73 examples of phosphate in sentences

MARROW-BONES.Bones are formed of a dense cellular tissue of membranous matter, made stiff and rigid by insoluble earthy salts; of which, phosphate of lime is the most abundant.

This practice, which few mothers will object to, is easily effected by the parent, when such a course is necessary for the child, taking either a dose of castor-oil, half an ounce of tasteless salts (the phosphate of soda), one or two teaspoonfuls of magnesia, a dose of lenitive electuary, manna, or any mild and simple aperient, which, almost before it can have taken effect on herself, will exhibit its action on her child. 2482.

He saw, being somewhat of a geologist and chemist, that they were not, as fossils usually are, carbonate of lime, but phosphate of limebone-earth.

It may be traced again, I believe, all round the Weald of Kent and Sussex, from Hythe to Farnhamwhere it is peculiarly richand so to Eastbourne and Beachey Head; and it furnishes, in Cambridgeshire, the greater part of those so-called "coprolites," which are used perpetually now for manure, being ground up, and then treated with sulphuric acid, till they become a "soluble super-phosphate of lime.

Dilute the solution; add an excess of ammonia, and we find a white precipitate of the phosphate of lime and of magnesia.

The result is a white precipitate of the oxalate of lime, showing there is lime present, but not as a phosphate.

Phosphate of lime is obtained from milk and meats, and carbonate of lime from the hard water we drink.

They contain a large quantity of starch, a proteid substance peculiar to them called gluten, and mineral salts, especially phosphate of lime.

Allow the blood to remain a short time; then wash it off with a stream of distilled water, when a blue spot upon a red or violet ground will be seen, indicating its alkaline reaction, due chiefly to the sodium phosphate and sodium carbonate.

Tears are nothing more than phosphate of lime, chloride of sodium, mucus, and water.

All this had such a moral effect on the young that the soda fountain didn't sell a claret phosphate for three weeks after.

Resurrection is always and exclusively resurrection in the body;not indeed a rising of the 'corpus' [Greek: phantastikón], that is, the few ounces of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and phosphate of lime, the 'copula' of which that gave the form no longer exists,and of which Paul exclaims;'Thou fool!

The beds of phosphate which English enterprise has turned to so good an account in this part of France, and which are followed in the earth just like a seam of coal or a vein of metal, are merely layers of bones.

While I was at Brengues, the skeleton of a young rhinoceros was discovered in the phosphate mine at Cajarc.

" "Only those who work for the phosphate company at the island of Makatea," replied the secretary-general.

He is custom-officer at Makatea, phosphate island, near T'ytee.

Ruffin had great enthusiasm for the marl or phosphate rock of the Carolina coast; but until the introduction in much later decades of a treatment by sulphuric acid this was too little soluble to be really worth while as a plant food.

It is however improper to call this plate bone, since, in composition, "it is exactly similar to shell, and consists of various membranes, hardened by carbonate of lime, (the principal material of shell,) without the smallest mixture of phosphate of lime, or the chief material of bone.

He was chairman of the company that built the superb edifice; also president of the Nitro-phosphate or Blood-manure Company, a fertilizer in which he had the greatest confidence, and which he used in great quantities upon the large farm he cultivated, containing over 2,000 acres.

Under the lead of a fiendishly "smart" lawyer, they declared that I told them their lands were full of phosphate, and within city limits, although my published circulars and maps stated nothing of the kind.

Carbonic acid gas maybe for this purpose developed by the chemical decomposition of bicarbonate of potassa (saleratus), or bicarbonate of soda, by some acid such as sour milk, hydrochloric acid, tartaric acid, nitrate of potassa, or the acid phosphate of lime.

The near-centenarian lives near Brooksville, in Hernando County, on a run-down farm that he no longer attempts to tend now that most of his 38 children have deserted the farm for the more lucrative employment of the cities of the phosphate camps.

I worked here in the phosphate mine until last year, when they started to paying pensions.


In the mountains of Bohol game is plenty, and many coal and phosphate of iron mines are supposed to exist.

73 examples of  phosphate  in sentences