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12778 examples of  perfect  in sentences

12778 examples of perfect in sentences

The child's a perfect nuisance.

CHAPTER IV The Mitchells The Mitchells were, as Vincy had said, extremely hospitable; they had a perfect mania for receiving; they practically lived for it, and the big house at Hampstead, with its large garden covered in, and a sort of studio built out, was scarcely ever without guests.

She was still refined comme cela ne se fait plus; it was practically no longer possible to find such a perfect lady, even on the stage.

This requires not only a perfect freedom of motion, but also a firmness of step, or constant steady bearing of the centre of gravity over the base.

She works so rapidly, and her drawn work is a perfect poem.

I'se got ter do everything perfect 'cause ob dat. Couldn't bring no disgrace on my Lord.

What I had to drink last night was so repugnant to my palate that I found it impossible to sink into repose with that calm attitude of mind which is so essential to perfect slumber.

Perfect love casteth out fear'

I think that culture, to be perfect, must have its root in love.

The artist is he who strives to perfect his work, the artisan strives to get through it.

By trying to be perfect in it.

If I am but a raindrop in a shower, I will be at least a perfect drop.

If but a leaf in a whole June, I will be a perfect leaf.

Did you ever study that to see how perfect love would make us?

Marthe Everidge had crossed the tempest-tossed ocean of human passion into the sun-kissed calm of Christ's perfect peace.

Aunt Kate and Isabelle are always talking about the sacrifices they have to make, and Mrs. Rivers carries a perfect bundle of crosses on her back.

I hitherto believ'd my Flame was guided By perfect Reason: so we often find Vessels conducted by a peaceful Wind, And meet no opposition in their way, Cut a safe passage through the flattering Sea:

And she does sing, with that voice so matchless in its perfect purity, that even the disappointed critic grows uneasy as he tries in vain to find some reasonable fault with it.

I composed a perfect little gem lately.

"Oh, and I'm a perfect fright!" cried Billie, her hands flying to her hairhair, by the way, which was arranged in the very best manner to set off Billie's sparkling prettiness.

"You're a perfect angel, Teddy, to want to do it," she said.

The chime of bells includes fifteen, of fine range and perfect tone.

On the contrary, the whole transaction was in perfect obedience to the laws of nature.

The tubes are carefully tuned, so that the harmony is perfect.

"A corporation has a perfect right to dispose of its entire assets for a proper consideration and if any minority stockholder feels aggrieved he can take the matter to the Delaware courts and get his equity assessed.

Schmall had set up a business here in the East End as a small manufacturing chemisthe'd evidently a perfect and a diabolical genius for chemistry, especially in secret poisonsand down there Merrifield and Van Koon used to go.

Crowther's eyes rested on the smiling face with its proud, patrician features with the look of a man examining a perfect bronze.

Those long, pointed wings of his make him one of Nature's most perfect flying-machines.

The old shell is left quite wholea perfect Crab, but with no Crab inside it!

It may be smaller than the lost one, but it is perfect in detail.

Sometimes the Anemone will calmly divide itself into two, each half becoming a perfect Anemone!

Love's Doubt 'Tis love that blinds my heart and eyes, I sometimes say in doubting dreams, The face that near me perfect seems Cold Memory paints in fainter dyes.

By knowledge perfect and faith complete I was bound to her,as the planets go Adoring around their central star, Free, but united for weal or woe.

But greatest are my warriors, as I deem, In that their hearts, nearer than any else Keep true the pledge of perfect purity They pledged upon their sword-hilts long ago.

Anybody 'ud think you hadn't common sense," he replied with perfect good nature, and as heartily loving a tone as if he had been feasting on her beauty, instead of writhing inwardly at her ugliness, "All right, Marty,all right.

I told him that as regarded the acts of officials in such matters, my opinion was this:If an official says to me, 'I think that I may, with perfect propriety, in my character of official, do so and so, or take such or such a part in furtherance of an object which I believe to be right,' I am quite ready to meet him on this ground, and to join issue with him if I differ from him on the particular point raised.

But yet that definition, how exact and perfect soever, would never make a blind man understand it; because several of the simple ideas that make that complex one, being such as he never received by sensation and experience, no words are able to excite them in his mind.

Among others, and especially among the Asiatics, who are perfect slaves to rhythm, you may find many superfluous words inserted, as if on purpose to fill up vacancies in rhythm.

He also added such a beautiful Brown to the Shades, and Mellowness to the Colours, that he made every Picture appear more perfect than when it came fresh from [the ] Master's Pencil.

In the original, Pharamond is said to be 'truly and wholly charming, as well for the vivacity and delicateness of his spirit, accompanied with a perfect knowledge of all Sciences, as for a sweetness which is wholly particular to him, and a complacence which &c ...

