1612 examples of perplex in sentences

Mrs. Hemans contended that the predominant sensation would partake of awe and rapture, and that the person visited must thenceforward and for ever be inevitably separated from this world and its concernsthat the soul which had once enjoyed so strange and spiritual communion must be raised by its experience too high for common grief to perplex or common joy to enliven.

To perplex the opinion of the publick many artifices have been used, which, as usually happens, when falsehood is to be maintained by fraud, lose their force by counteracting one another.

Upon the whole of his behaviour and conversation, he put me in mind of that character of Milton: His tongue Dropt manna, and could make the worse appear The better reason, to perplex and dash Maturest counsels; for his thoughts were low; To vice industrious: but to nobler deeds Tim'rous and slothful: yet he pleased the ear.

"Perplex not yourselves," replied he, bluntly, "with so much at once; you will soon be acquainted with all.

Cut up as large a state, even, as Pennsylvania or New York is, into counties, and try to lead them to amuse themselves by putting together so large a number, many of which must inevitably very closely resemble each other, and it is ten to one but you bewilder, and even perplex and discourage them.

I have a great heap of despatches, some of which seem rather likely to perplex me.

It was his mission to make speeches and pull political wires, and not perplex himself with the details of office, which required more executive ability and better business habits than he possessed, and which would seriously interfere with his social life.

506. call off the attention, draw off the attention, call away the attention, divert the attention, distract the mind; put out of one's head; disconcert, discompose; put out, confuse, perplex, bewilder, moider^, fluster, muddle, dazzle; throw a sop to Cerberus.

render uncertain &c adj.; put out, pose, puzzle, perplex, embarrass; confuse, confound; bewilder, bother, molder, addle the wits, throw off the scent, ambiguas in vulgus spargere voces

render unintelligible &c adj.; conceal &c 528; darken &c 421; confuse &c (derange) 61; perplex &c (bewilder) 475. not understand &c 518; lose, lose the clue; miss; not know what to make of, be able to make nothing of, give it up; not be able to account for, not be able to make either head or tail of; be at sea &c (uncertain) 475; wonder &c 870; see through a glass darkly &c (ignorance) 491.

V. be difficult &c adj.; run one hard, go against the grain, try one's patience, put one out; put to one's shifts, put to one's wit's end; go hard with one, try one; pose, perplex &c (uncertain) 475; bother, nonplus, gravel, bring to a deadlock; be impossible &c 471; be in the way of &c (hinder)

But that ought not to perplex him.

The most teasing part is the blanks, which perplex without concealing.

But it is material to the present argument to declare what that conduct actually was, because it is of itself sufficient to confute all the pretexts by which the advocates of France have so long laboured to perplex the question of aggression.

Those who imagine that there is a loss of power caused by the crank perplex themselves by confounding the vertical with the circumferential velocity.

No longer then perplex thy Breast, When Thoughts torment, the first are best; 'Tis mad to go, 'tis Death to stay, Away to Orra, haste away.

I might have inserted also several Passages of Tasso, which our Author [has ] imitated; but as I do not look upon Tasso to be a sufficient Voucher, I would not perplex my Reader with such Quotations, as might do more Honour to the Italian than the English Poet.

A multiplicity of laws is reprobated in any society, and tend but to confound and perplex.

Where fancy sports, in all her rainbow hues, And beauty's radiant forms perplex the muse.

What does perplex us is to find in the Gospels language attributed to Christ which apparently makes Him a supporter of this mistaken view.

Whom it were wrongful to perplex, Or faulty policy to vex?

(Ratzel, I., 72.) FALSE FACTS REGARDING HOTTENTOTS Darwin has well observed that a false argument is comparatively harmless because subsequent discussion is sure to demolish it, whereas a false fact may perplex speculation for ages.

It requires a great deal of reading, or a wide range of information, to warrant us in putting forth our opinions on any serious subject; and without such learning the most original mind may be able indeed to dazzle, to amuse, to refute, to perplex, but not to come to any useful result or any trustworthy conclusion.

"Do not perplex yourself, fair mistress," pursued Gillian.

#intriguer#, perplex.

1612 examples of  perplex  in sentences