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420 examples of  perceived as  in sentences

420 examples of perceived as in sentences

The two travellers perceived a woman who came out of a house all lit with lamps and firelight, and took the lonely path towards the sea.

And I was heedful to put in none but wholesome and profitable precepts, and more especially did I forbid polygamy, having perceived a certain inclination thereunto in my disciple.

"Forbear!" Otto turned, and perceived a singular figure by his side.

And one day, as he was passing through a mean street, he heard a voice of lamentation, and perceived a man whose coat and shirt were rent and dirty; but not so his pantaloons, for he had none.

" Furthermore, we are told of the West Indian tribes, how, if any person going through a wood perceived a motion in the trees which he regarded as supernatural, frightened at the prodigy, he would address himself to that tree which shook the most.

" "I believe I understand you, gentlemen," returned the unmoved Aristabulus, who perceived a general smile.

As he turned to salute me, his face wore an expression of annoyance and discomfiture which not a little surprised me, till, by following his sidelong, uncomfortable glances, I perceived a veiled feminine figure, which could be no other than Eveena's.

There was no sound to convince me my eyes had not deceived; that I had actually perceived a boat, flying before the wind, under complete control, and headed to the northward.

He saw nothing and heard nothing until on the grandstand he perceived a slender girlish form arise, wave a banner, and fairly scream: "Dick!

It has a stylish appearance, eh?" Mathieu then perceived a lofty modern pile, ornamented with balconies and sculpture work, which looked quite out of place among the poor little houses predominating in the district.

It would be perceived as a fact, if we were in a proper position and endowed with the requisite means of following the planet in its course; but not having this power, we are reduced to infer the unapparent points in its course from the points which are apparent.

I perceived a large company coming out from the house.

Rip now felt a vague apprehension stealing over him; he looked anxiously in the same direction, and perceived a strange figure slowly toiling up the rocks, and bending under the weight of something he carried on his back.

In the centre of this rift I perceived a white spot, but could not, at first, distinguish what it was.

Life, as he thus reviewed it, tempted him no longer; but on the further side he perceived a quiet haven for his bark.

And this hostility Burleigh perceived as well as the Queen, which, doubtless led to severities that our age cannot pretend to justify.

She had not slept long when she was awakened by the trampling of a horse; and getting up, and looking cautiously through the trees, she perceived a cavalier, who dismounted from his steed, and sat himself down by the water in a melancholy posture.

One evening be perceived a faint flash of light repeatedly dart from a Marigold; surprized at such an uncommon appearance, he resolved to examine it with attention; and, to be assured that it was no deception of the eye, he placed a man near him, with orders to make a signal at the moment when he observed the light.

So, in that madness of rage, he looked about for some weapon with which to destroy Sir Tristram, and he perceived a great sword where it hung against the wall.

The spokespeople for globalism began to be perceived as if they were the 15th century Catholic missionaries that preceded the Conquistadors, preparing indigenous populations for eventual colonisation.

The Babu looked about him and perceived a cart standing in the lane.

After we had eyed it for some minutes we suddenly perceived a second bird, ten feet or so from it, in full sight.

Turning his eyes toward a small spot of cleared land within the thicket, he perceived a dozen of the same animals sitting on their hind legs, instead of feeding on the acorns, which, at this season, lay plentifully upon the surface of the leaves; and, listening attentively, he heard them conversing in the Iroquois tongue.

At one o'clock this morning, the 5th of April, on my return from one of these nightly excursions through Paris, I was following the Rue du Mont Thabor so as to gain the boulevards, when on crossing the Rue Saint-Honorรฉ I perceived a small number of National Guards ranged along the pavement.

Longman spoke of you both with kindness, and mildly complained that he had perceived a want of confidence on your part, ever since his junction with Messrs. Hurst & Orme.

During the ensuing weeks Eily perceived a rapid and fearful change in his temper and appearance.

Previous to stepping on board, an open port-hole near the main-chains caught his eye; and, on looking into it, he perceived a man reclining back in a chair, with writing materials on a table before him; but the feebleness of the light made everything very indistinct.

On lifting this up he perceived a flight of steps, down which he went.

Sickened by the sight, he turned up a narrow thoroughfare near Baynard's Castle, and crossing Thames-street, was about to ascend Addle-hill, when he perceived a man wheeling a hand-barrow, containing a couple of corpses, in the direction of the river, with the intention, doubtless, of throwing them into it, as the readiest means of disposing of them.

He turned away with a shudder, and at the same moment perceived a watchman, with a halberd upon his shoulder, advancing slowly towards him from the Southwark side of the bridge.

All had been removed, and he was about to depart, when he perceived a person seated on a block of stone, not far from him, whom he instantly recognised.

The ideas of secondary or derivative qualities (hard and soft, warm and cold, colors and sounds, tastes and odors) are in the last analysis causedas are the primaryby motion, but not perceived as such.

Questions that came up were considered as they came; and the young members of the household perceived as soon as their elders the "reasons why" of most decisions.

