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7991 example sentences with  pities

7991 example sentences with pities

It is a thousand pities that the cities could not be emptied every summer of their little people into the free and open country, where they could run about, and sport and play, and have free range and plenty of elbow-room.

He makes much of the good and capable, and pities the incapable.

"It's a pitya thousand pities, Mr. Gregg, that you didn't stop those two men who buried the body.

what are they but the voice of God to us, telling that He loves, that He pities, that He alleviates; and bidding us go and do likewise?

Rome pities her brave lads that die, But we need pity also, you and I, Whom Gallic spear and Belgian arrow miss, Who live to see the Legion come to this, Unsoldierlike, slovenly, bent on loot, Grumblers, diseased, unskilled to thrust or shoot.

"Yet nob'dy pities mo, or thinks I'm ailin' owt at all; T' poor slave mun tug an' tew

"My friend of the four legs," he said, "it is a thousand pities that you are dumb.

"It is a thousand pities that Mr. Clay, in his compromise, neglected to make an exception against that article.

The travellers were several hours ascending into the mountains, by a country road that could scarcely be surpassed by a French wheel-track of the same sort, for Mademoiselle Viefville protested, twenty times in the course of the morning, that it was a thousand pities Mr. Effingham had not the privilege of the corvรฉe, that he might cause the approach to his terres to be kept in better condition.

"It is a thousand pities," said John Effingham, "that one of our universities, for instance, was not ambulant.

Taught by the hand that pities me, I will learn to pity others."

Mother says she's almost in 'despair' and she pities her so!"

And the book which tells us that, we will cling to, will love, will reverence above all the books on earth, because it tells of a living God, who works and acts and interferes for men; who not only hates wrong, but rights wrong; not only hates oppression, but puts oppressors down; not only pities the oppressed, but sets the oppressed free; a God who not only wills that man should have freedom, but sent freedom down to him from heaven.

Or he pities his long, clammy, attenuated fingers.

"Thy fears are natural," said the unmoved fisherman, "and 'tis a thousand pities that there is cause for them.

"It is a thousand pities that so honorable and so noble a patrician should have produced so ignoble a child.

She sees people in want, and thinks it must be so, and pities them and relieves them.

I want a human lord, who understands me and the millions round me, pities us, teaches us, orders our history, civilisation, development for us.

"Ah!" thought the sailor, as he ended a satisfactory survey of the youth, "what a thousand pities Denbigh did not send him to sea!"

"Lady Margaret," said the general to his wife, as he followed the boys as they retired from the dinner table, with his eyes, "it is a thousand pities George had not been the elder.

"It's a thousand pities," said I softly, "that Miss Dutton has only one eye."

There are pities which overwhelm.

Take him to execution; he shall die That the death pities of mine enemie.

Why, what in the world has put Tommy up to that?" "He says that Joe Marchant hasn't any home of his own this Thanksgiving, because his father has gone out West on business, and left Joe all alone with those people that his father and he boarded with just after his mother died; and Tommy pities Joe so, he says he is going to invite him here for next Thursday, and I knew you wouldn't want him."

Twould break a head and niver a hat harmeda thousand's the pities them chaps wears no hats.

Sarjeant, that will be ver own jewty, and I pities the man that has to perform it."

It would be a thousand pities if we should tolerate the extermination of the elk, which would afford delight to every one who visited the Olympics, if only the herd might be preserved.

Belton, Mowbray, Tourville, are all of my mind; are full of her praises; and swear, it would be a million of pities to ruin a woman in whose fall none but devils can rejoice.

thou hast knowingly destroyed the honour and glory of the throne; a thousand pities that thou hadst not perished also; if instead of thee

With his pockets full of chestnuts he pities Gigi; he kisses him, he takes him up, and bears him in his arms quickly toward home.

The countenance is sure to be one bent on discountenancing my innocent intentions: it is pale-eyed, incapable of being amused when I am amused or indignant at what makes me indignant; it stares at my presumption, pities my ignorance, or is manifestly preparing to expose the various instances in which I unconsciously disgrace myself.

She pities every body who wants pity.

it was such a thousand pities so fine a lady should have such skittish tricks; adding, that she might expose herself to great dangers by them; for that there were rakes every where[Lovelaces in every corner, Jack!]

