1738 examples of phase in sentences

In the first phase, the prevailing idea, especially on the part of one of the Allies, was to send military expeditions in conjunction especially with Rumania and Poland.

In the second phase, the greatest hopes were placed in the blockade; of isolating Russia completely, cutting off from her (and for the rest she no longer had it) every facility of trade exchange.

In the first phase the indemnities came into being from three words inserted almost by chance into the armistice treaty on November 2, 1918, réparation des dommages.

I tell you his trifling about the paper is a passing phase, and that you must not disturb him.

This stanza ascribes to Keats the same phase of immortality which belongs to Nature.

After the Russian revolution in March, 1917, the military affairs of the new nation entered upon a curious phase.

This ended the first phase of the great battle.

On June 9 the Germans began the fourth phase of their offensive, planned by their high command to enforce peace.

Then, on July 15, the Germans began the fifth and disastrous last phase of the offensive which they started in the spring, on March 21.

Having caught her interest he told her picturesquely of his old friends; how they had dwelt on serenely while peoples were born and empires rose and fell; while Rome smote Greece and both went down in the dust; while Columbus pushed his three boats across the seas; while the world itself passed from one phase to another; how they were all but co-eternal with eternity.

His heroism is just a phase of his conditionhe gets excited."

" "Yes: one presumes we all do think that..." "But no sooner does one get firmly established in that particular phase of self-complacence than along comes Life, grinning like a gamin, and kicks over our pretty house of cardsshows us up to ourselves by revealing our pet, exclusive idiosyncrasies as simple infirmities all mortal flesh is heir to.

" Robert Louis Stevenson shows, in his "Child's Garden of Verses," that he is one of the very few people who remember and appreciate this phase of childhood.

The child problem is merely one phase of the universal problem that confronts society.

To the class occupied exclusively with material things, this phase of Froebel's idea may perhaps seem mystical.

All these examples go to show that every conscious intellectual phase of the mind has a previous phase in which it was unconscious or merely symbolic.

All these examples go to show that every conscious intellectual phase of the mind has a previous phase in which it was unconscious or merely symbolic.

" The social phase of the kindergarten is most interesting to the student of social economics.

The Government and the educated Indians may think that the Khilafat movement is merely a passing phase.

Nine hours had come to be the limit of men's interestnine minutes the crucial phase of excitement, during which the balance of emotion hovered between rioting or laughter.

Aurelius had typified a gentler phase of Rome, a subtler dignity, but even he, whose worst severity was tempered by the philosophical regret that he could not kill crime with kindliness, had worn the imperial purple like Olympus' delegate.

Certainly, it was a dreadful thing to doan offense the enormity of which was utterly inexcusable except under the stress of a purely impersonal and scientific necessity for investigating a mental phase of humanity which had always thrilled him with a curiosity most profound.

They have studied all subjects; they know something about everything; their profession necessarily makes them acquainted with each phase and feeling of life.

The flight of the archbishop marked the opening of a new phase in the struggle.

When crime is sanctioned by law, and upheld by custom and fashion, it assumes its most dangerous phase; and there is often a fearful fascination in the sin that is environed by success.

1738 examples of  phase  in sentences