On our return journey we perceived a large body of men, too compact for a caravanplainly some great personage and his escort.

" Snatching up the envelope, she glanced into it mechanically as she moved toward the next room, and perceived a thin folded paper which had heretofore escaped her notice.

The child had perceived that this part of the answer was implicitly contained in the former; which he also imagined the examiners perceived as well as himself, and therefore he omitted it.

The delights of the soul in themselves are imperceptible beatitudes; but, as they descend into the thoughts of the mind, and thence into the sensations of the body, they become more and more perceptible: in the thoughts of the mind they are perceived as satisfactions, in the sensations of the body as delights, and in the body itself as pleasures.

The affection in the song is perceived as the real affection, flowing into the minds of the hearers, and exciting them to a correspondence with it: such is the nature of heavenly singing.

And as the pleasantnesses of that love are most eminent in the highest regions, they are perceived as blessednesses, and as in the middle region they are less eminent, they are perceived as satisfactions, and lastly, in the lowest region, as delights: that there are such blessednesses, satisfactions, and delights, and that they are perceived and felt, appears from the MEMORABLE RELATIONS in which they are described.

And as the pleasantnesses of that love are most eminent in the highest regions, they are perceived as blessednesses, and as in the middle region they are less eminent, they are perceived as satisfactions, and lastly, in the lowest region, as delights: that there are such blessednesses, satisfactions, and delights, and that they are perceived and felt, appears from the MEMORABLE RELATIONS in which they are described.

The pleasantnesses of conjugial love in the highest region are perceived as blessednesses, in the middle region as satisfactions, and in the lowest region as delights, 335.

At a conventicle held on the Lomond-hills, the Rev. Mr. Blacader was credibly assured, under the hands of four honest men, that at the time the meeting was disturbed by the soldiers, some women who had remained at home, "clearly perceived as the form of a tall man, majestic-like, stand in the air in stately posture with the one leg, as it were, advanced before the other, standing above the people all the time of the soldiers shooting.

Reaching at length a spot where I could look down into the bottom of the fissure, I perceived a small stream that was certainly not the Tarn.

I had scarcely effected the latter, when, with equal surprise and joy, I perceived a man advancing at no great distance.

He was here occupied, at the first moment, with the assistance of a comrade, in binding up his wounds, when he perceived a troop of the enemy, who were in pursuit, riding towards him.

Silently I peered about until I perceived a pair of candles, which I lighted.

His candles had not been long extinguished, when he perceived a light gleaming on the draperies of the lofty canopy over his head.

Whether my answer, though given in the negative, was uttered in such a tone as to imply an affirmative, thereby exciting suspicion, I cannot tell; but it is certain that I soon after perceived a visible change towards him in the deportment of the whole household.

He has just perceived a sail.

Very dimly through the darkness I perceived a crowd, which increased every moment, in front of the Cathedral.

Still it retained its readership, mainly because it was perceived as the more credible of the two.

Devika Sequeira and Pamela D'Mello had just quit and Julio D'Silva (who, in the ever-so-political world of newspaper politics, was perceived as being close to Rajan Narayan) was brought into Panaji as the Chief Reporter, on shifting Alaric Gomes to Margao.

Now we can only gather that they had their own theory of the history of this globe; had perceived a gap in its genesis, and tried to fill it up by the intervention of some secondary power, with moral sympathies.

To impress, moreover, upon his readers the strength of this determination, he relates an anecdote of which we cannot resist the transcription: "One day," he says, "when a very fine ballet was represented in this hall, I perceived a man leading a lady by the hand, with whom he was about to enter the women's gallery.

At an early hour on the following morning, the King was disturbed by an extraordinary noise in the courtyard of his palace, and, looking out of the window, he perceived a cart or a wagon laden with books and papers, which, on inquiry he found had been sent by the Duke of Newcastle.

The months of the year are usually perceived as ovals, and they as often follow one another in a reverse direction to those of the figures on the clock, as in the same direction.

It was noon, when the mother bent over her to administer some nourishment, and thought she perceived a change upon her countenance.

There is also among them a speech which is not fluent, wherein the dissent of the thoughts is perceived as something secretly creeping along within it.

His wrists projected offensively from his coat sleeves, he perceived a huge asymmetry in the collar of his jacket, his red tie was askew and ill tied, and that waterproof collar!

Then he perceived as though it was altogether self-evident what he had to do.

" She took it and perceived a chronological scheme.

I had scarcely raised my eyes above the rail of the ship when, to my utter amazement, I perceived a vessel not a mile away.

When she could see clearly, she perceived a weak illumination in the cabin.

In the middle of a summer night the people in the neighborhood perceived a luminous cloud that seemed wholly to envelop the mountain.

We imagined that the boats had let loose, because they had perceived a vessel, and hastened towards it to ask assistance.

Our joy redoubled when we perceived a great white flag at the foremast head, and we exclaimed "It is then to Frenchmen that we shall owe our deliverance."

