61 examples of perked in sentences

It was in holiday mood, when they were fresh-combed and perked in their best, that they were cut off from life.

" Graham immediately perked up as Doré's words sank in.

Yet when I got to the party and found myself surrounded by scores of other children, many in costumes even ghastlier than my own, I perked up amazingly, joined freely in the revels, and was able to eat so hearty a supper that I was sick twice in the cab coming home.

breathe, respire; drink in the ozone; take a break, take a breather, take five, draw breath, take a deep breath, take breath, gather breath, take a long breath, regain breath, recover breath; get better, raise one's head; recover one's strength, regain one's strength, renew one's strength &c 159; perk up, get one's second wind. come to oneself &c (revive) 660; feel refreshed, feel like a giant refreshed.

supercilious, disdainful, bumptious, magisterial, imperious, high and mighty, overweening, consequential; arrogant &c 885; unblushing &c 880. stiff, stiff-necked; starch; perked stuck-up; in buckram, strait- laced; prim &c (affected) 855. on one's dignity, on one's high horses, on one's tight ropes, on one's high ropes; on stilts; en grand seigneur

Here the women perked up their ears; and were all silent attention.

The question was for John, but the soothing tone was for Di, who gratefully accepted it, and perked up againwith speed.

The head, sunbonneted, reappeared perked inquiringly sideways.

"Miranda is perked out in a wonderful pink gown, and Aunt Dinah has her best turban on her head.

He ran a dozen yards ahead of Thor, then stopped and looked back impudently, his little ears perked forward, and with the look in his face of a small boy proving to his father that he is perfectly qualified to go on his first rabbit hunt.

Muskwa's tiny ears were perked forward.

The middle-Westerner, instead of becoming ecstatic in her admiration, and at a loss for adjectives at the appearance of the divine Sarah, merely perked at the great French artist for some time and then demanded, querulously: "What's the matter with her?

The dogs were lying panting on the bank as if quite exhausted, but their ears were perked up, and their eyes were very wide open, for they quite understood what was going on, and the prospect of fish freshly caught was very welcome after their months of living on the dried article.

They also let us pet the dogs that perked up their ears and wagged their tails as our own Uno used to do when he wanted to frolic.

An old lady sits in front of me who wears a white cap much after the fashion of yours, and on top of that is perked a monstrous bloomer trimmed with black gauze ribbon.

She snapped her dark head, perked it as might a puzzled wren.

Well, I perked her up on that....

Dey played for us an' kep' things perked up.

When Surry gave over rolling with his tongue the little wheel in his bit, and with lifted head and eyes alert perked his ears forward towards the hill they had just crossed, he slipped the hackamore hurriedly into place and turned to his friend.

Diego grinned, checked himself on the verge of venturing another comment, and tilted his head sidewise instead, his ears perked toward the medley of fiesta sounds outside.

And Surry, his neck arched, his ears perked knowingly, stepped out after him with that peculiar, springy gait that speaks eloquently of perfect muscles and a body fairly vibrating with energy; the riata trailed after him, every little tendency towards a kink taken out of it.

She can make a punkin pie Quick's a cat can wink her eye" Out ahead, where the trail wound aimlessly around a low sand ridge flecked with scrubby sage half buried in gray snowbanks, a horse whinnied inquiringly; Barney, his own red-roan, perked his ears toward the sound and sent shrill answer.

It was "Mama Joy," yellow-haired, extremely blue-eyed, and full-figured, who made his coffee and gave him delicious things to eatthings which he failed properly to appreciate, because he ate with his ears perked to catch the faintest sound of another woman's steps and with his eyes turning constantly from door to window.

" "I see: it's nice to have accomplishments, and be elegant, but not to show off, or get perked up," said Amy thoughtfully.

A coyote ran up a slope toward him, halted with forefeet planted on a rock, and stared at him, ears perked like an inquisitive dog.

61 examples of  perked  in sentences