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4100 examples of  pierces  in sentences

4100 examples of pierces in sentences

PART TWO - RENASCENCE "As one imprisoned that hath lain alone And dreamed of sunlight where no vagrant gleam Of sunlight pierces, being freed, must deem This too but dreaming, and must dread the sun Whose glory dazzles,even as such-an-one Am I whose longing was but now supreme For this high hour, and, now it strikes, esteem I do but dream long dreamed-of goals are won.

Justice nerves his arm; and soon a lucky blow from the sharp claw pierces in a vital part the hardened sinner, who, with a gulp, gives up the contest and his life at once.

There is nothing in it that pierces like a sword, that burns like fire, that rends and tears like the turning wheels.

Anger rises in my heart, Pierces it as with a dart.

Rolfe had not made up his mind that Mrs. Holymead had committed the murder, but he was convinced that she and her letters had some connection with the baffling crime, and he determined to try and pierce the mystery by questioning her.

The first is of wool, the weight and fineness of which depend on the quality of the pasture and the care bestowed on the flock; the other of hair, that pierces the wool and overlaps it, and is in excess in exact proportion to the badness of the keep and inattention with which the animal is treated.

A sting that pierces my arm like a hot wiretoo sharp almost to be sore.

It were better to let me die of hunger and fatigue; for I know that to-morrow my blood is to be shed: the cold knife is to pierce my heart.'

It was his duty to accompany Henrich in all his expeditions in pursuit of game, and to bring to his feet every bird, or small animal, that his increasing skill in archery enabled him to pierce with his light and bone-pointed arrows.

A Chinese lady binds her feet, and an American her waist; a Maori woman slits her nose, and an English belle pierces her ears.

Yet, when he says of himself, "Open my grave when I am dead, and thou shalt see a cloud of smoke rising out from it; then shalt thou know that the fire still burns in my dead heartyea, it has set my very winding-sheet alight," there is a ring of reality in the substance which pierces through the extravagant imagery.

Never of Eternal Mercy preach that I must yet despair; Canst thou pierce the veil, and tell me who is ugly, who is fair? Every one the Friend solicits, be he sober, quaff he wine; Every place has love its tenant, be it or the mosque, or shrine.

Oh, bright-eyed Angel of the undimm'd Light, Standing upon Heaven's pinnacle, thy glance Pierces like two-edged sword through many a trance, Dividing Truth from Dreaming in its might, Scourging Doubt's myriads from Day's temple-gate, Leaving Life's worship pure, its heart elate.

After his breath was gone, Forced perforce thus from his panting breast, Straight they despoiled him; and not alone Contented with his death, on the dead corpse, Which ravenous beasts forbear to lacerate, Even upon this our villains fresh begun To show new cruelty; forthwith they pierce His naked belly, and unripp'd it so, That out the bowels gush'd.

Anthony, thou know'st thy honey words do pierce And move the mind of Sylla to remorse: Yet neither words nor pleadings now must serve: When as mine honour calls me forth to fight: Therefore, sweet Anthony, be short for Sylla's haste.

Tut, the proud man's prayer will never pierce the sky.

He never pierces the marrow of your habits.

Well, then! when the ball of Executive Power pierces the sash of Legislative Power, it is visible parricide!

There is an air redolent of ripening fruit, and hops, for Dapplemere is a place of orchards, and hop-gardens, and rick-yards, while, here and there, the sharp-pointed, red-tiled roof of some oast-house pierces the green.

Something intensely human, narrow, and definite pierces to the seat of our sensibilities more readily than huge occurrences and catastrophes.

It lies behind the windpipe, pierces the diaphragm between the chest and abdomen, and opens into the stomach.

The death of Nash is spoken of in the address to a tract, which is the more curious, as it forms a second part to "Pierce Penniless."

Parts of "Pierce Penniless, his Supplication to the Devil," are written by Nash in a similar strain of bitter grief for past errors, especially a poem inserted near the commencement.

A passage quoted in Note 6 to "Gammer Gurton's Needle," from Nash's "Pierce Penniless," is precisely in point, both in explaining the word, and knocking the cup, can, or jack on the thumb-nail, previously performed by Bacchus.

It is because the people would not hear, would not consider, and would persist in their folly and wickedness, that grief pierces his soul.

