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133 examples of  philosophize  in sentences

133 examples of philosophize in sentences

Now when we engage in explanations and discussions of principles, theories, broad social topics, and the likewhen we expound, moralize, or philosophize,our subject matter is general.

Anyhow, I didn't mean to philosophize.

But I see Mr. Cartwright coming and mustn't philosophize.

But the pump was running badly and Lister saw he must not philosophize.

But I am philosophizing,oddly enough,when I should describe.

Upon the same spot was the favorite residence of Lorenzo Magnifico; concerning whose probable ponderings, as he sat upon his terrace, with his legs dangling over Florence, much may be learned from the guide-book of the immortal Murray, so that he who runs may read and philosophize.

A man who has all his life unreflectingly adopted the traditional principle that death is preferable to dishonour, that a lie is essentially dishonourable, will be far more likely to die for the truth, than one who has philosophized much about honour and veracity, and whose resolution is enfeebled by the consciousness of the weak and flimsy support which theory lends to these healthy and universally received maxims.

Given a population sufficiently educated to philosophize in any fashion, and of necessity the bent of the majority will be in the direction of some form of Naturalism.

Still it must not be supposed that the majority really philosophizes at all even to this extent.

This "faith" in the ultimate coherence and unity of everything is the presupposition and motive of the very attempt to philosophize or to determine the nature of that unity.

But the paroxysm is past, and I am beginning to philosophize.

It would be hardly fair to press this matter on you, a married woman; for, by the pandects of American society, a man may philosophize on love, prattle about it, trifle on the subject, and even analyze the passion with, a miss in her teens, and yet he shall not allude to it, in a discourse with a matron.

Every Indian woman is an artist,sees, feels, creates, but does not philosophize about her processes.

We may not philosophize or formulate, we may not live up to our theories, but we feel in greater or less degree the responsibility of calling a human being hither, and the necessity of guarding and guiding, in one way or another, that which owes its being to us.

" Dr. E. Seguin, our Commissioner of Education to the Universal Exhibition at Vienna, philosophizes most charmingly on children's toys in his Report (chapter on the Training of Special Senses).

He argues highly and well with the supposed Sir Topas, and philosophizes gallantly upon his straw.

George Henry tried to philosophize again and to be like these people, but he failed.

" Mercy was startled by these words from Lizzy, who rarely questioned and never philosophized.

" "Good!" replied the major, "but in your own interests you would be wiser to philosophize with your books, and seek the key to the sciences, rather than that of the fortress.

Black men fell into the habit of dropping in at the Siner cabin, where they would sit outdoors, with chairs propped against the wall, and philosophize on the desultory life of the crescent.

But when Lemuel Gulliver, surgeon, resident at Rotherhithe, tells us of pigmies and giants, flying islands, and philosophizing horses, nothing but such circumstantial touches could produce for a single moment a deception on the imagination.

The most fatal error which a poet can possibly commit in the management of his machinery is that of attempting to philosophize too much.

It is right that you should philosophize; but you ought to have some brains also; all this that you are doing is silly.

And to philosophize is this, to examine and confirm the rules; and then to use them when they are known is the act of a wise and good man.

is the first business of him who philosophizes?

A man who has a fever may say: If I philosophize any longer, may I be hanged: wherever I go, I must take care of the poor body, that a fever may not come.

It is impossible to philosophize ourselves out of this sensible position.

We are not engaged in what may be called "nice" conversation, we are philosophizing.

So much for his enemies; now for his partisans: Metrodorus, Hermachus, Meneceus, and numerous others, who philosophize according to his school, have as much veneration as friendship for him personally.

When they say he philosophized with Leontium, they say well; when they say that Epicurus diverted himself with her, they do not lie.

First live, then philosophize is a maxim of more comprehensive import than appears at first sight.

How did Plato philosophize without the pipe?

For all that, he did not mean to philosophize and had something to think about.

Then she was careful to talk about something else, for she thought Alan had not philosophized without an object and it was not difficult to see where his hints led.

We shall not say that the maiden herself philosophized on premises as sublime as those of the good monk, for with her the warm impulses of the heart lay at the bottom of her resolution; but even she had the respectable support of reason to sustain her cause.

But I will not philosophize.

Too many of them apply to it facile generalizations, such as "heliolatry," "animism," "ancestral worship," "primitive philosophizing," and think that such a sesame will unloose all its mysteries.

The rude savage does not philosophize on phenomena; the enlightened student sees in them but interacting forces: yet both may be profoundly religious.

To the student of religions the interest of the Myth is not that of an infantile attempt to philosophize, but as it illustrates the intimate and immediate relations which the religion in which it grew bore to the individual life.

So she cogitated and mused and philosophized in her small way, till she came to the conclusion that the pelican not only had the destiny of Mary in its hands, but was under an obligation to save her from that death which was so terrible to her.

