12778 examples of perfect in sentences

She works so rapidly, and her drawn work is a perfect poem.

I'se got ter do everything perfect 'cause ob dat. Couldn't bring no disgrace on my Lord.

What I had to drink last night was so repugnant to my palate that I found it impossible to sink into repose with that calm attitude of mind which is so essential to perfect slumber.

Perfect love casteth out fear'

I think that culture, to be perfect, must have its root in love.

The artist is he who strives to perfect his work, the artisan strives to get through it.

By trying to be perfect in it.

If I am but a raindrop in a shower, I will be at least a perfect drop.

If but a leaf in a whole June, I will be a perfect leaf.

Did you ever study that to see how perfect love would make us?

Marthe Everidge had crossed the tempest-tossed ocean of human passion into the sun-kissed calm of Christ's perfect peace.

Aunt Kate and Isabelle are always talking about the sacrifices they have to make, and Mrs. Rivers carries a perfect bundle of crosses on her back.

I hitherto believ'd my Flame was guided By perfect Reason: so we often find Vessels conducted by a peaceful Wind, And meet no opposition in their way, Cut a safe passage through the flattering Sea:

"A corporation has a perfect right to dispose of its entire assets for a proper consideration and if any minority stockholder feels aggrieved he can take the matter to the Delaware courts and get his equity assessed.

Schmall had set up a business here in the East End as a small manufacturing chemisthe'd evidently a perfect and a diabolical genius for chemistry, especially in secret poisonsand down there Merrifield and Van Koon used to go.

Those long, pointed wings of his make him one of Nature's most perfect flying-machines.

The old shell is left quite wholea perfect Crab, but with no Crab inside it!

It may be smaller than the lost one, but it is perfect in detail.

All the earth is a grave, and nought escapes it; nothing is so perfect that it does not fall and disappear.

But I must Justifie what privately, I censurd to you: my ambition is (Even by my hopes and love to Poesie) To live to perfect such a worke, as this, Clad in such elegant proprietie Of words, including a mortallitie.

These verses are in A and B. To the perfect gentleman Sir Robert Townesend.

She found her a perfect treasure of a servant.

Her uncle should be a Bishop, Charles a Peer (fancy his wife being under obligations to the parson's niece!), Lucy should have a perfect husband, and an appointment should be found for poor Peregrine which his father could not gainsay.

Yes, a perfect skeleton, but no moreno remains except a fine dust.

I can say with perfect truth, that when I left home on that unhappy morning, I bore no serious ill-will to any living creature.

12778 examples of  perfect  in sentences