526 examples of perennial in sentences

Thus a small rapid stream with abundance of loose transportable material within its reach may fill up an extensive basin in a few centuries, while a large perennial trunk stream, flowing over clean, enduring pavements, though ordinarily a hundred times larger, may not fill a smaller basin in thousands of years.

I have never yet met ducks in any of the lakes of this kind, but the ouzel is never wanting where the feeding-streams are perennial.

They owe their existence, however, to streams, whether visible or invisible, the wildest specimens being found where some perennial fountain, as a glacier or snowbank or moraine spring sends down its waters across a rough sheet of soil in a dissipated web of feeble, oozing rivulets.

Another kind of meadow or bog occurs on densely timbered hillsides where small perennial streams have been dammed at short intervals by fallen trees.

Continual, continuous, unceasing, incessant, endless, uninterrupted, unremitting, constant, perpetual, perennial.

Beyond the growth of the wheat, beyond its life and perennial gift, was something measureless and obscure, infinite and universal.

The roses in his feast are ever fresh and sweet and there is nothing of bitterness in the perennial fountain of his Delight.

The streams were perennial which fed his fisc.

Their courses are perennial.

Those picturesque villages are generally the perennial hotbeds of fever and ague, of squalid penury, sottish profligacy, dull discontent too stale for words.

So his stories are largely adventure stories, at the best; and it is this element of adventure and glorious action, rather than the study of character, which makes Scott a perennial favorite of the young.

Adj. continuous, continued; consecutive; progressive, gradual; serial, successive; immediate, unbroken, entire; linear; in a line, in a row &c n.; uninterrupted, unintermitting^; unremitting, unrelenting (perseverence) 604.1; perennial, evergreen; constant.

The cornflowers and daisies on the Hour's dress are alone a perennial joy.

If one enters, he dies indeed, but only to be born to an eternal life in a land where food and wine are in perennial plenty.

And it was not merely the perennial vivacity, the fun shading down to seriousness, and the seriousness up to fun, in perpetual and charming vicissitude;here was the man of culture, of scientific training, the man who had thought as well as felt, and who had fixed purposes and sacred convictions.

No! Marriage was difficult enough without being handicapped additionally by a perennial misgiving like that.

From the low-lying coast the land rises in a terraced slopea succession of hills and plateaux as far as the eye can reach, all covered with the dense perennial verdure of the primeval forest.

The origin of rice is not yet known; according to some scholars, rice was first cultivated in the area of present Burma and was perhaps at first a perennial plant.

"The ruins of the mineral world, apparently so durable, and yet in a state of incessant decomposition, form a striking contrast with the perennial youth of the vegetable world; each individual plant, so frail and perishable, while the species is eternal in the existing economy of nature.

"Perennial ones must be sought in the delightful regions above.

It is an old, old storyindeed the painting itself is dimmed by the passing of nearly two centuries; but just as the sweet face looks out from its frame ever girlish, so does perennial youth seem to dwell in the romance of the "Fair Maid of the James."

Even the shadow of the venerable trees and the ancient ivy's telltale embrace seem powerless to break the spell of perennial youth.

The perennial philosophy.

RIES, VICTOR. SEE Rees, Victor H. RIES, VICTOR H. How to grow perennial flowers.

And pictures of this irritating woman rose before her, stewing dried fruit, or preparing sour beef, or borrowing the clothes boiler for a perennial wash.

526 examples of  perennial  in sentences