A thousand pities her ladyship has such ways and to so good-humoured a gentleman as you seem to be, Sir.

1, it makes them weary of their lives: when they have taken all pains, done their utmost and honest endeavours, if they be cast behind by sickness, or overtaken with years, no man pities them, hard-hearted and merciless, uncharitable as they are, they leave them so distressed, to beg, steal, murmur, and rebel, or else starve.

"Taught by that Power that pities me, I learn to pity them."

He walks the room with a quick tread; he does reflect, and pities his mother from the bottom of his heart, praying that the blow may fall gently; but he has shipped for a voyage in the Nautilus, and this night, at high tide, she will sail.

God looks down from his throne above with pitying eye; he pities his children; we grow strong in the assurance of his tender mercies; but let us remember,he will avenge with a powerful arm, the wrongs inflicted upon his feebler ones; for he hath said,"My children, love ye one another, even as your heavenly Father loveth you."

Oh death I hope is come, blest be that hand, It meant me well; again, for pities sake.

Could we toil with others' limbs, sacrifice with others' groans, and pay with others' means, there would be no end to our industry, our disinterestedness, or our liberalityand yet it were a thousand pities that so sweet a girl and so noble a youth should not yoke!"

I have asked mercy for Jenny, though it was perhaps hardly necessary, for the world always pities Jenny.

It seems a thousand pities.

These covered wood courts are very scarce, and it is a thousand pities there are so few of them.

So deep-rooted is the natural herding instinct of the breed that it is a thousand pities that the modern shepherd so frequently puts up with an inferior animal in place of the genuine article.

Everard pities him; he feels that his own eighteen years' sufferings were nothing in comparison with Cyril's secret tortures.

As she had no Design to defraud her Husband, but was willing only to participate in his good Fortune, every one pities her, but thinks her Husbands Punishment but just.

I can scarcely look my father in the face, and when he pities me for having been in such sore straits I feel like sinking through the couch from very shame.

He turns his aristocratic little nose up at everything Canadian, and loudly pities anyone who is fated to live two or three hundred miles from a railway depot.

Nobody pities her, and there are many who ask her how she likes being a lady, and who joke her about riding in her coach.

Is there a heart that pities not the brave!

"No flocks that range the valley free To slaughter I condemn; Taught by that Power that pities me, I learn to pity them: "But from the mountain's grassy side A guiltless feast I bring; A scrip with herbs and fruits supplied, And water from the spring.

If he pities the slave, it is because he knows, that the qualities, which he ascribes to the slaveholder, do not, in fact, belong to him.

If he pities the slave, it is because he knows, that the qualities, which he ascribes to the slaveholder, do not, in fact, belong to him.

How Willy meets the young gleaner in the fieldhow he pities his misfortunes, and assists to fill his bag with corn CHAPTER SECOND.


he exclaimed, as the other ended; "and a thousand pities is it that so honest a fellow should be so arrant a knave.

But whoever laughs at me for being right, or pities me for being sensible of my errors, is more entitled to my compassion than my resentment.

"Why, I quite pities your ignorance, Miss Amy!

May Christ Jesus, our dear Saviour, who loves and pities you infinitely more than any of us do, be very near you in this season of suspense.

But God can endure what no mortal eye could; He does not love us because we are so lovely, but because He always loves what He pities.

"It is a thousand pities," he said to himself, "that his majesty the king has not somewhat of this man's quality.

Reluctantly and sadly we have had to abandon our cherished planit is a thousand pities.

It is a thousand pities to have to abandon such a spot.

In these, y is changed into i; and, to both o and i, est and es are added without increase of syllables: as, I go, thou goest, he goes; I undo, thou undoest, he undoes; I fly, thou fliest, he flies; I pity, thou pitiest, he pities.

He pities us for having to stay here, I do believe.

When He sees there is no hope, He pities thee, while thou seest it not, and dost not pity thyself.

But I pities the young lady and the poor little bastard.'

And as he liked Miss Bolton best, I think it's a thousand pities they should be parted.'

'Ten thousand pities!' said Maria enthusiastically.