I received him, at this our second Interview, as a perfect Stranger, but was extreamly confounded, when his Speech discovered who he was.

She sings, dances, plays on the Lute and Harpsicord, paints prettily, is a perfect Mistress of the French Tongue, and has made a considerable Progress in Italian.

But as you acknowledge you had not then a perfect History of the whole Club, you might very easily omit one of the most notable Species of it, the Sweaters, which may be reckon'd a sort of Dancing-Masters too.

Milton, tho his own natural Strength of Genius was capable of furnishing out a perfect Work, has doubtless very much raised and ennobled his Conceptions, by such an Imitation as that which Longinus has recommended.

This is the manner of the Poem: The Sea does next demand our View; and there No less the Marks of perfect skill appear.

next, why In such a disproportion to the Dry! Why were the Moist in Number so outdone, That to a Thousand Dry, they are but one, It is hardly a mark of perfect skill that there are five or six thousand of such dry lines in Blackmore's poem, and not even one that should lead a critic to speak in the same breath of Blackmore and Milton.

Aunt Barbara had dropped her knitting upon the floor, where the ball was at once claimed as the lawful prey of Tabby, who rolled, and kicked, and tangled the yarn in a perfect abandon of feline delight.

She did not pretend that Ethie was faultless or perfect, she said, but surely, if mortal ever had just provocation for leaving her husband, she had.

" "Yes, yes," and Ethie's foot beat the carpet thoughtfully, while her eyes were cast-down, and the great tears gathered slowly in the long-fringed lids, then they fell in perfect showers, and laying her head in Aunt Barbara's lap she sobbed piteously.

I only know that I have dreamed of him so many, many times, and thought it would be such perfect rest to put my tired head in his lap, as I never did put it.

"She needed perfect quiet, but must not be left alone," he said, and so all that night Richard, who was very wakeful, watched the light shining out into the hall from the room next to his own, and heard occasionally a murmur of low voices as the nurse put some question to Ethie, who answered always in whispers, while her eyes turned furtively toward No. 102, as if fearful that its occupant would hear and know how near she was.

Everything here was luxurious and grand and in such perfect taste.

It was more than an hour before even Aunt Barbara ventured into the room, and when she did she knew by the joy written on Richard's face and the deep peace shining in Ethie's eyes that the reconciliation had been complete and perfect.

Every error had been confessed, every fault forgiven, and the husband and wife stood ready now to begin the world anew, with perfect love for and confidence in each other.

No, sir-ee, Percy was going to have all the money he wanted, with the whisky bottle always in sight on the sideboard and no limit on any game he wanted to sit in, so that he'd grow up a perfect little gentleman and know how to use things instead of abusing them.

Master Skyffington sat behind a central table, a little pompous of manner, clad in sober black with well-starched linen cuffs and collar, his scanty hair closely cropped, his thin hands fingering with assurance and perfect calm the various documents laid out before him.

I am the flame Of Beauty, and I burn that all may see Beauty, and I have neither joy nor shame, But live with that clear light of perfect fire Which is to men the death of their desire.

Nor could they quite make out the girl, who smiled at his demands,which were sometimes incessant,and who obeyed with the perfect patience of the strong.

"My wealthe is healthe and perfect ease, My conscience cleere my chiefe defence, I neither seek by brybes to please, Nor by deceyte to breede offence; Thus do I lyve, thus will I dye, Would all did so as well as I. "FINIS.

It was as if the choicest tree in the forest had been flung open, and a perfect woman had stepped out, whom no other man's eye had seen.

But the greatest ingenuity was displayed in the construction of the passage that led to the hut, which was so narrow, that no more than one person could go abreast, and it was contrived in so intricate a manner, that it was a perfect labyrinth; the way going round and round with several small crossways, so that a person unacquainted with it, might walk several hours without finding the hut.

The form of Wansley was a perfect model of manly beauty.

They are subscribed 'Ignoto' in England's Helicon, but appeared among the poems published with Barnfield's Lady Pecunia in 1598, a tail of thirty lines of very inferior quality being substituted for the singularly perfect and effective final couplet.

Or can it be that Goffe is here reproducing a passage from an early unpublished work of Jonson's own, a passage which Jonson later refashioned into the singularly perfect speech of Aeglamour? Homer Smith, in making these assertions, overlooks historical evidence.

Vowels are "with stress" when they are the finals in the plurals of nouns and verbs, also in the perfect preterite, in possessives ending in รข, รช, รด, and in the penultimate of nouns ending in tli, tla and tle when these syllables are immediately preceded by the vowel.

All the earth is a grave, and nought escapes it; nothing is so perfect that it does not fall and disappear.

But I must Justifie what privately, I censurd to you: my ambition is (Even by my hopes and love to Poesie) To live to perfect such a worke, as this, Clad in such elegant proprietie Of words, including a mortallitie.