The time to philosophize about the good there is in evil, is not while its correction is still possible, but, if at all, after all hope of correction is past.

However, at last he recollects himself and begins to philosophize.

Mackintosh philosophized about events, measures, and men, better than he described either.

The variations in philosophy, which, on the assumption of the unity of truth, are a rock of offense to many minds, may be explained, on the one hand, by the combination of complex variety and limitation in the motives which govern philosophical thought,for it is the whole man that philosophizes, not his understanding merely,and, on the other, by the inexhaustible extent of the field of philosophy.

Moreover, as it is our spirit which philosophizes and not God's spirit in us, so the faith through which man appropriates Christ's merit is a free action of the human spirit, the capacity for which is inborn, not infused from above; in it, God acts merely as an auxiliary or remote cause, by removing the obstacles which hinder the operation of the power of faith.

Thus philosophy in Germany, pursued chiefly by specialists, remains a professional affair, and has not exercised a direct transforming influence on life (for Fichte, who helped to philosophize the French out of Germany, was an exception); but its influence has been the greater in the special sciences, which in Germany more than any other land are handled in a philosophic spirit.

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If Mr. Bernard had philosophized or prosed in this way, with so pretty, nay, so lovely a neighbor as Miss Letty Forester waiting for him to speak to her, he would have to be dropped from this narrative as a person unworthy of his good-fortune, and not deserving the kind reader's further notice.

And if he were given to philosophizing he might say that the kindest thing even to the dead things was to let the new things come through.

" "Sometimes people are thrown by circumstances into a situation where they wouldn't have dreamed of putting themselvesand yet they rise to it and conquer it," philosophized Aunt Victoria.

Did not Zarathustra so philosophize, and is not the national trend in Europe exalting his theory?

But to scenes of real woe, Where a wretch is truely dying, Wherefore do such numbers go, What can be the joy of sighing? Men of thought, who soar serene, And loftily philosophize, Will say they seek the solemn scene, To contemplate and sympathize.

Buzzby philosophized about her, too, after a strange fashion.

George Eliot, as a woman, thought, reasoned, philosophized; George Sand felt, gave every emotion reign, lived out all her impulses.

To calculate, to philosophize, he holds to be always to man's injury, that nature when perfectly obeyed is the only guide.

He muses, philosophizes, utters the most profound observations upon life, art, and the mystery of things.

The secret of this unproductiveness lies perhaps in a certain tendency to analyze and philosophize away every strong emotion that should lead to action.

The man who has philosophized and speculated now writes the tragedy of his life in four words: "Aniela died this morning."

But do not philosophize her away as you have philosophized away your abilities and your thirty-five years of life!" He could not have told me anything better, nobler, or what chimed in more with my own desires.

But do not philosophize her away as you have philosophized away your abilities and your thirty-five years of life!" He could not have told me anything better, nobler, or what chimed in more with my own desires.

I pressed his hands and replied: "No, I will not philosophize her away, because I love her.

In order to set her mind at rest I thrust myself into the conversation of the elder ladies, who were speaking about Sniatynski, and said: "Sniatynski considers me a kind of Hamlet, and says I philosophize too much; but I am going to show him that he is mistaken, and that not later than to-morrow.

I still seem to hear Sniatynski's words: "Do not philosophize her away, as you have philosophized away your abilities and your thirty-five years of life."

I still seem to hear Sniatynski's words: "Do not philosophize her away, as you have philosophized away your abilities and your thirty-five years of life."

Partly it is my own fault; because I am putting points of interrogation all along the road of life, and philosophize where others love only.

You went away, and according to your custom, began to ponder, to think it over; and it came to pass, as I was afraid it would, that you philosophized away your own happiness and that of another."

He wrote to Kรถrner: "It is precisely for the sake of artistic creation that I wish to philosophize.

This it is that, particularly in my earlier years, gave me a rather awkward appearance both in the field of speculation and in that of poetry; for the poetic mind generally got the better of me when I ought to have philosophized, and my philosophical mind when I wished to poetize.

They are also characterized by similar vagueness of thought and vividness of fancy, in those passages where sensibility turns theorist and philosophizes on its gratified or battled sensations,while they generally evince wider culture, larger superficial experience of life, a more controlling sense of the beautiful, and an equal facility of self-abandonment to the passion of the moment.

We shall find that, on the contrary, tattooing has had from the earliest recorded times more than a dozen practical purposes, and that its use as a stimulant of the passion of the opposite sex probably never occurred to a savage until it was suggested to him by a philosophizing visitor.

" Here again we see clearly that the tattooing is admired for other than esthetic reasons, and we realize how foolish it is to philosophize about the peculiar "taste" of these Indians in admiring a girl who looks like "a Turkish carpet" or "a Stygian fury."

