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79 example sentences with  pettinesses

79 example sentences with pettinesses

It is a slight compensation, that this very pettiness makes her chronicles of the age very vivid in details.

"Let the evil-speaker against Alexander bear all this in mind, and then let him reflect on his own insignificance, the pettiness of his own circumstances and affairs, and the blunders that he makes about these, paltry and trifling as they are.

But this incident, reminding me how dreary and limited that life was, served to excuse in my eyes the pettiness and poverty of the characters it had produced.

The rush of great events had swept her mind clear of pettiness and prejudice; they bore her on from familiar view-points and to new levels; like roaring winds out of a tempestuous north they cleared away the wretched fogs that had enwrapped a self-centred girl; they made her see a man in the naked glory of his sheer, clean manhood.

Fervour and the ecstasy of the hour in which was doing to the uttermost, forgetful of pettiness and selfishness and cowardiceshe prayed mutely that she was done with them for ever, that never again would she be such a woman as Gratton had been a manmade her over into a radiant, glorious Gloria.

The size of the crime does not change the stature of the criminal, and the pettiness of the assassin withstands the immensity of the assassination.

The fashion is that of coat-and-waistcoat realism, a creeping timidity of invention, moving almost exclusively amid scenes of drawing-room existence, with all the reticences and pettinesses of drawing-room conventions.

For them, as for himself, the pettiness of brigandry led nowhither.

But she is wife, His honour is her own, and she would hide From all the world, and even from herself, His pettiness and narrowness of soul.

Perhaps in time he would come to forget her, and in so doing he would forget the pauperism and pettinesses of all the black folk of the South.

But in the first, I hesitated, as you shall think, because of her way; but truly, my heart knew that her heart did be proper unto me; and, moreover, I should be small in my nature, if that I let any pettiness put a silence upon me; though, in verity, if that the Maid had not been inwardly loving to me, I had been that I had told her no word; and this to be very natural, whether it be of smallness or not.

But there is a loving laughter in which the only recognised superiority is that of the ideal self, the God within, holding the mirror and the scourge for our own pettiness as well as our neighbours'.

Ellen M.H. Gates IT CAN BE DONE BE THE BEST OF WHATEVER YOU ARE We all dream of great deeds and high positions, away from the pettiness and humdrum of ordinary life.

Angelo Poliziano, known as Politian, was also a Renaissance scholar and also a friend of Lorenzo, and his companion, with Pico, at his death-bed; but although in precocity, brilliancy of gifts, and literary charm he may be classed with Pico, the comparison there ends, for he was a gross sensualist of mean exterior and capable of much pettiness.

But while the aristocracy was making war on individuals, the work of the dead man went on, as if even from the grave he was destined to bring into sharper relief the pettiness of their projects by the grandeur of his own.

Dante, in constituting himself the hero of his poem, not only renders her, in the general impression, as dreary as himself, in spite of the occasional beautiful pictures he draws of her, but narrows her very immensity into his pettiness.

One cannot but take refuge from the pettiness of the real in the contemplation of the ideal.

"But Mr. Maynard was too well-bred a man for any such pettiness as that.

Would that we all, in all conditions of life, kept truth and duty ever before us, as he did even amid the pettinesses of a Courtthe solemn trifles of etiquette which would have stifled the nobleness of a less noble nature.

Not all the evil and the misery and the vice and the meanness and pettinesses which abound on every side, as we look around, can blind me to the blessed truth that the eyes of mankind have been opening to see and to deplore these things, and to give their lives to the study of their causes, and the discovery and practice of means to put an end to them.

All the pettinesses and smallness of every-day existence seem brushed aside, for no one is working for money or himself, and every man of them may be riding to his death.

There was a dictatorial, captious, quibbling pettiness of manner.

The coldness and pettiness of his manner did not warm the hearts or expand the understandings of his hearers.

Bit by bit, street by street, the ignoble, the tidy, the pettiness of the parlour, was gaining upon splendour and renown, and the anticipation of the change cast a foreboding sadness over the beauty of his own ancestral home.

The emptiness of social strife, The pettiness of human souls, The cheap frivolities of life, The keen pursuit of paltry goals, How small they seem beneath the dome That shelters my Tyrolean home!

