10967 examples of permit in sentences

Luke Tweezy likewise leaned back as far as his chair would permit, and fingered tenderly a tingling ear.

"The Idols of the Tribe" would show the folly of attempting to penetrate further than the limits of the human faculties permit, as also "the liability of the intellect to be warped by the will and affections, and the like."

But whatever love he had to give, he gave to her to the end, so far as the ideas of his age would permit.

If you were a man, you would feel it incumbent on you to entreat your master to permit you to change horses with him, and would give him certain valuable information, derived from quarters vaguely specified as "a person who knows," or "a man who rides a great deal."

"One must never permit a horse to refuse without punishing bum, for otherwise he may repeat the fault when mounted by a poor rider, and a dangerous accident may follow.

"I will draw upon that to save one of us in illness or to bury one of us," said Mrs. Carey with determination, "but I will never live out of it myself, nor permit you to.

If the situation of the Africans was as happy as servitude could make them, he could not consent to the enormous crime of selling man to man; nor permit a practice to continue, which put an entire bar to the civilization of one quarter of the globe.

During our ride home Mrs. Selwyn asked me if my health would now permit me to give up my morning walks to the pump-room for the purpose of spending a week at Clifton; and as my health is now very well established, to-morrow, my dear sir, we are to be actually the guests of Mrs. Beaumont.

The object of my present communication is, to ask whether (if the movements of the Court permit it) it would be agreeable to your Lordship to present me to the Emperor.

In this year the cube of the Transit Circle was pierced, to permit reciprocal observations of the Collimators without raising the instrument.

But I do not think that their nature or their employments will permit of their mastering the severe steps of beginning (and indeed all through) and the complicated steps at the end.

I may perhaps permit myself to accept your kind recognition of my devotion of time and thought to the interests of my Science and my Office.

At the next meeting each related his share in the transactions which had excited such loud complaints; and the latter embraced the opportunity to prefer a charge of disaffection against the earl of Manchester, who, he pretended, was unwilling that the royal power should suffer additional humiliation, and on that account would never permit his army to engage, unless it were evidently to its disadvantage.

Some he removed from their commissions in the army and their ministry in the church; others he did not permit to go at large, till they had given security for their subsequent behaviour; and those who proved less tractable, or appeared more dangerous, he incarcerated in the Tower.

On one occasion he was requested to permit the gentlemen attached to the embassy to kiss his hand; but he advanced to the upper step, bowed to each in succession, waved his hand, and withdrew.

Our laws permit every man to worship God when, where, and in the manner most agreeable to his principles or to his inclination, and not the least restraint is imposed; all ideas of dictating to the conscience are discarded, and every man "sits under his own vine and fig tree."

Before he left, he cautioned Huckstep to be careful and not strike me again, as he would on no account permit it.

"Permit me then to relate what I have seen; and do not imagine that these are all exceptions to the general treatment, but rather believe that thousands of cruelties are practised in this Christian land, every year, which no eye that ever shed a tear of pity could look upon.

I involuntarily exclaimed, O God of my fathers, how dost thou permit such things to defile our land!

Mr. Winston Churchill, when his journalistic labours permit, has contributed to the debates, and Lord Haldane has again delivered his famous lecture on the defects of English education.

We have settled down to one of those attachments which have such an eternity before them in the future that they permit of no gushing in the present."

Permit me to avail myself of the "good the bounteous gods have sent me," and make one or two inquiries through the medium of your columns.

In reference to a query (No. 6. p. 93.), and a reply (No. 7. p. 104.), permit me to remark, that St. Augustine, the celebrated Bishop of Hippo, was the person who caused to be engraved on his table the distich against detractors.

In front of them was a huge panel that could open to permit spacecraft to pass through the airlock, and on either side of it were sets of doors to allow men through.

The memory of the Collapse was too recent, and the populace would not permit violence to prevail-but there was nothing to take its place.

10967 examples of  permit  in sentences