55 examples of pharmacopoeias in sentences

They answered the purpose better than the most scientific remedy in the pharmacopoeia, for the patient called for no further drink, and presently fell into profound and undisturbed sleep.

The plants, too, which formed the witches' pharmacopoeia, were generally selected either from their legendary associations or by reason of their poisonous and soporific qualities.

All the trumpery of exploded pharmacopoeias was revived under new names.

pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmaceutics; pharmacopoeia, formulary; acology^, Materia Medica [Lat.], therapeutics, posology^; homeopathy, allopathy^, heteropathy

Homoeopathy has its fraction of sanity, as a protest against that odious tendency of physicians to give nauseous stuff to people because they are ailing, which sickened the pages of old pharmacopoeias with powders of earthworms and album Græcum, and even now makes illness terrible where it reigns unrebuked.

But monopoly made the old man, as it makes most men, all the more lazy and careless; and there was not a drug on his shelves which could be warranted to work the effect set forth in that sanguine and too trustful book, the Pharmacopoeia, which, like Mr. Pecksniff's England, expects every man to do his duty, and is, accordingly (as the Lancet and Dr. Letheby know too well), grievously disappointed.

Reference is made by Mr. Willmott to lard prepared in different ways, and it appears from the results of his experiments that when made according to the process of the British Pharmacopoeia it does not keep free from rancidity for so long a time as some of the samples do which have been otherwise prepared.

It became the process of the British Pharmacopoeia in 1868.

Still it does not appear in the Pharmacopoeia; nor, as far as I know, has its use received the official sanction of the medical profession.

By his admission the British Pharmacopoeia (war edition) contains "Glycerins devoid of glycerin and syrups free from sugar."

But the requisite paraphernalia is too expensive for a country like India; and who does not know that well-fed bodies, and healthy homes are better safeguards against disease than all the most costly medicines that could be provided by the British pharmacopoeia?

Compared with these treatises of spiritual hygiene, of what avail were the evangelical pharmacopoeias? He did not claim to cure anything, and he offered no alleviation to the sick.

7. Observations on Medicinal Plants contained in the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Pharmacopoeias SECT.

8. Observations on Medicinal Plants not in the Pharmacopoeias of the present day Observations on drying and preserving Plants for medicinal use, &c. SECT.

And we cannot help lamenting the difficulty he has to struggle with in consequence of the great difference of names which the Pharmacopoeias of the present day exhibit.

This plant has been generally prepared as an extract or inspissated juice, after the manner directed in the Edinburgh and many of the foreign Pharmacopoeias, and, like all virulent medicines, it should be first administered in small doses.

Not only the bark of this species of Salix, but that of several others, possess similar qualities, particularly of the Salix alba pentandria, and capraea, all of which are recommended in foreign Pharmacopoeias.

L. E. D.The parts of the Sambucus which are proposed for medicinal use in the Pharmacopoeias, are the inner bark, the flowers, and the berries.

For the use of the Medical Student I selected in the foregoing section such plants as are contained in the Pharmacopoeias of the present day: but there are many mentioned in Woodville's Medical Botany, Lewis's Dispensatory, &c. which, although discarded from the College list, are nevertheless still used by medical practitioners and others.

The old writers, as Gerard, Parkinson, Lyte, &c. attributed medical virtues to all the plants which came under their notice; and, on the other hand, as we observed above, the vegetable department of the Pharmacopoeias has from time to time been reduced so much, that, if we had confined ourselves to that alone, we fear our little treatise on this head would, by many persons, be thought defective.

Both that composition and the plant itself are rejected from our Pharmacopoeias.

These have a bitter taste, and a pretty strong smell: they are supposed to be useful in hysteric disorders, to strengthen the stomach, to promote urine; and indeed it may be judged from their smell and taste, that their medical virtues are considerable, though they are now rejected both from the London and Edinburgh Pharmacopoeias.

ELM-LEAVED SUMACH.Both the leaves and berries have been employed in medicine; but the former are more astringent and tonic, and have been long in common use, though at present discarded from the Pharmacopoeias.

That father was hanged (according to Protestants) for treason, and the relic which put the whole pharmacopoeia to shame was, if we mistake not, his neckerchief.

After an interval of three evenings, with the tendency to sleep recurring with somewhat varying force each evening, a dose of 3 grains was taken, the maximum single dose of the German Pharmacopoeia.

55 examples of  pharmacopoeias  in sentences
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