7824 examples of pities in sentences

He makes much of the good and capable, and pities the incapable.

"It's a pitya thousand pities, Mr. Gregg, that you didn't stop those two men who buried the body.

"Yet nob'dy pities mo, or thinks I'm ailin' owt at all; T' poor slave mun tug an' tew wi't wark, Wolivver shoo can crawl.

"My friend of the four legs," he said, "it is a thousand pities that you are dumb.

"Ah!" thought the sailor, as he ended a satisfactory survey of the youth, "what a thousand pities Denbigh did not send him to sea!"

There are pities which overwhelm.

'Twould break a head and niver a hat harmeda thousand's the pities them chaps wears no hats.

What heart not pities this? SCAR.

"Taught by that Power that pities me, I learn to pity them.

God looks down from his throne above with pitying eye; he pities his children; we grow strong in the assurance of his tender mercies; but let us remember,he will avenge with a powerful arm, the wrongs inflicted upon his feebler ones; for he hath said,"My children, love ye one another, even as your heavenly Father loveth you.

Oh death I hope is come, blest be that hand, It meant me well; again, for pities sake.

It is a thousand pities that this country (Savoy) is not either incorporated with France, or made to form part of the Helvetic confederacy.

I have asked mercy for Jenny, though it was perhaps hardly necessary, for the world always pities Jenny.

He turns his aristocratic little nose up at everything Canadian, and loudly pities anyone who is fated to live two or three hundred miles from a railway depot.


he exclaimed, as the other ended; "and a thousand pities is it that so honest a fellow should be so arrant a knave.

He pities us for having to stay here, I do believe.

"'Tis a thousand pities d'Azay is not here to welcome you, too, my dear Calvert," he said, regretfully, "but he will be back to-morrow with his aunt, the old Duchess, and his sister.

you may have been a sorry dog, with your toasts and your taverns, yet 'tis a thousand pities that a few dramatists of to-day cannot drink inspiration from the same cups.

Cospetto! 'tis a thousand pities, too, they couldn't fire the third shot, that you might see it strike the lugger; as yet you have only beheld their preparations.

She pities all the valuable Part of her own Sex, and calls every Woman of a prudent modest retired Life, a poor-spirited, unpolished Creature.

As she had no Design to defraud her Husband, but was willing only to participate in his good Fortune, every one pities her, but thinks her Husbands Punishment but just.

While he abhors their deeds of violence, he pities the short-sighted and besotted men who seem madly intent upon laying magazines of powder under the cradles of unborn generations.

thou hast knowingly destroyed the honour and glory of the throne; a thousand pities that thou hadst not perished also; if instead of thee I had been brought to bed of a stone, I should have been patient; even now [it is not too late to] repent; whatever was in thy unfortunate fate has happened; what wilt thou do next?

François, thou art a man who understands the value of a sure footing in the world; would it not be a thousand pities, that such a girl as Alida should throw herself away on one whose best foundation is no better than a rolling ship?" "Certainement, Monsieur; Mam'selle be too good to roll in de ship.

7824 examples of  pities  in sentences