Pity does not say, "It is right to be pitiful"it pities.

Aniela does not know all this; but I suppose she pities me, just as I torture her, who would give my life to make her happy.

"'Tis a thousand pities d'Azay is not here to welcome you, too, my dear Calvert," he said, regretfully, "but he will be back to-morrow with his aunt, the old Duchess, and his sister.

you may have been a sorry dog, with your toasts and your taverns, yet 'tis a thousand pities that a few dramatists of to-day cannot drink inspiration from the same cups.

Yes, really, it was a hundred pities!"

One pities them, looking and longing, Aweary of waiting their turn With those who are country wards thronging; The "Voice of the Country" they'd learn.

But the good Lord, who pities his erring child, will help you to redeem and make it both useful and happy.

I should pity as a father pities, and I should say: "Go, sin no more."

"The poor victim shows himself as much as possible at court, in the city," says the Marais news, "but nobody pities him, and those whom he considered his friends have turned their backs upon him."

It's a thousand pities the church was robbed of such a support; though I do think, Signor Andrea, if your mind would dwell less on another state of being, it would be more cheerful; and I may say, more cheering to those with whom you discourse.

Christ of all the Pities!

It was a thousand pities that they should be lost to science.

She pities all the valuable Part of her own Sex, and calls every Woman of a prudent modest retired Life, a poor-spirited, unpolished Creature.

it is a thousand Pities you should be so severely virtuous as I fear you are; otherwise, after a Visit or two, you would soon understand that we Women of the Town are not such useless Correspondents as you may imagine: You have undoubtedly heard that it was a Courtesan who discovered Cataline's Conspiracy.

I know you are loth to expose them; and it is, I must confess, a thousand Pities that any young Gentleman, who is come of honest Parents, should be brought to publick Shame:

She views the Story with attentive Eyes, And pities Procris, while her Lover dies.'

He is now spending his life among the lower class, whom he understands so well and pities so much, trying to show them the way of salvation.

The Protestantism which pities those as "without chart and compass" who acknowledge no infallible written code, can mean nothing else, than that "the less occasion we have to trust our moral powers, the better;" that is, it represents it as of all things most desirable to be able to benumb conscience by disuse, under the guidance of a mind from without.

He was obviously a typical specimen of that class of men who are destitute alike of the virtues and failings of the "respectable" and successful; whom many people love and no one respects; whom everybody pities in their struggles and difficulties, but whom few pity without a smile.

Do you not pity me for the sorrow and trouble which I must suffer?" "I suppose a mother always pities the sufferings of a child.

"That's of course; but it's a thousand pities that we should not be able to talk of her to you as one whom we know already."

Perphyrises, 233 A.D. No flocks that range the valley free To slaughter I condemn; Taught by the Power that pities me, I learn to pity them.

And he had only this comfort left, that everybody said, "It was a thousand pities something could not be done for poor Mr. Eugenio."

"It is a thousand pities that you cannot send us all home again!"

And now she views, as on the wall it hung, What old Musรฆus so divinely sung; Which art with life and love did so inspire, That she discerns and favours that desire, 140 Which there provokes th'advent'rous youth to swim, And in Leander's danger pities him; Whose not new love alone, but fortune, seeks To frame his story like that amorous Greek's.

Placed on a rock, vain men he pities, toss'd On raging waves, and in the tempest lost.

And as there are ideals of country, so also of men, of the soldier, the priest, the king, the lover, the citizen, and beside each of us does there not go one who mourns over our fall and pities us, gladdens in our virtue, and shall not leave us till we die; an ideal self, who is our judgment?

He has become more than a humanitarian through this experience; he is now himself one of those whom in the mass he pities and would help; he has entered into that communion with his kind and kin which is the earthly seal of Christian faith.

But I pities her, 'cause she warn't so bad arter all.

While he abhors their deeds of violence, he pities the short-sighted and besotted men who seem madly intent upon laying magazines of powder under the cradles of unborn generations.

Franรงois, thou art a man who understands the value of a sure footing in the world; would it not be a thousand pities, that such a girl as Alida should throw herself away on one whose best foundation is no better than a rolling ship?" "Certainement, Monsieur; Mam'selle be too good to roll in de ship."