In its weaker portions Schleiermacher's philosophy is marked by lack of grasp, pettiness, and sportiveness.

Follow me, all ye hermits who through some mortification in love, some negligence in friendship, have withdrawn into your rooms far from the pettiness and infidelity of mankind!

She had never been conscious of such vastness, she was abashed by it, she was exalted by it, she knew a moment of acute shame for the pettiness of her personal grievances.

Forgive my boasting; I am just as little ashamed of it as those gentlemen are of their pettiness.

These two featuresthe multiplicity of slaveholdings and the virtually uniform pettiness of their scaleconstituted a régime never paralleled in equal volume elsewhere.

Suppose we have a King who understands the need for incessant, acute criticism to keep our collective activities intelligent and efficient, and for a flow of bold, unhampered thought through every department of the national life, a King liberal without laxity and patriotic without pettiness or vulgarity.

He is almost stupidly not interested in the mysteries of material fact, nor in the riddles and great dramatic movements of history, indifferent to any form of beauty, and pedantically devoted to the pettiness of games and clothing and social conduct.

Tintoretto could not but have foreseen that the world of living pettiness and passion would perpetually jostle with his world of painted sublimities and sanctities in that vast hall.

They understand better than the self-conscious, posing mass of mankind the weakness and the pettiness of human nature; but they also appreciate its other side.

Men of genius, indeed, sometimes affect to despise the pettiness of all grammatical instructions; but this can be nothing else than affectation, since the usage of the learned is confessedly the basis of all such instructions, and several of the loftiest of their own rank appear on the list of grammarians.

There is just as much reason to deny and degrade the Greek or French article, (or that of any other language,) as the English; and, if those who are so zealous to reform our the, an, and a into adjectives, cared at all to appear consistent in the view of Comparative or General Grammar, they would either set about a wider reformation or back out soon from the pettiness of this.

Paris is revealed under an enchantment, On the surface of the enchantment the pettinesses of daily existence persist queerly.

Her ideal was to be daring in speech and reckless in braving dangers, both moral and physical; and though her practice fell far behind her ideal, this shortcoming seemed to be due to the pettiness of circumstances, the narrow theatre which life offers to a girl of twenty, who cannot conceive herself as anything else than a lady, or as in any position which would lack the tribute of respect.

And what is the mission of the Christian Church? Is it not to help men and women in their struggle and their sorrow to forget at least at times their pettinesses and degradation to rise to better standards and loftier ideals, and cry for God?

Their pettiness of method and appliance and imagination hampers and defeats our powers.

In the traditions regarding the origin of the temple and its institutions, in keeping the ceremonial law, in participating in the formal ritual, and in joining their songs with those of the temple singers they found an escape from the pettiness of the age and attained that peace and joy which is expressed in many of the psalms of the Psalter.

By showing the pettiness of his attitude toward the heathen the author sought to broaden the vision and quicken the conscience of his fellow-Jews.

Also he confided to her his envy of small-statured people, and told how it hurt him to go about showing the bigness of his body and hiding the pettiness of his soul.

She did not feel angry or envious of this girl, she was incapable of pettiness; but she felt old and dull and lonely.

They seemed so insignificantto fall very far short of her mother's passionate description of them, and she began to wonder which was the more pathetic, Mrs. Robson's exaggerated notion of their worth or the pettiness that gave Aunt Julia the tenacity to hold fast to such trivial baubles.

It is not encouraging or inspiring to have the meanness and pettiness of human nature brought before one, and to feel conscious of one's own weakness and feebleness as well.

Cynicism is generally the refuge of the disappointed and indolent, but there is, after all, a nobler kind of cynicism, which even religion must strive to develop, the cynicism which realises the essential worthlessness and pettiness of human endeavour.

For the rest, no puerilities or pettinesses in the practice of devotion; government is learned better from studying men than from studying books."

Voltaire's intimacy with the Great Frederick was destroyed it had for a while done honor to both of them; it had ended by betraying the pettinesses and the meannesses natural to the king as well as to the poet.

Of course they will not be so petty or so gross where the circumstances do not prompt pettiness or grossness; nor so constant and organised where the class-conditions have not tended to make them habitual.