These verses are in A and B. To the perfect gentleman Sir Robert Townesend.

She found her a perfect treasure of a servant.

No man is perfect, and as regarded Andreas there were some petty spots on the sun.

Perfectly prophetic, and prophetically perfect.

The National Convention was in a moment of perfect good-humour: it received the deputies most politely, and invited them to call the next morning for the treaty they desired.

he asked with the tone of perfect politeness, and as if he were putting the most natural question in the world.

"I had before me, around me, above me, beneath me, a perfect enchantment, which words cannot describe, and which the pencil would utterly fail to give any impression of.

In short, he is firmly in love with you; I have proved him well, and have found him perfect in every way.

Suddenly, too, as if by magic, almost everybody in court, save the jury and counsel, were decorated with orange and purple favors, and a perfect shower of them fell at the feet and about the persons of Lady Compton, her sister, who had by this time joined her, and the infant Sir Henry.

Here below they will seek a perfect union of hearts.

[Illustration] Muir Woods June, to me, is one of the most fascinating months in Californiaif any of them can be set apart and called more perfect than anotherfor June is a month of moods.

[Illustration] Fog on the Bay One could hardly find a more perfect morning than this in early March.

But if the days are perfect, the brilliant moonlight nights lose nothing by comparison.

Leaving the beetles at their game, I come to a place where the brook seems to hesitate on the brink of a mimic waterfall, as if afraid to take the dive, but like a boy unwilling to take a dare, it plunges over the brink to the pool below, with gurgling laughter, in a perfect ecstasy of bravado.

A bluebird's notes blend with those of the song sparrow, and a robin swinging on the topmost branch of a eucalyptus, after a few short notes as a prelude, pours forth a perfect rhapsody of melody.

My first distinct recollections are of the great numbers of high hats on the men, the ill-hanging skirts and big feet of the women, the unsteadying effect of all those thousands of cabs, carriages, and carts all going to the left, which kept me constantly wishing to shriek out, "Go to the right or we'll all be killed," the absolutely perfect manner in which traffic was managed, and the majestic authority of the London police.

Extraordinary processes of thought, indicated by repeated rubbing of his forehead, had produced a high light in the middle and a corresponding deepening of shadow at the sides, until it bore the appearance of a perfect sphere.

At the end of a fifteen miles' row we entered one among a perfect labyrinth of arms or branches, into which the broad river ravels like a fringe as it reaches the sea, a dismal navigation along a dismal tract, called 'Five Pound,' through a narrow cut or channel of water divided from the main stream.

The idea of apprehending any mischief from them never yet crossed my brain; and in the perfect confidence with which I go amongst them, they must perceive a curious difference between me and my lady neighbours in these parts; all have expressed unbounded astonishment at my doing so.

I returned home along the river side, stopping to admire a line of noble live oaks beginning, alas! to be smothered with the treacherous white moss under whose pale trailing masses their verdure gradually succumbs, leaving them, like huge hoary ghosts, perfect mountains of parasitical vegetation, which, strangely enough, appears only to hang upon and swing from their boughs without adhering to them.

I wrote you of my having been to a part of the estate called St. Clair's, where there was formerly another residence of Major 's; nothing remains now of it but a ruined chimney of some of the offices, which is standing yet in the middle of what has become a perfect wilderness.

I rode almost the whole way through a grove of perfect evergreen.

They might be made conscioussome of them are evidently consciousof an inherent element of manhood superior to the bitter accident of slavery; and to which, even in their degraded condition, they might be made to refer that vital self-respect which can survive all external pressure of mere circumstance, and give their souls to that service of God, which is perfect freedom, in spite of the ignoble and cruel bondage of their bodies.

We had a lovely tour this forenoon, were out three long hours, and returned to dinner in perfect harmony.

She has a perfect command of my passions.

The party, of thirteen men and twenty-eight horses (with carts, a flock of sheep for food, etc.) appeared to be furnished with every requisite for their intended journey, and the arrangements and appointments seemed to me to be perfect.

Her uncle should be a Bishop, Charles a Peer (fancy his wife being under obligations to the parson's niece!), Lucy should have a perfect husband, and an appointment should be found for poor Peregrine which his father could not gainsay.

Mistress or Miss Dunord was sallow and gray-eyed, somewhat older than Anne, and looking thoroughly French, though her English was perfect.

And certainly Pauline Dunord's gentle devotional example, and her perfect rest and peace in the practice of her religion, were strong influences with Anne.

Yes, a perfect skeleton, but no moreno remains except a fine dust.

I can say with perfect truth, that when I left home on that unhappy morning, I bore no serious ill-will to any living creature.

" True to this policy, the spirited girl waited till Colonel Clifford came on the green, and then made Walter as perfect a courtesy as ever graced a minuet at the court of Louis le Grand.

It was a perfect puzzle to her.