"The sincerity of his early passion for Beatrice," says Hallam, "pierces through the veil of allegory which surrounds her, while the memory of his injuries pursues him into the immensity of eternal light; and even in the company of saints and angels his unforgiving spirit darkens at the name of Florence....

And thus everything contributed to pierce her heart with a dart, of which she did not seem to be sensible.

Or to those spacious plains, where the strained eye In the wide prospect lost, beholds at last Sarum's proud spire, that o'er the hills ascends, And pierces through the clouds.

I saw the dropping trees on the lawn, with every one of which I was so familiar, clothed in the tenderest green of spring, and the river beyond, calm and transparent as a mirror, and the ships fixed and motionless as statues on its surface, and the whole landscape bathed in a flood of that bright Canadian sun which so seldom pierces our murky atmosphere on the other side of the Atlantic.

The Sword-fish pierces it with his pointed "beak"; the other slashes the sides of the wretched Whale with its long tail.

So with us,though Jacob and Esau quarrelled already in the womb, yet, so long as the weaker and more politic brother can get the elder brother's portion, and simple Esau hunts his whales and pierces his untrodden forests, content with his mess of pottage,honestly abiding by his bargain, though a little puzzled at its terms,we think that fratricide, or the sincere thought of it, is very far off.

Then, when an inconsiderable space intervened, Pulfio throws his javelin at the enemy, and pierces one of the multitude who was running up, and while the latter was wounded and slain, the enemy cover him with their shields, and all throw their weapons at the other and afford him no opportunity of retreating.

Soft itself, yet with immense wedging power, from the gradual accretion of tiny cells, it pierces the wood, and then rends right and left the tough fibrous coat.

It pierces the heart.

The One he is whose cry pierces the blue horizon like a gold-threaded needle stitching the hill-tops to the sky!

Now, that great discoverer of rare birds, the Peacock, who, possessing a voice which pierces the ear-drum cannot abide a voice which pierces the darknessthe Peacock, whose specialty it is to confer celebrity upon every strange beast THE GRAND-DUKE [To his neighbour.]

Now, that great discoverer of rare birds, the Peacock, who, possessing a voice which pierces the ear-drum cannot abide a voice which pierces the darknessthe Peacock, whose specialty it is to confer celebrity upon every strange beast THE GRAND-DUKE [To his neighbour.]

Much of it had to be carved out of the face of a solid rock precipice and in places it pierces the cliffs in a series of little tunnels.

for the Swan, the wounded bird feels not so acutely the arrow that pierces, as she that look of recognition between the cousins!

Great masses of mango wood shew a sombre outline at intervals, and here and there the towering chimney of an indigo factory pierces the sky.

How inevitably it pierces through all husks and excrescences to the central beauty!

It has six feet, two eyes, and a sort of sting, proboscis, or sucker, with which it pierces the skin, and sucks the blood.

The head-light pierces into the inky darkness, and frequently exaggerates the size of objects on and near the track.

But they are betrayed by the sparkle of the chandeliers which pierces the heavy curtains.

But the mass of the people are too weary to take the initiative, and that is why they eagerly welcome the sharp blade of war which pierces through to the core of the nations.

The largest springs upon the giant Sar, Who parrying with the sword he used in war, With many wounds it pierces, drives it back; Again it comes, renews its fierce attack, With fangs outspread its victims to devour, High o'er the monarch's head its crest doth tower, Its fiery breath upon his helm doth glow.

Just as he is about to drag the comrade into the zone of safety, a bullet pierces his lung.

What blame if the stoutest turn sick and giddy at the first home-thrust of that sword which pierces the joints and marrow, and lays bare to self the secrets of the heart?

We question whether in all Mr. Whitelaw's collection there is a single modern poem (placing Burns as the transition point between the old and new) which rises so high, or pierces so deep, with all its pastoral simplicity, as Smibert's "Widow's Lament.

Another, like a mole, has so pointed and so sharp a snout, that in one moment he pierces through the hardest ground in order to provide for himself a subterranean retreat.

Thus man either pierces with his darts or draws into his snares, masters, and leads in chains the strongest and fiercest animals.

" His light, agreeable, polished style pierces through the body of the courthits off the faded graces of "an Adonis of fifty", weighs the vanity of fashion in tremulous scales, mimics the grimace of affectation and folly, shews up the littleness of the great, and spears a phalanx of statesmen with its glittering point as with a diamond broach.