There is, of course, a certain degree of pettiness which makes them insignificant, but there is always a danger lest men should think too lightly of acts of this kind, whether done by themselves or others.

Poetry was to be the heart and centre of actual living; modern life seemed full of "prose and pettiness" as compared with the Middle Ages; it was the doctrine of this Mary in the family of Bethany to leave to the Martha of dull externalists the care of many things, while she "chose the better part" in contemplative lingering at the vision of what was essentially higher.

Rupert Brooke has sung of the summons of the World War that cleansed the heart from many pettinesses.

" His tone was full of thankfulness, and all my pettiness vanished at the sudden, swift vision of what he must have endured.

But truly I think I never showed it to her again after that first evening, though it sprang up wrathfully in her defence many and many a time, until I learned the pettiness and the worthlessness of all criticism, and knew that the blind were objects of compassion not of scorn.

The American farmer who has a pigeon-keeping neighbour and is restrained by the pettiness of the annoyance from making a point on their trespasses, feels something of the blind and impotent wrath of the French peasant against the whole pigeon family.]

Conventions, pettiness, foolish pride, waywardness, secret egotism, fell away from her.

But she sat up at last, with her dejected head on her breast, submitting to the pettiness and treachery of what she loved.

Thus it is neither to the mellow autumn of his art, when he had cast aside as unworthy all the trivialities of convention, nor yet to the storm and stress of adolescence, the immaturity of pettiness and exaggeration, that we must look if we would discover Shakespeare's attitude towards pastoral tradition.

The whole incident throws a curious light on the pettiness of the Ferrarese Court, a characteristic in which it was, however, not peculiar.

These are the two condiments of human lifetar and whitewashthe faults and the excuses for the faults, the passions and pettinesses that make us occasionally drop on all fours, and the generous aspirations that at times enable us, if not to stand upright, at least to adopt the attitude of the kangaroo.

We are in some danger of becoming petty in our study of pettiness; there is a terrible Circean law in the background that if the soul stoops too ostentatiously to examine anything it never gets up again.

I have, rightly or wrongly, a notion of the chief cause of this pettiness in English patriotism of to-day, and I will attempt to expound it.

Even the Venetian painters, called by way of distinction the "Ornamental School," deemed it necessary to avoid prettinesses and pettinesses, and by consummate skill in artistical arrangement in composition, in chiaro-scuro and colour, to give a certain greatness to the representations of their national events.

Oh the pettiness of human nature!

There is never any pettiness in the beginning.

He entertained me with an account of the Darien society, its aristocracies and democracies, its little grandeurs and smaller pettinesses, its circles higher and lower, its social jealousies, fine invisible lines of demarcation, imperceptible shades of different respectability, and delicate divisions of genteel, genteeler, genteelest. '

It is a world where the hesitations and the pettinesses and the squalors of this earth have been fired out; a world where ugliness is a forgotten name, and lust itself has grown ethereal; where anguish has become a grace and death a glory, and love the beginning and the end of all.

According to Levin, Trump “took his historic level of pettiness to new heights, declaring that if it’s up to him, New Yorkers won’t get a coronavirus vaccine until Governor Andrew Cuomo kisses the ring.”

Even if Apple is right, and Epic is just acting out of entitlement and pettiness, this lawsuit could have huge ramifications for the future of mobile gaming.

Her comment underneath a photo of the mother of one flaunting her bare face makes a lot of people baffled, with an individual telling her to 'stop with the pettiness!'

Many also called out the “pettiness” of Nigerian politicians, stating that Wike had thoroughly insulted Ganduje in his statement.

The best way the NRM can handle or seek to gain from this could be to argue that at a time of unprecedented national danger, the President and the government put partisan pettiness aside and took drastic measures for the good of the population.

The members of that national cabinet should summon the very best qualities to avoid the pettiness we've seen over the past couple of weeks.

The Oscars were a hotbed of glitz, glamour, greed, pettiness, ecstasy and naked ambition – in real life and in “Hollywood,” as always.

The time for pettiness and ego are over.

What kind of pettiness is this.

Much campus fiction contrasts “the rationality these men aspire to by vocation and the all-too-human passions and pettinesses they lapse into.”

Now, a few people got a job there for a couple of months and that is the smallness and the pettiness of the whole thing, Mr. Chairman.