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234 example sentences with  pitman

234 example sentences with pitman

It is not really Pitman, but that does well enough.

It was the next year that I ran away from school to marry Mr. Pitman, and I have not known my family since.

Mr. Pitman was dead; the old city called me, and I came.

Many a time I wished Mr. Pitman was goneuntil he went.

"Probably Mr. Pitman was a man," she said.

"Some one has been in the house, Mrs. Pitman," he said.

"I borrowed your boat, Mrs. Pitman," he said, civilly enough.

I lay there, wide awake, thinking about Mr. Pitman's death, and how I had come, by degrees, to be keeping a cheap boarding-house in the flood district, and to having to take impudence from everybody who chose to rent a room from me, and to being called a she-devil.

"Never mind about breakfast for me this morning, Mrs. Pitman," he said.

"Better give me a penny, Mrs. Pitman," he said in his impudent Irish way.

At half past one Mr. Holcombe wrote a note, and sent it off with Terry, and borrowing my boots, which had been Mr. Pitman's, investigated the dining-room and kitchen from a floating plank; the doors were too narrow to admit the boat.

"I have a friend coming pretty soon, Mrs. Pitman," he said, "a young newspaper man, named Howell.

I gave him a pair of Mr. Pitman's socks, for his own were saturated, and while he was changing them the telephone rang.

"You are sure you didn't take it away yourself, Mrs. Pitman?" he asked.

"Mrs. Pitman, this is Mr. Howell, of whom I spoke.

'Yesterday, Sunday, March the 4th, Mrs. Pitman, landlady at 42 Union Street, heard two of her boarders quarreling, a man and his wife.

On Sunday they fought all day, and Mrs. Ladley told Mrs. Pitman she was married to a fiend.

Mrs. Pitman carried their supper to them at six, and both ate heartily.

They were apparently reconciled: Mrs. Pitman reports Mr. Ladley in high good humor.

Mrs. Pitman was up and down until one o'clock, when she dozed off.

He and Mrs. Pitman investigated.

The boat which Mrs. Pitman uses during a flood, and which she had tied to the stair-rail, was gone, having been cut loose, not untied.

"'At a quarter after four that morning Mrs. Pitman, thoroughly awake, heard the boat returning, and going to the stairs, met Ladley coming in.

At a quarter after seven, Ladley asked for coffee and toast for one, and on Mrs. Pitman remarking this, said that his wife was not playing this week, and had gone for a few days' vacation, having left early in the morning.'

Mrs. Pitman was coming down, pale and agitated over the fact that the dog, shortly before, had found floating in the parlor down-stairs a slipper belonging to Mrs. Ladley, and, later, a knife with a broken blade.

I offered to make both the gentlemen some tea, for Mr. Pitman had been an Englishman, and I had got into the habit of having a cup in the afternoon, with a cracker or a bit of bread.

"You will have to restrain his enthusiasm, Mrs. Pitman," he said.

"You are warned, Mrs. Pitman," he called to me.

Pitman, will you go with me to the police station?"

"I'd rather not appear in this, Mrs. Pitman," he said apologetically, "and I think better along my own lines.

"Sit down, Mrs. Pitman," he said.

"You are sure about the clock, Mrs. Pitman?" he asked.

I have, for instance, never heard a voice like Mr. Pitman's, although Mr. Harry Lauder's in a phonograph resembles it.

"I know we are intruders, Mrs. Pitman," she said, holding out her hand.

"Why, Mrs. Pitman!"

"Are you Mrs. Pittock?" "Pitman, yes."

"I would like to talk to you, Mrs. Pitman," she said.

"Mrs. Pitman," he said, "did you ever hear the story of the horse that wandered out of a village and could not be found?"

Listen, Mrs. Pitman.

"Mrs. Pitman," he said, "I'll thank you to call me Mr. Ladley for the next day or so.

Andjust a moment, Mrs. Pitman: Mr. Holcombe is a total abstainer, and has always been so.

Good night, Mrs. Pitman.

Mr. Pitman had always read all the murder trials, and used to talk about the corpus delicti and writs of habeas corpuscorpus being the legal way, I believe, of spelling corpse.

"Well, Mrs. Pitman," he said, smiling, "what did you find in the cellar when the water went down?" "I'm glad to say that I didn't find what I feared, Mr. Howell."

"I wish I could find that clock, Mrs. Pitman."

"I'll tell you all about it, Mrs. Pitman," he said smilingly.

"Mrs. Pitman," he said, "I don't know what you heard or did not hear.

Don't spoil a good story, Mrs. Pitman."

