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I may add that the Count d'Artigas certainly belongs to that particular race which peoples the Dutch isles in the West Pacific, while Engineer Serko must be Levantine and Captain Spade of Italian origin.

Life among the many peoples of the earth.

SEE Lands and peoples.

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United we stand; the peoples of the United Nations.

BEATTIE, JOHN W. Music of many lands and peoples.

AMERICAN BOOK CO. Countryman's edition of Morey's Ancient peoples.

SEE Scroggs, William O. COUNTRYMAN, IRVING N. Countryman's edition of Morey's Ancient peoples.

PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK, CHARLOTTESVILLE, executor of the Estate of Agnes Rothery.

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Their binding force among peoples.

Their binding force among peoples.

Rivers are frequently important, in connection with mountain ranges, as supplying natural boundaries for governments and peoples who dwell on either side; but, they likewise perform the more important office of binding with indissoluble bonds communities living along their banks and tributaries, from origin to outlet, making their interests common and

But they took no note of the harmony and fraternal feeling that must come between peoples so differing, when all have equal share in a government founded in justice, and on the broad principles of human right; and, last but not least, the important influence of those commercial relations which we sustain to each other, growing out of the general configuration and accessibility of the country occupied and governed.

The dogmas of the unity of God and the immortality of the soul were lost sight of, and the first deviation from the true worship occurred in the establishment of Sabianism, or the worship of the sun, moon, and stars, among some peoples, and the deification of men among others.

The question of rivalry between the two kings and the two peoples had thus been transferred into Spain, and for the moment the victory remained with France.

The latter half of the nineteenth century brought into being a grass-roots movement of peoples demanding everything from petty reforms of administrative machinery to planned revolutionary transformations of the established monopoly capitalist structure.

These countries and peoples were located chiefly in Eurasia.

These countries and peoples were mainly Afro-Asian.

4. Countries and peoples still under the political, economic and cultural umbrella of the formerly dominant empires were at different stages in the completion of the bourgeois revolution.

Democratic socialists Cheddi and Janet Jagan helped to organize the Peoples Progressive Party of British Guyana.

The electoral system under which the Peoples Progressive Party had won its victories was altered in London and Jagan was replaced by a system of proportional representation under which the P.P.P. was defeated and a new regime inaugurated.

Throughout the struggle the Peoples Progressive Party had insisted upon winning popular majorities as a basis for establishing socialism in the colony by democratic methods and legal means.

As a consequence of this counter-revolutionary conspiracy, the Peoples Progressive Party was forced out of office and an administration favorable to British, United States and native Guyanese capital was substituted.

You will deliver the peoples of three-quarters of the globe into hopeless slavery; you will lose, perhaps for ever, the opportunity of democracy; you will establish the grossest kind of militarism for all time.

87046 examples of  peoples  in sentences