170 examples of perishable in sentences

" Says Wordsworth also: "They dreamt not of a perishable home, Who thus could build.

Perishable commodities, the overplus of the markets and shops, are cheaper at night than in the morning.

"Ehthe bright colouring must be a little fadedall the Setouns have pretty complexionsand carmine is a perishable tint, as we all know.

Happiness is an elevated joy,a beatitude, existing with pain and disease, when the soul is triumphant over the body; while pleasure is transient, and comes from what is perishable.

Yet, after all, the fabric may fall; for the work of man is perishable.

All human loves are perishable like the forms to which they cling; but there is a Love that is imperishable, and that does not cling to appearances.

Pigafetta (p. 92) certainly mentions that the King of Cebu, after his conversion to Christianity, caused many temples built on the seashore to be destroyed; but these might only have been structures of a very perishable kind.

All things are little, changeable, perishable" (vi. 36.)

When I reach the next which counts from the site of the old Hall, my thoughts turn to the fallen grandeur of the pile, and I reflect upon the perishable condition of the most imposing of human structures.

As they paced the brown and naked rocks together, in the vicinity of the convent, the Augustine discoursed on the perishable nature of human hopes, and on the frailty of human opinions.

Abbot Hans loved his herb garden as much as it was possible for him to love anything earthly and perishable.

My task is not so difficult,as I seek virtues, not perishable stuffs.

Being made of stucco, woodwork, plaster, and such perishable materials, it was unfortunately destined to decay.

To the exercise of his intellectual faculties and moral attributes the same benevolent law has superadded a sense of pleasure,of a kind, too, in the same degree transcending the highest bodily sensation, as must that which is immortal transcend the perishable.

Thousands were to be spent on perishable decorations alone.

Eternal matter never wears away: The same First Mover certain bounds has placed, How long those perishable forms shall last: Nor can they last beyond the time assign'd

[Footnote 74: This poem is intended to describe, in those who honour the "Flower," the votaries of perishable beauty; and in those who honour the "Leaf," the votaries of virtue.]

"Religion raises men above themselves, irreligion sinks them beneath the brutes; this binds them down to a poor pitiable speck of perishable earth, that opens for them a prospect in the skies.

"Religion raises men above themselves; irreligion sinks them beneath the brutes: this binds them down to a poor pitiable speck of perishable earth; that opens for them a prospect to the skies.

We should not mingle in our prayers what is false with what is real; what is perishable with what is eternal; low and temporal interests with that which concerns our salvation.

It is one of the most beautiful of the evergreens, with its widely-spreading branches and their delicate, fringe-like foliage; but, although the branches are ornamental for church and house decoration, they are very perishable, and drop their small needles almost immediately when placed in a heated room.

" And Mrs. Scudder, though, of course, like you and me, sensible reader, properly apprised of the perishable nature of such fleeting honors, was, like us, too, but a mortal, and smiled condescendingly on the follies of the scene.

Every other source of plenty is perishable or casual.

These truths were the doctrine of the existence of a Supreme Intelligence, the Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the Universe, and, as a necessary corollary, the belief in the immortality of the soul, which, as an emanation from that primal cause, was to be distinguished, by a future and eternal life, from the vile and perishable dust which forms its earthly tabernacle.

If anything had existed before the formation of this sensible and perishable world, no doubt we conclude it would have been in the light.

170 examples of  perishable  in sentences