About once in a generation some "Bitter Cry" pierces through custom, and the lives of "the poor" become a subject for polite conversation and amateur solicitude.

The misery of this one pierces me to the very marrow, and harrows up my soul; thou art grinning calmly over the doom of thousands!

Individually, he lacks both the sympathy and the imaginative insight by which a man pierces to the heart of a nation, and appreciates its life as distinguished from its opinions.

You may see him in the autumn with a nut firmly fixed in a crevice in the bark of a hazel branch, and he taps away until he pierces the shell and gets at the kernel.

Its peaceful influence extends over the whole landscape and pierces to its remotest corners.

In like manner, as a pin pierces a piece of indiarubber, and leaves no clearly visible trace of the hole it has made, so does a nail or other sharp object penetrate the frog, leaving but little to show for the mischief that has been done.

The Destroyer's arrow then falls blunted from Lobaba's breast, who is knocked down, however, by a shower of sand of his own raising; and this same arrow, which could make no impression on the sorcerer, kills the magic bird of Aloadin, and pierces the rebellious spirit that guarded the Domdaniel door.

Another puts a pointed roof to his house, pierces it with pretty windows that have form without diminishing the light.

Friendship is like the cobbler's tye, That binds two soles in unity; But love is like the cobbler's awl, That pierces through the soul and all.

She was staring straight ahead with what is mistakenly called an unseeing look, but which actually pierces the veil of years and beholds things far, far beyond the vision of the actual eye.

This is a splendid route, with magnificent views to the left and north, and some to be lingered over in the opposite direction, and the finest of all when the slender needle of Salisbury spire pierces the blue ahead.

We have thought that among the thorns of the pillow on which a certain "old public functionary" lays his head, as he watches the dismal working of elements which he had more power than any other to have dispelled, not the least sharp one must be that which pierces him with the thought of the difference between the position which his predecessors prepared for him and that which he prepared for his successor.

In the centre, the mighty obelisk of red granite pierces the sky,on either hand showers of silver spray are thrown up from splendid bronze fountainsstatues and pillars of gilded bronze sweep in a grand circle around the square, and on each side magnificent vistas lead the eye off, and combine the distant with the near, to complete this unparalleled view!

We should set him before us as the rule of all our actions, and try to keep our conscience pure, not merely in the sight of men who may mistake, and do mistake, but in the sight of Jesus, the Word of God, who pierces the very thoughts and intents of the heart; and we should say daily with St. Paul, 'It is a small thing for me to be judged by you, or any man's judgment, for he that judges me is the Lord.'

Yet let thy Advent be the Soldier's song, No longer doom'd to grapple with the Foe With Teeth and NailsWhen close in view, and in Each-other's grasp, to grin, and hack, and stab; Then tug his horrid weapon from one breast To hide it in another:with clear hands He now expertly poizing thy bright tube, At distance kills, unknowing and unknown; Sees not the wound he gives, nor hears the shriek Of him whose breast he pierces....

We get cold on the march when the trudging is heavy, and the wind pierces our warm garments.

They drop from an intellectual and most comprehensive eye, that sees far and pierces deep into things, hath a wide and large prospect; takes the comfort of that forlorn state into which unreconcilable sinners are hastening, in all the horror of it.

Lord Brougham finely described "that noble figure every look of whose countenance is expressive, every motion of whose form graceful; an eye that sparkles and pierces and almost assures victory, while it 'speaks audience ere the tongue.'"

I must take order for the remedy; I will subdue this stubborn mood of theirs, This braggart spirit of freedom I will crush, I will proclaim a new law through the land; I will [An arrow pierces himhe puts his hand on his heart, and is about to sinkwith a feeble voice.

His eye pierces through the tobacco smoke and transfixes the unhappy bookmaker.

Modesty (Pudicitia), a young virgin with brilliant arms, is attacked by 'the most horrible of the Furies' (Sodomita Libido), who, with a torch burning with pitch and sulphur, seeks to strike her eyes, but Modesty disarms him and pierces him with her sword.

Through its very centre, and as though supporting it, pierces the gnarled trunk of a walnut tree, reminding one of Ygdrasil, the Upholder of the Universe.

