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57) mentions in 1746 his cousin Sir John Philipps, of Picton Castle; 'a noted Jacobite.'...

On either side of Nelson repose the minor heroes of Trafalgar, Collingwood (1810) and Lord Northesk; Picton also lies near him, but outside the surrounding arches.

Several friends and acquaintances of mine perished in this battle, viz., Lieut.-General Sir T. Picton, Colonel Sir H. Ellis and Colonel Morice.

Picton, Lieut-Genl Sir T.: perishes at Waterloo.

By J. ALLANSON PICTON, M.A. Author of The Religion of the Universe, etc. RELIGION OF ANCIENT GREECE.


Its modern buildings are, the monument erected to Sir Thomas Picton, the Guildhall, the two gaols, a fish and butter market-place, over which is the town fire-bell; the slaughter-house, similar to the abattoir at Paris, and excellent shambles, with poultry and potato market-places annexed.

Since I sent you an account of Picton's Monument at Carmarthen, it has been altered.

The statue, bas-reliefs, and ornaments of the Picton Monument, have been bronzed by the direction of Mr. Nash, on his late visit to this town.

Nothing now remains to complete the outside but the names of the different actions in which Sir T. Picton was engaged during his honourable career.

A Latin inscription, already prepared, together with the arms and a bust of Picton, will ornament the inside of the building.

Picton is at its head, and the duke greets the heroic partner of his glory.

And there see the 28th,and the 44th,and the 32nd;that's Picton's division; a glorious set of fellows as ever slept.


This interesting national tribute stands at the west end of the town of Carmarthen, rising ground, and is erected in memory of the gallant Sir Thomas Picton, who terminated his career in the ever-to-be-remembered battle of Waterloo.

Over the door, in large characters, is the hero's name, PICTON; and above this, in basso relievo, is represented part of the field of battle, with the hero falling from his horse, from the mortal wound which he received.

On the west end is represented the siege of Badajos, Picton scaling the walls with a few men, and attacked by the besieged.

"I tell you what, cousin Larry," said Kinaley, chucking him up from behind a gravestone, where he had fallen"all the St. Patricks that ever were born would not have saved you from ould Tom Picton, if he caught you sleeping on your post as I've caught you now.

Picton's Monument at Carmarthen, 258.

Can you tell me," he continued, "where Picton fell?

By Lionel James Picton, new material by Jonathan Forman.

By Lionel James Picton, new material by Jonathan Forman.

Who was HANBURY, that he should have the advantage of studying these military documents when the grand-nephew of PICTON of Waterloo was left out in the cold, his martial instincts unsatisfied, his knowledge of strategical points of the British Empire unsatiated?

PICTON, SIR THOMAS, British general, born in Pembroke; served in the West Indies, and became governor of Trinidad, also in the Walcheren Expedition, and became governor of Flushing, and in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, where he fell as he was leading his men to the charge (1758-1815).

To the memory of Sir Thomas Picton, and all our brave countrymen who fell at Waterloo.

29 examples of  picton  in sentences