"Well, Mrs. Pitman," he said, "has our friend come back yet?" "She was no friend of mine."

I knew his ring, and I thought it no harm to carry an old razor of Mr. Pitman's with the blade open and folded back on the handle, the way the colored people use them, in my left hand.

And our friend of the parlor bedroom is a murderer, Mrs. Pitman.

"Sorry to get you up, Mrs. Pitman," said Mr. Graves, "but this man says he has bought beer here to-day.

That won't do, Mrs. Pitman.

Say, Mrs. Pitman, gimme that doughnut.

"This excitement is telling on you, Mrs. Pitman," he said coolly.

"I'mI'm just tired and nervous, andand unhappy, Mrs. Pitman."

"Mrs. Pitman," she said suddenly, "who was this Jennie Brice?" "She was an actress.

"Mrs. Pitman," she said, "I sent for you because I'm nearly crazy.

"You know more than you are telling me, Mrs. Pitman," she said.

"If that is true, Mrs. Pitman," she said, "who was the veiled woman he met that Monday morning at daylight, and took across the bridge to Pittsburgh?

For I had written to Jim from Oklahoma, after Mr. Pitman died, asking for money to bury him, and had never even had a reply.

Mrs. Pitman, it's driving me crazy!

"None the less, Mrs. Pitman," he said, "that is the body of Jennie Brice; her husband killed her, probably by strangling her; he took the body out in the boat and dropped it into the swollen river above the Ninth Street bridge."

"I'll do it, Mrs. Pitman," he said.

"Mrs. Pitman," he said earnestly, "I don't like him any more than you do.

Well, you've saved my life, Mrs. Pitman.

Sheshe is the only girl in the world for me, Mrs. Pitman, although I" He stopped and drew a long breath.

"We've got him, Mrs. Pitman," he said, looking mottled but cheerful.

"Are you Mrs. Pitman?"

Alma had once found a letter of mine to Mr. Pitman.

"Perhaps not, althoughMrs. Pitman, I believe he is in the city, hiding!"

Just look at me, Mrs. Pitman!

"Your name?" "Elizabeth Marie Pitman.

"Now, Mrs. Pitman, tell us about the following morning."

"Is it not true, Mrs. Pitman," he said, "that many articles, particularly shoes and slippers, are found floating around during a flood?"

Now, Mrs. Pitman, after the Ladleys had been moved to the upper floor, did you search their bedroom and the connecting room down-stairs?" "No, sir."

Now, Mrs. Pitman, this knife.

" "Now then, this towel, Mrs. Pitman.

In view of what Mr. Pitman would have called the denouement, his attitude is easily explained.

"I think we've got him, Mrs. Pitman," he said.

"I was trying to find the one person who could clear me, Mrs. Pitman."

I went down-stairs, took Mrs. Pitman's boat, and went to several stores before I could awaken a pharmacist."

"You did not use Mrs. Pitman's bread-knife?"

"Then how do you account for Mrs. Pitman's broken knife, with the blade in your room?

Mrs. Pitman brought a coat to my door, but I was working on a play I am writing, and I do not remember what I said.

Mr. Pitman used to say that man, being denied his natural love for barbaric adornment in his every-day clothing, took to the different fraternities as an excuse for decking himself out.

Oh, Mrs. Pitman, I'm so afraid for him!"

Have you lived always in Allegheny, Mrs. Pitman?" "I was born in Pittsburgh," I evaded.

Mrs. Pitman has suffered through me, and Mr. Holcombe here has spent money and time" Lida did not speak, but she drew her chair closer, and put her other hand over his.

Mrs. Ladley undertook to get a knife from Mrs. Pitman's kitchen, and to leave it around, not in full view, but where it could be found."

"I have never married, Mrs. Pitman, and I have missed a great deal out of life."

"Perhaps you're better off: if you had married and lost your wife" I was thinking of Mr. Pitman.

Mrs. Pitman, does that Maguire woman next door sleep all day?"

But of course you do, Mrs. Pitman; you are a woman of imagination.

"She is dead, Mrs. Pitman!"

Thus, to establish his innocence, he had not only the evidence of Howell and Bronson that the whole thing was a gigantic hoax; he had the evidence of Howell that he had started Jennie Brice to Horner that Monday morning, that she had reached Horner, had there assumed an incognito, as Mr. Pitman would say, and had later disappeared from there, maliciously concealing herself to work his undoing.

Rev. Isaac Pitman ed.

Rev. Isaac Pitman ed.


This is Pitman and Cole-Kellyโ€™s first time writing a screenplay for a comedy feature, so it makes sense to say that some jokes could have been written better or could have been left out entirely.