73 examples of phosphate in sentences

It is only needful to add a minute drop of fluid containing Bacteria, to water in which tartrate, phosphate, and sulphate of ammonia are dissolved; and, in a very short space of time, the clear fluid becomes milky by reason of their prodigious multiplication, which, of course, implies the manufacture of living Bacterium-stuff out of these merely saline matters.

MARROW-BONES.Bones are formed of a dense cellular tissue of membranous matter, made stiff and rigid by insoluble earthy salts; of which, phosphate of lime is the most abundant.

Allow the blood to remain a short time; then wash it off with a stream of distilled water, when a blue spot upon a red or violet ground will be seen, indicating its alkaline reaction, due chiefly to the sodium phosphate and sodium carbonate.

Tears are nothing more than phosphate of lime, chloride of sodium, mucus, and water.

All this had such a moral effect on the young that the soda fountain didn't sell a claret phosphate for three weeks after.

But the banker had sold some village lots to the negroes, and in two instances, where a streak of commercial phosphate had been discovered on the properties, the lots had reverted to the Hooker estate.

There had been in the deed something concerning a mineral reservation that the negro purchasers knew nothing about until the phosphate was discovered.

It was a grimy, smelly place, with its own odor spiked by a phosphate-reducing plant two blocks distant.

Resurrection is always and exclusively resurrection in the body;not indeed a rising of the 'corpus' [Greek: phantastikón], that is, the few ounces of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and phosphate of lime, the 'copula' of which that gave the form no longer exists,and of which Paul exclaims;'Thou fool!

The beds of phosphate which English enterprise has turned to so good an account in this part of France, and which are followed in the earth just like a seam of coal or a vein of metal, are merely layers of bones.

While I was at Brengues, the skeleton of a young rhinoceros was discovered in the phosphate mine at Cajarc.

The cantonnier confided to me that he was formerly employed in the phosphate quarries, and that he had closed his experience in this line by working three months without wages for an Englishman whose speculation turned out a failure.

Phosphate then lost its charm upon the proprietor of the donkey-cart, for it had caused him to 'eat all his economies,' and he resigned himself to the wages of a road-mender, which were small but sure.

But Mr. Walker states, that nitrate of ammonia, phosphate of soda, and diluted nitric acid, will on the instant produce a reduction of temperature amounting to 80 degrees.

" "Only those who work for the phosphate company at the island of Makatea," replied the secretary-general.

This acid condition is due to two salts, sodium hydrogen carbonate and sodium hydrogen phosphate; these cause the symptoms observed and infiltration of fat in organs, leading to feebleness of heart action.

Phosphate of soda.................. 20 gr. Water..............................

The best of the ordinary baths is, however, the phosphate of soda.

He was chairman of the company that built the superb edifice; also president of the Nitro-phosphate or Blood-manure Company, a fertilizer in which he had the greatest confidence, and which he used in great quantities upon the large farm he cultivated, containing over 2,000 acres.

And he was actually terrified at the sight of a few irregularly-shaped fragments of phosphate of lime and gelatine.

Under the lead of a fiendishly "smart" lawyer, they declared that I told them their lands were full of phosphate, and within city limits, although my published circulars and maps stated nothing of the kind.

A variety of minor enterprises have been undertaken by states to supply salt, phosphate, banking facilities, even some manufactures.

Carbonic acid gas maybe for this purpose developed by the chemical decomposition of bicarbonate of potassa (saleratus), or bicarbonate of soda, by some acid such as sour milk, hydrochloric acid, tartaric acid, nitrate of potassa, or the acid phosphate of lime.

The osseous structure, deficient in the phosphate of lime, is unable to sustain the weight of the body, and the cretin is thus incapacitated for active motion; the muscles are soft and wasted; the skin dingy, cold, and unhealthy; the appetite voracious; spasmodic and convulsed action frequent; and the digestion imperfect and greatly disordered.

In the mountains of Bohol game is plenty, and many coal and phosphate of iron mines are supposed to exist.

73 examples of  phosphate  in sentences