We do not care to give in this place any exposition or estimate of their doctrines; we shall simply point out what there was original and characteristic in their fashion of philosophizing, and wherein their mental condition differed essentially from that which was engendered and propagated, in the sixteenth century, by the resuscitation of Greek and Roman antiquity.

While the mass of women never philosophize on the principles that underlie national existence, there were those in our late War who understood the political significance of the struggle; the "irrepressible conflict" between freedom and slavery, between National and State rights.

Either what the philosopher tells us is extraneous to the universe he is accounting for, an indifferent parasitic outgrowth, so to speak; or the fact of his philosophizing is itself one of the things taken account of in the philosophy, and self-included in the description.

The absolute makes us by thinking us, and if we ourselves are enlightened enough to be believers in the absolute, one may then say that our philosophizing is one of the ways in which the absolute is conscious of itself.

Impressionistic philosophizing, like impressionistic watchmaking or land-surveying, is intolerable to experts.

I do not pretend to philosophize or stoicize, or to any thing else which implies a contempt of lifeI have, on the contrary, a most unheroic solicitude about my existence, and consider my removal to a place where I think we are safe, as a very fortunate aera of our captivity.

I do not pretend to philosophize or stoicize, or to any thing else which implies a contempt of lifeI have, on the contrary, a most unheroic solicitude about my existence, and consider my removal to a place where I think we are safe, as a very fortunate aera of our captivity.

Partial Relativity is the opinion professed by most philosophers (and by most persons who do not philosophize).

We are aware that this last expression is sometimes used to characterize a supposed mode of philosophizing, which does not profess to be founded upon experience at all.

But we are not acquainted with any mode of philosophizing, on political subjects at least, to which such a description is fairly applicable.

Fasch and Quanz had been brought from Berlin to play music for him, the Marquis d'Argens to philosophize for him, his dogs to amuse him.

Man lived before he wrote laws, and before he philosophized.

He may have strong inclinations in certain directions, as, for instance, to paint or to write or to investigate or to philosophize, but, as a rule, he does not make his living from following these ambitions.

Individuals and nations can philosophize and reason and make compromises when they are calm; but let them be moved by fear and hatred, and these emotions will sweep away every other feeling.

" Robert Watson was a retired lawyer of large wealth, who watched the world from his study, and philosophized about its doings; and when Mr. Riddle had given me this conclusion, the subject was never again referred to in our years of bargaining, buying and selling, paying and receipting.

Starting off abruptly with a mock physiologic disquisition upon the importance of a proper ordering of their mental states on the part of the intending progenitors of children, he philosophizes gravely on this theme for two or three chapters; and then wanders away into an account of the local midwife, upon whose sole services Mrs. Shandy, in opposition to her husband, was inclined to rely.

"I do not wish to philosophize," he answered.

Now is it possible for a teacher, after having philosophized upon the nature of the minds upon which he is operating, and surveyed the field, and ingeniously formed a plan, which plan he hopes will, through his own intrinsic power, produce certain effectsis it possible for him, when he comes, for the first day, to witness its operations, to come without feeling a strong interest in the result?

Now in such a case as this, a young teacher, philosophizing upon his success and the causes of it, will almost invariably make this mistake, namely, he will attribute to something essentially excellent in his plans the success which, in fact, results from the novelty of them.

I sat up in bed philosophizing, and examining the position of the chairs, the tops of the tables and the door.

It was one of the first great shocks involved in the change from ancient to modern scientific views, and I do not doubt it was responsible for a great deal of the pessimistic philosophizing that came in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

One dynasty had supplanted another; and an epoch, over which the statesman ponders and the historian philosophizes, appeared to be as much a matter-of-course sort of thing as the removal of one family from a mansion to make room for another.

She is good natered to a fault, you know you can kill yourself on milk porridge, and though folks don't philosophize on it you can be too good to be comfortable.

It is by no means difficult to philosophize after this fashion; but if we are to have many professors of such philosophy, let the mediaeval cap-and-bells, by all means, be reproduced.

"We all hit dust sometime," he philosophized.

In his striving for the positive, the poor man had, by dint of philosophizing, eliminated all the splendid things from life, such as sunshine, religion, and flowers, so that there remained nothing for him but the cold positive grave.

Some one supposed a case in which a live German might be exhibited for money in China, and to this end a placard was fabricated, in which the mandarins Tsching-Tschang-Tschung and Hi-Ha-Ho certified that the man was a genuine Teuton, including a list of his accomplishments, which consisted principally of philosophizing, smoking, and endless patience.

(Chekhov's brother Ivan) could philosophize about love, but he could not love.

* X. philosophizes: "Take the word 'nose.'