133 examples of philosophize in sentences

Now when we engage in explanations and discussions of principles, theories, broad social topics, and the likewhen we expound, moralize, or philosophize,our subject matter is general.

Upon the same spot was the favorite residence of Lorenzo Magnifico; concerning whose probable ponderings, as he sat upon his terrace, with his legs dangling over Florence, much may be learned from the guide-book of the immortal Murray, so that he who runs may read and philosophize.

This "faith" in the ultimate coherence and unity of everything is the presupposition and motive of the very attempt to philosophize or to determine the nature of that unity.

It would be hardly fair to press this matter on you, a married woman; for, by the pandects of American society, a man may philosophize on love, prattle about it, trifle on the subject, and even analyze the passion with, a miss in her teens, and yet he shall not allude to it, in a discourse with a matron.

Every Indian woman is an artist,sees, feels, creates, but does not philosophize about her processes.

" "Good!" replied the major, "but in your own interests you would be wiser to philosophize with your books, and seek the key to the sciences, rather than that of the fortress.

Black men fell into the habit of dropping in at the Siner cabin, where they would sit outdoors, with chairs propped against the wall, and philosophize on the desultory life of the crescent.

The most fatal error which a poet can possibly commit in the management of his machinery is that of attempting to philosophize too much.

So much for his enemies; now for his partisans: Metrodorus, Hermachus, Meneceus, and numerous others, who philosophize according to his school, have as much veneration as friendship for him personally.

How did Plato philosophize without the pipe?

But I will not philosophize.

The time to philosophize about the good there is in evil, is not while its correction is still possible, but, if at all, after all hope of correction is past.

However, at last he recollects himself and begins to philosophize.

Thus philosophy in Germany, pursued chiefly by specialists, remains a professional affair, and has not exercised a direct transforming influence on life (for Fichte, who helped to philosophize the French out of Germany, was an exception); but its influence has been the greater in the special sciences, which in Germany more than any other land are handled in a philosophic spirit.

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Did not Zarathustra so philosophize, and is not the national trend in Europe exalting his theory?

The secret of this unproductiveness lies perhaps in a certain tendency to analyze and philosophize away every strong emotion that should lead to action.

But do not philosophize her away as you have philosophized away your abilities and your thirty-five years of life!" He could not have told me anything better, nobler, or what chimed in more with my own desires.

I pressed his hands and replied: "No, I will not philosophize her away, because I love her.

In order to set her mind at rest I thrust myself into the conversation of the elder ladies, who were speaking about Sniatynski, and said: "Sniatynski considers me a kind of Hamlet, and says I philosophize too much; but I am going to show him that he is mistaken, and that not later than to-morrow.

I still seem to hear Sniatynski's words: "Do not philosophize her away, as you have philosophized away your abilities and your thirty-five years of life."

Partial Relativity is the opinion professed by most philosophers (and by most persons who do not philosophize).

Individuals and nations can philosophize and reason and make compromises when they are calm; but let them be moved by fear and hatred, and these emotions will sweep away every other feeling.

"I do not wish to philosophize," he answered.

(Chekhov's brother Ivan) could philosophize about love, but he could not love.

133 examples of  philosophize  in sentences