7824 examples of pities in sentences

"My friend of the four legs," he said, "it is a thousand pities that you are dumb.

" "It is a thousand pities that Mr. Clay, in his compromise, neglected to make an exception against that article.

Or he pities his long, clammy, attenuated fingers.

There are pities which overwhelm.

Why, what in the world has put Tommy up to that?" "He says that Joe Marchant hasn't any home of his own this Thanksgiving, because his father has gone out West on business, and left Joe all alone with those people that his father and he boarded with just after his mother died; and Tommy pities Joe so, he says he is going to invite him here for next Thursday, and I knew you wouldn't want him.

Grandet liked and pities the young man.

Lord Dorset used to say of a very goodnatured, dull fellow, "'Tis a thousand pities that man is not illnatured!

It is a thousand pities that hammer and chisel should have exorcised the spirits which ought to haunt this venerable shrine.

He much pities the world that has no more insight in his parts, when he is too well discovered even to this very thought.

He pities the little knowledge of truth which those have that have not seen the world abroad, forgetting that at the same time he tells us how little credit is to be given to his own relations and those of others that speak and write of their travels.

A thousand pities her ladyship has such ways and to so good-humoured a gentleman as you seem to be, Sir. Mother-spoilt, Landlord!Mother-spoilt!that's the thing!But [sighing] I must make the best of it.

1, it makes them weary of their lives: when they have taken all pains, done their utmost and honest endeavours, if they be cast behind by sickness, or overtaken with years, no man pities them, hard-hearted and merciless, uncharitable as they are, they leave them so distressed, to beg, steal, murmur, and rebel, or else starve.

He walks the room with a quick tread; he does reflect, and pities his mother from the bottom of his heart, praying that the blow may fall gently; but he has shipped for a voyage in the Nautilus, and this night, at high tide, she will sail.

God looks down from his throne above with pitying eye; he pities his children; we grow strong in the assurance of his tender mercies; but let us remember,he will avenge with a powerful arm, the wrongs inflicted upon his feebler ones; for he hath said,"My children, love ye one another, even as your heavenly Father loveth you.

Instead of being the parent of this reckless freebooter, God at length pities and returns your real son in Sigismund, a child that might gladden the heart of any parent, though he were an emperor!

I have asked mercy for Jenny, though it was perhaps hardly necessary, for the world always pities Jenny.

It seems a thousand pities.

So deep-rooted is the natural herding instinct of the breed that it is a thousand pities that the modern shepherd so frequently puts up with an inferior animal in place of the genuine article.

How Willy meets the young gleaner in the fieldhow he pities his misfortunes, and assists to fill his bag with corn CHAPTER SECOND.


He is now spending his life among the lower class, whom he understands so well and pities so much, trying to show them the way of salvation.

"It is a thousand pities," I remarked, "that we were unable to look round before they moved out the furniture.

Do you not pity me for the sorrow and trouble which I must suffer?" "I suppose a mother always pities the sufferings of a child.

And as there are ideals of country, so also of men, of the soldier, the priest, the king, the lover, the citizen, and beside each of us does there not go one who mourns over our fall and pities us, gladdens in our virtue, and shall not leave us till we die; an ideal self, who is our judgment?

He has become more than a humanitarian through this experience; he is now himself one of those whom in the mass he pities and would help; he has entered into that communion with his kind and kin which is the earthly seal of Christian faith.

7824 examples of  pities  in sentences