339 examples of persecutor in sentences

If so she might need help, an adviser, a man to stand between her and her persecutor.

Gifford on his part determined that this intolerable state of things must come to an end, and that in spite of the command laid upon him by the girl, he would now pit himself against her persecutor.

That which forced itself upon me was that the girl had in her desperation stabbed her persecutor with some weapon she had found there or brought with her.

Yet it seemed as though this could be avoided in no other way but by marrying my persecutor, a man whom I had reason to hate and who had shown himself to be such an unchivalrous bully.

But the expression which flashed into his eyes, and that came instantaneously, was of so vengeful and threatening a character, that Gifford felt glad he was there to protect the girl from her now enraged persecutor.

"I am sure Miss Morriston will endorse anything I choose to say to a man who has constituted himself her cowardly persecutor," he said.

He is without doubt a child of Belial, as much as any proud persecutor.

He was a bigot and a persecutor, which fact endeared him to the Jesuits, by whom, in matters of conscience, he was ruled, so that he became their tool even while he thought he controlled everything.

That he was a cold-blooded and virulent persecutor is utterly unlike his whole character, essentially at variance with his habitual clemency, alien to the spirit which made him interfere in every possible instance to mitigate the severity of legal punishments, and may in short be regarded as an assertion which is altogether false.

Folco, the gallant Troubadour, here placed between Cunizza and Rahab, is no other than Folques, bishop of Thoulouse, the persecutor of the Albigenses.

The music again struck up, and dancing was resumed with fresh vigor,the waltzing of all other couples being quite eclipsed by that of Young New York and little Straw-Goods, who had effectually got rid of her tipsy persecutor ever since the ground-swell, and was keeping rather in the background of late, with a sober-minded lady whom she called "aunty.

He is my rival and my persecutor; and, at last, as if all this were not enough, he has found means to spread the pestilence in my own family.

Every sentiment of vanity, or rather of independence and justice within me, instigated me to say to my persecutor, "You may cut off my existence, but you cannot disturb my serenity.

"I exult," said I, "and reasonably, over the impotence of my persecutor.

My thoughts were full of irritation against my persecutor.

Having made experiment of various situations with one uniform result, I at length determined to remove myself, if possible, from the reach of my persecutor, by going into voluntary banishment from my native soil.

" Suppose we heard of a person (gifted with some longevity) who had helped Alva to persecute Dutch Protestants, then helped Cromwell to persecute Irish Catholics, and then helped Claverhouse to persecute Scotch Puritans, we should find it rather easier to call him a persecutor than to call him a Protestant or a Catholic.

He desires to be a persecutor by the pang without the palm.

But the nominative case in the second person: as, 'O thou persecutor!'

and by the nominative case of the second person; as, O thou persecutor!

I am ready to follow you wherever you go; let us then fly from this country, and go where we shall be safe from my persecutor.

Your persecutor will certainly then be disgusted, and give you no more annoyance.

And her name?' The tutor glowered at his persecutor.

But, when he continued the most cruel persecutor of all those who differed in the least article of the Popish religion, which was then the national and established faith, his seizing on those lands, and applying them to profane uses, was absolute sacrilege, in the strongest sense of the word; having been bequeathed by princes and pious men to sacred uses.

ARUNDEL, THOMAS, successively bishop of Ely, Lord Chancellor, archbishop of York, and archbishop of Canterbury; a persecutor of the Wickliffites, but a munificent benefactor of the Church (1353-1414).

339 examples of  persecutor  in sentences