116 examples of pitchfork in sentences

He snatched up a pitchfork lying across a heap of hay, and bolted over the fence to the road again.

Big Bob ran squarely upon the pitchfork.

The boy acrobat scrambled up from the roadside ditch, seized the pitchfork, and dashed along in the direction Big Bob had taken.

He dropped the pitchfork and whipped out his pocket knife.

there's a spade, nice and handy, you take that and I'llerI'll manage with this pitchfork.

Then, leaping the low fence at a bound, he threw the pitchfork he carried at the dog with such skill that the handle crossed between the brute's legs and tripped it.

dart, lance, tilt; ejaculate, jaculate^; fulminate, bolt, drive, sling, pitchfork. send; send off, let off, fire off; discharge, shoot; launch, release, send forth, let fly; put in orbit, send into orbit, launch into orbit dash.

The pitchfork, stood in the corner, like a misbehaving child, dozing as he stands and dreaming of the hay-fields!

"I groped my way to my chair, and arranged the pitchfork and the dark lantern ready to my hand; after which I suggested that everyone should keep an absolute silence throughout the watch.

As the Child ran under the table, the steel prongs of my pitchfork glimmered with a violet, fluctuating light.

And suddenly he raises his voice and declares to all present: "Seeing as we've an auction holding anyhow, and I've troubled the Lensmand all this way, I'm willing to sell what I've got here on the place: the cart, live stock, a pitchfork, a grindstone.

Mr. Haverley, he works on the farm with a pitchfork, jest like the nager man.

Do you want a saw or a pitchfork?" "I came," said Dora, with her most charming smile, "because I saw you two in here, and I wanted to speak to you.

there wa'n't a pitchfork or an eel-spear or some sech weep'n within reach.

"Men load hay with a pitchfork.

Close by is the medieval piece of stage-property known as 'Hell-Mouth,' i.e. a red painted cave with a jaw-like opening into which a mountebank dressed in scarlet (CHEAT-THE-DEVIL) is poking 'Lost Souls' with a pitchfork.

He plied the pitchfork so we yelped for mercy, He reckoned not the stoutness of his arm!

The devil's pitchfork.

The devil's pitchfork.

" Then he picked up the scythe which in the fog I had taken for a saber, while the grandson again shouldered his pitchfork musket.

"One morning during the Civil War, I saw two of my neighbors, Grandpa Smith and his grandson, crossing our orchard, one carrying a scythe and the other a pitchfork.

The sun 'ad just gone down and the wood looked very quiet and dark, but John Biggs, the blacksmith, and George Kettle walked in first and the others follered, keeping so close together that Sam Jones 'ad a few words over his shoulder with Bill Chambers about the way 'e was carrying 'is pitchfork.

"Of course," continued Angus, warming to his theme like his own father in his pulpit, "if Nature is expelled with a pitchfork in this manner, for too long, tamen usque recurret.

"Altogether too pretty and literary," I said to him; "you ought to be getting at the peasant with a pitchfork and a hammernot admiring the Intelligentzia.

He will give little trouble, an empty attic furnished with a hearth-rug supplying him with all the accommodation he will require, while his food has hitherto consisted of tripe, shovelled to him on a pitchfork, and stout mixed with inferior rum, of which he gets through about a horse-pailful a day.

116 examples of  pitchfork  in sentences