When he rose up and attempted to take his basket, he perceived a large black snake lying close beside the rail.

After I had sailed about a mile, I found the raft to drive a little distance from the place where I first landed; and then I perceived a little opening of the land, with a strong current of the tide running into it: upon which I kept the middle of the stream.

About noon I perceived a little breeze of wind spring up from the S.S.E. which overjoyed my heart; and was still more elated, when, in about half an hour it blew a gentle fine gale.

Then wandering on this errand more to the west of the island than ever I had yet done, and casting my eyes towards the sea, methought I perceived a boat at a great distance; but could not possibly tell what it was for want of my perspective glass.

While I was cutting down some wood for making my charcoal, I perceived a cavity behind a very thick branch of underwood.

When the English ancient was spread, and three guns fired, as a signal of friendship, we perceived a smoke rise from the creek; upon which I ordered the boat out, taking Friday with me, and hanging out a white flag of truce, I went on shore, accompanied also by the young friar, to whom I had related the history of the first part of my life; besides we had sixteen men well armed, in case we had met with any opposition.

Nevertheless reports of persons who have narrowly escaped death give evidence at least that to those emancipated by death, life, viewed from some higher region of space, is perceived as a unity.

Might it not be perceived as a representation, merely, of a supernal world, higher-dimensional in relation to our own?

He might go that way; but no!at the base of the Druid mound he perceived a group of townsfolk and rustics staring at the flank of the buildingstaring apparently at him.

It was not until they turned into the open space before the Angel, and perceived a light in the doorway of the inn that despair gave him courage to remonstrate.

At length he thought he perceived a female form some distance ahead of him and in a part of the walk that was never much frequented.

But when perceived as invested in a given mass of snow or granite before us, they are divested of that indeterminateness, and become restricted to a determinate measure and degree.

Things went on pretty well, as we threw our Eyes occasionally over the Tree, when unfortunately he perceived a Merchant-Tailor perched on a Bough, who was said greatly to have encreased the Estate; he was just a going to cut him off, if he had not seen Gent.

Dick Sand then perceived a sort of little cove, into which he resolved to steer; but, before reaching it, he must cross a line of reefs, among which it would be difficult to follow a channel.

"We have perceived a camp, Mrs. Weldon," replied Tom; "a campor, perhaps, a village, and our captain wished to reconnoiter it before leading us to it.

It is from the very rapidity and certainty of the mental process, from the utmost clearness of understanding, that thinking in a poet is not perceived as something abstracted, does not wear the appearance of reflex meditation.

" They now perceived a mighty bustle on the green.

Having crossed a brook with its edges lined with water-cresses, he soon perceived a large cave, at the entrance of which sat an aged hermit.

They perceived a marvellous change in him.

Had Adam Lambert possessed that subtle sixth sense, which hears and sees that which goes on in the mind of others, he had perceived a thought in his lodger's brain cells which might have caused him to still further regret his avowal of open enmity.

We spurred on, and indeed perceived a few straggling rails crowning a rising ground at no great distance.

" On raising her head to reply, the little girl perceived a pair of eyes peeping through a crevice in the lodge, and fixed upon her with a very peculiar and significant expression.

It seems that a builder's man was ascending a ladder to examine a gutter on number 31, New Inn, when, on passing a second-floor window that was open at the top, he looked in and perceived a gentleman lying on a bed.

Through the fog, which nigh choked me with its staleness, I perceived a bulky gentleman seated at ease, sucking a long clay pipe, his bulging legs cocked up on a card-table, his little, inflamed eyes twinkling red in the candle-light.

Menshikoff's answer was "to open a door, through which the sovereign perceived a handsome girl, aproned, and sponge in hand, bustling from chair to chair, and going from window to window, scrubbing the window-panes"a vision of industry which made such a powerful appeal to His Majesty that he begged an introduction on the spot to the lady of the sponge.

When ready to return to the ships, they perceived a party of armed men advancing towards them, who asked whether they had come from where the sun rises?

" I do not remember what I said, but it was something commonplace, no doubt, but I imagined I perceived a little pique in the young lady.

Then, as the bell was rung furiously again, they peered through the peep-hole cut into the wall, and perceived a man, concealed, from neck to waist, behind an immense gold buckler.

Finding time to look into myself, I perceived a change in my estimation of father; a vague impression of weakness in him troubled me.

"On saying this, she became senseless, and I perceived a jinn standing at the head of the bed, who held the magical book in his hand; I attempted to seize him, and beat him severely, and snatch away the book, when in the meantime another appeared, took the book from his hand, and ran off.

They perceived a shady garden close to the gate of the city on the sea shore; they pitched their tents and alighted there.

"I perceived a sewer high enough to allow a man to go in and out, but there was an iron grating at its mouth; I formed the resolution to enter [the house] by the way of this sewer; I took off my clothes, and descended into that filthy channel.

If it perceived a Christian when it raised its head it dived under water and refused to obey.

Then I perceived a faint pressure of the lovely lips and of the little hand and Ihurried smilingly away.