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30 examples of  petras  in sentences

30 examples of petras in sentences

Petrous (Gr. petra, a rock).

The Edomites, south of the Dead Sea, alarmed in view of the increasing greatness of Israel, rose against David, but were routed by Abishai, who penetrated to Petra and became master of the country, the inhabitants of which were put to the sword with unrelenting vengeance.

We took the most direct cut, as we thought, to the place, from the southern sidepassed along the Market-place, into that narrowly-beautiful thoroughfare called New- street, then through a yet newer road made by the pulling down of old buildings in Lord-street, and reminding one by its sides of the ruins of Petra, and afterwards merged into the Orchard.

XLII.Pompey, being cut off from Dyrrachium, as he was unable to effect his purpose, took a new resolution, and entrenched himself strongly on a rising ground, which is called Petra, where ships of a small size can come in, and be sheltered from some winds.

Item, che potera portare poluere de canone et di archibuso, salnitro, carboni di petra rosetta, platine de rame, stagno, acciale, ferro, carisรฉe commune, tela grossa bianca per far tende de galere, balle de ferro de calibro, petre de molino fine, arbore et antenne de galere, bastardi et alteri.

Petra Bezzuar, from Tartaria.

But the most famous is Leucata Petra, that renowned rock in Greece, of which Strabo writes, Geog.

Speculum tenui suspensum funiculo demittunt: et ad Cyaneas petras ad Lycicae fontes, &c. 2356.

About this same time, Palma, who was governor of Syria, subdued the portion of Arabia, near Petra, and made it subservient to the Romans.

[Greek: kai ouch hos lithou proskammati sunantaesesthe, oude os petras ptomati.] Is. xxviii.

In the ruined cities of Egypt,even in the long lost Petra, the stranger knows the story of the people whose vestiges are around him.

Of a Sunday, Wall-street is deserted as Petra; and every night of every day it is an emptiness.

* FORTY DAYS IN THE DESERT, ON THE TRACK OF THE ISRAELITES; Being a Narrative of a Journey from Cairo, by Wady Feiran, to Mount Sinai, and Petra.

Out of pure self-love, because they said she was like me, I liked poor Petra with the big nose, best of the bunchthough, to be sure, they liken me to somebody or other in every book we read till I begin to think myself quite a bundle of contradictions.

The subject was Petra.

When Burgon was writing his prize-poem about Petra, Lord John Manners (afterwards seventh Duke of Rutland), in his capacity as Poet Laureate of Young England, was writing chivalrous ditties about castles and banners, and merry peasants, and Holy Church.

When he had prepared them both beforehand he took Hyrcanus by night away from the city and escaped to Petra, which is the royal capital of Arabia.

He first persuaded Hyrcanus to flee to Petra.

As soon as the Parthians perceived it, they pursued after him, but when at every assault he had slain a great many of them, he came to the stronghold of Masada, and there he left eight hundred of his men to guard the women, and provisions sufficient for a siege; but he himself hastened to Petra in Arabia.


Petra Cabot (C); 19Jan67; R402477.


Petra Cabot (C); 19Jan67; R402477.

Jannati Shahr seemed, on a larger scale and a vastly more magnificent plan, something like the hidden rock-city of Petra in the mountains of Edoma city wholly carved by the Edomites out of the solid granite, without a single stone having been laid in mortar.

[Footnote 1: If any reader doubts the existence of El Barr, as a city of gold carved from a single block, on the ground that such a work would be impossible, I refer him to an account of Petra, in the National Geographic Magazine for May, 1907.

Petra, in all details, was carved from granitea monolithic city.

It was a Petra of ruins, painted with all stony colors, and sculptured into a million outlines.

PETRA, a ruined city, and once the rock capital of Edom, and afterwards of Arabia Petrรฆa; was a place of some importance at one time as a commercial centre; the name Petra signifies rock.

PETRA, a ruined city, and once the rock capital of Edom, and afterwards of Arabia Petrรฆa; was a place of some importance at one time as a commercial centre; the name Petra signifies rock.

Nicholas de la Petra, Auditor General Excmo.