342 examples of perturbation in sentences

Jeanie heard of the impending visit with as much perturbation as her tranquil nature would allow, and during the day that intervened before his arrival gave herself more sedulously than ever to her task.

As a matter of history we know that the development of cold storage in the eighties (which we may regard for the present purpose as equivalent to an increased demand for Australian mutton) caused considerable perturbation in the woollen and worsted industries of Yorkshire.

No one then who is in a state of fear or sorrow or perturbation is free; but whoever is delivered from sorrows and fears and perturbations, he is at the same time also delivered from servitude.

'Tis the same which Tully maintains in the second of his Tusculans, omnium insipientum animi in morbo sunt, et perturbatorum, fools are sick, and all that are troubled in mind: for what is sickness, but as Gregory Tholosanus defines it, "A dissolution or perturbation of the bodily league, which health combines:" and who is not sick, or ill-disposed?

" Seneca and the rest of the stoics are of opinion, that where is any the least perturbation, wisdom may not be found.

But most commonly fear, grief, and some sudden commotion, or perturbation of the mind, begin it, in such bodies especially as are ill-disposed.

A second once peradventure in his life hath a most grievous fit, once in seven years, once in five years, even to the extremity of madness, death, or dotage, and that upon, some feral accident or perturbation, terrible object, and for a time, never perhaps so before, never after.

Her description of this guest left Tito in no doubt as to his identity, and, subduing his first perturbation, he conceived that he might turn the situation to his own advantage.

So, at least, they told Mrs. Jeffrey, who, mindful of her exploit with the banner, and wishing to make some amends, met them alone on the threshhold, Maggie having at the last moment run away, while Theo sat in a state of dignified perturbation upon the sofa.

A lifetime of petting, of indulgence, threw its soothing influence over her perturbation, convincing her that somehow all this storm and stress must be phantasmagorica dream from which she was even now awakening into a clearer day of happiness.

I don't know that any woman ever went to her lover under stranger circumstances or in greater perturbation of spirit than did this girl, behind whom lay a generation of selfishness and unrestraint.

Again, the most stirring episodes of the Christian mythology involved pain and perturbation of the spirit; the victories of the Christian athletes were won in conflicts carried on within their hearts and souls"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers," demoniac leaders of spiritual legions.

Josephine St. Auban showed no sign of perturbation as she answered: "Not so weary as busy.

[Illustration: Josephine showed no sign of perturbation.]

He was in great perplexity, and even perturbation.

But she lay in great excitement and perturbation; and was terrified, about an hour later, by a knock at her chamber doornot that opening into Una's room, but upon the little passage from the stone screw staircase.

From brow and heart fled all perturbation and once more into her eyes came their wonted serenitywith a tinge of exultationwhile the strings sounded again, and again rose the song: When Sylvia smiles Her eyes to mine inclining, Like azure isles In seas of lovelight shining, With a merry madness find I endless pleasure

The King's perturbation was very extraordinary.

Night is described by two great poets, but one describes a night of quiet, the other of perturbation.

(Perturbation was now in Mary's face.)

1030 He trembleshe is pale as death; His voice is weak with perturbation; He turns aside his head, he pauses; Poor Peter from a thousand causes, Is crippled sore in his narration.

hem ... er ... very distressing of a truth ... and ... that is ..." "I fear me his lordship will be disappointed," she rejoined, quite heedless of the little attorney's perturbation, "and that under these circumstances Sir Marmaduke will surely succeed.

The others, some to a greater degree, some to a less, shared the major's perturbation.

I was alert for any sign of perturbation in him; but I had already decided that I might as well look for emotion in a stone wall as in this placid, colorless serving man.

The same evening he fell into a slumber, from which he awoke in much perturbation, and said he had heard with much distinctness the tolling of an English funeral bell: I entreated him to be composed, and observed that sick people frequently fancy they hear and see things which can possibly have no existence.

342 examples of  perturbation  in sentences