Dohne asserts (Shooter, 88) that "a Kaffir loves his cattle more than his daughter," and Kay (111) tells us that "he is scarcely ever seen shedding tears, excepting when the chief lays violent hands upon some part of his horned family; this pierces him to the heart and produces more real grief than would be evinced over the loss of wife and child.

I took one which pierces between the two others, where I found no obstacles but those of nature, and, at last, I arrived on the tenth day, without a check, though continually harassed by hussars in front, rear, and flank.

From her glance gleams something afar, Of victory, deathless, eternal Something that musing, misgiving, Pierces the essence of being!

They hear this spirit murmuring its undertone through the Aeneid, and catch its voice in the song of Keats's nightingale, and its light upon the figures on the Urn, and it pierces them no less in Shelley's hopeless lament, O world, O life, O time, than in the rapturous ecstasy of his Life of Life.

THE STRANGER Half-hidden in a graveyard, In the blackness of a yew, Where never living creature stirs, Nor sunbeam pierces through, Is a tomb, green and crooked, Its faded legend gone, With but one rain-worn cherub's head Of smouldering stone.

He pierces thee as the ax of the woodman cleaves the oak.

In the sixteenth sermon, the one on Shimei, we find: "There is no small degree of malicious craft in fixing upon a season to give a mark of enmity and ill will: a word, a look, which at one time would make no impression, at another time wounds the heart, and, like a shaft flying with the wind, pierces deep, which, with its own natural force, would scarce have reached the object aimed at.

The same shaft flying with the wind pierces deep, which against it can hardly find strength to stick upright.

Wherefore it silences reasoning, enters into a silent and persistent course of observation, consults the facts, examines, studies and questions the principles whence it sees them to be deduced; and, without yielding to the obscurity in which these principles are enveloped, pierces that obscurity by the penetrative force of unremitting attention.

Cefalo enters ready for the chase, and, seeing what he takes to be a wild beast among bushes, throws the fatal spear, which pierces Procri's breast.

The operator takes a very sharp bone of an ape, rubs it with a pungent spice, and then pinching up the skin of his son's arm he pierces it with the bone through and through, as a surgeon might introduce a seton.

The rain pierces not our roof; our bread is not of purchased corn; my father has many horses, he has arms, and much precious gold; in my soul there is much love for you.

The sharp rain, drizzling through that place of fear, Pierces the bones gnaw'd fleshless by despair, And the heart's horror stirs the silver hair.

The arguments of the Jewish theology are cleverly presented, while the swift, sure sense of justice in the sufferer pierces all sophisms, and riddles all pious conventionalities.

Along the bases of these mountains runs a deep, gloomy valley known as the Viliga, whose upper end pierces the central Stanavoi range and affords an outlet to the winds pent up between the steppes and the sea.

Thy radiance pierces me as the sun pours into the crystal of the grape and, like the sun, thou dost ripen me with ever increasing fire and ever increasing purity.

I should propose, therefore, that from the bank of the Lythe a tunnel be commenced, rising at a gentle incline until it pierces the basin of the lake.

The crack of the plantation-whip scares Washington no longer, but it pierces the heart of Westminster with terror.

A flying steel point touched with diamond paste pierces the heart of the "jewels."

A man pierces a hole in the wall of a boarding-house room, and watches what is going on in the next room.

Through his laborious efforts to be fair to the statesman, there pierces his personal dislike of the man.

Trust to the mystic power that points thy way, Trust to the eye that pierces from afar, Trust the red meteors that around thee play, And fearless trust the sea-green lady's star; Thou bark divine!

The grotto of the Sybil pierces that ridge on the left, and the Cumรฆan passage is nearly in its rear.

He is entering the wedge for what he declines to admit the possibility ofyet there must be moments when that eye of power pierces the clouds of prejudice and party, wherewith it seeks to blind its kingly vision, and descries the horrors beyond as the result of the acts he is now committing; and when such moments of clear conviction come to him, the ambitious tool of a party, I envy not his sensations," and she shook her head mournfully.

Does thy soul all unknown my soul subdue, Thy lofty soul that pierces all things through And speeds on lightning wings to heaven's blue?

When we now enter a Gothic cathedral, we hardly suspect the esoteric sense of its stone symbolism; only a general impression pierces our soul; we realize an elevation of feeling and mortification of the flesh.