810 examples of physiology in sentences

In the Timaeus the discourse about the intelligible gods is assumed for the sake of the proposed physiology.

For by the former of these philosophers he is instructed in the most abtruse theological dogmas, and by the latter in the whole of physiology.

After these I have ranked the Timaeus, which contains the whole of his physiology, and together with it the Critias, because of its connection with the Timaeus.

According to the second definition, he calls dianoetic knowledge science; but according to the first alone, he assigns to physiology the appellation of science.

WAY FOR THE PHYSIOLOGIST There has grown up, contemporaneously with the teachings of Freud, a body of discoveries and knowledge in physiology, concerning these factors, which is like a long sword of light illuminating a pitch-black spot in the night.

Not even the most daring speculation or brilliant guess work in physiology engaged them as material.

At a series of lectures on experimental physiology delivered at the College of France, in 1855, he coined the terms internal secretion and external secretion and emphasized the opposition between them, on the basis of an incorrect example, the function of the liver in the supply of sugar to the blood.

They witnessed, not only the publication of Claude Bernard's "Lectures on Experimental Physiology," but also the appearance of a monograph by Thomas Addison, an English physician, entitled "On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the suprarenal bodies."

Back to America next as Professor of Physiology at the University of Richmond, Virginia, a job occupied for a few months only because of his opinions on slavery, ostensibly anyhow.

Not until the death of Claude Bernard in 1878 left vacant the chair of physiology in the College of France, did he find peace and rest.

Indeed, he begins like this: "If Pathology be to disease what Physiology is to health, it appears reasonable to conclude that, in any given structure or organ, the laws of the former will be as fixed and significant as those of the latter: and that the peculiar characters of any structure or organ may be as certainly recognized in the phenomena of disease as in the phenomena of health.

Although pathology, therefore, as a branch of medical science, is necessarily founded on physiology, questions may nevertheless arise regarding the true character of a structure or organ, to which occasionally the pathologist may be able to return a more satisfactory and decisive reply than the physiologistthese two branches of medical knowledge being thus found mutually to advance and illustrate each other.

[Footnote 6: Archives of Pathological Anatomy and Physiology and of Clinical Medicine.]

A great Convocation assembled in the theatre, about a proposed grant for Physiology, opposed by many (I was one) who wish restrictions to be enacted as to the practice of vivisection for research.

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Vol.1: chemistry, physiology and applications.

Mammalian physiology.

The Human body and its functions: an elementary textbook of physiology.

The laws of the production of the one include the principles of agriculture; the production of the other is the subject of the art of cattle-breeding, which, in so far as really an art, must be built upon the science of physiology.

This science stands in the same relation to the social, as anatomy and physiology to the physical body.

Macy-Norris: Physiology for High Schools.

To discriminate as to what food will supply these requisites, one must possess some knowledge of dietetics and physiology, as well as of the nature of the illness with which the patient is suffering; and such a knowledge ought to be part of the education of every woman, no matter to what class of society she belongs.

Go to your books, boygo to your books; and this evening I will examine you in vegetable physiology.

810 examples of  physiology  in sentences