as everybody, except the chief of the chowder-heads, knows is the most important town of one of the principal departments of France.

Mrs. Macdonald paints a lurid picture of the conspirators at workof Diderot penning his false and malignant instructions, of Madame d'Epinay's half-unwilling hand putting the last touches to the fraud, of Grimm, rushing back to Paris at the time of the Revolution, and risking his life in order to make quite certain that the result of all these efforts should reach posterity.

5987 examples of  penning  in sentences