56 examples of picayune in sentences

MONTGOMERY PENDRAGON, in his room in Gospeler's Gulch, reads Southern tragedies in an old copy of the New Orleans Picayune, until two o'clock, when he hastily tears up all his soiled paper collars, packs a few things into a travelling satchel, and, with the latter slung over his shoulder, and a Kehoe's Indian club in his right hand, is met in the hall by his tutor, the Gospeler.

The name was first used by an old Mississippi river pilot named Isaiah Sellers, who used to write items for the New Orleans Picayune, in which he told of his adventures.

It is the custom for the small store-keepers, as well as the more affluent merchants, to confide their affairs at such seasons to others, and I have frequently seen advertisements in the New Orleans Picayune, and other papers, offering a gratuity to persons to undertake the charge in their absence.

[Footnote 10: The New Orleans Times Picayune, March 26, 1914.]

The New Orleans Times-Picayune. Maryland.

I at once recognized this friendly paragraph as the one which had had its kindness extracted, and been abbreviated and twisted into that cruel taunt which I had heard in my childhood from the lips of "Picayune Butler.

It is bad enough I'll admit, I hadn't any business to make fool love to her when I really didn't care a picayune.

" The "New Orleans Picayune" of July 30, 1837, says: "It is with the most painful feelings that we daily hear of some fatal duel.

[Footnote 26: Niles' Register, LX, 189, quoting the New Orleans Picayune, May 2, 1841.]

[Footnote 28: New Orleans Picayune, Dec. 23, 1893.

His many charitable bequests are scheduled in the Picayune of a week later.

[Footnote 77: E.P. Puckett, "The Free Negro in Louisiana" (MS.), citing the New Orleans Picayune, July 16, 1859, and Oct. 21 and 23, 1860.]

No girl alive could look so if he had asked her!" Flora seemed to nerve herself: "Anna, every dollar we had, every picayune we could raise, grandma and I, even on our Mobile house and our few best jewels, isis" "Oh, whatwhat?

Blown up with that poor old man in the powder-mill!" "Flora, Flora!" was all Anna, in the shame of her rebuked conjectures, could cry, and all she might have cried had she known the very truth: That every dollar, picayune, and other resource had disappeared gradually in the grist-mill of daily need and indulgence, and never one of them been near the powder-mill, the poor old man or any of his devices.

You shall hand him every dollar, every picayune, on sight.

As the ladies drew up behind the throng and across the throat of Commercial Alley the dire List began to flutter from the Picayune office in greedy palms and over and among dishevelled heads like a feeding swarm of white pigeons.

SEE FROST, S. E., JR., ed. COPELAND, EDITH J. Kendall of the Picayune: being his adventures in New Orleans, on the Texan Santa Fe expedition, in the Mexican War, and in the colonization of the Texas frontier.

Kendall of the Picayune: being his adventures in New Orleans, on the Texan Santa Fe expedition, in the Mexican War, and in the colonization of the Texas frontier.

"Well, be sure you do; your life isn't worth a picayune if you raise any row.

De riches' man in Picayune, he recognizes me an' gives me two bits or fo' bits.

Lit. 1.65 2.00 New Orleans Picayune (s-w. 1.00-.90) ..

Sun Dem. 2.00 10.00 New Orleans Picayune .............

Aurora's Last Picayune.

Frowenfeld, naturally, was not anxious to reply, and was greatly relieved to be touched on the elbow by a child with a picayune in one hand and a tumbler in the other.

Not to be foolhardy, he quietly slipped down every day to the levee, had a slave-boy row him across the river in a skiff, landed, re-embarked, and in the middle of the stream surreptitiously cast a picayune over his shoulder into the river.

56 examples of  picayune  in sentences