808 examples of placid in sentences

He is a man of singularly placid demeanour, but he has been seriously ill, so possibly his nerves are shakenat any rate I never saw him so much moved.

Even the scenery-hunter submits to this witchery of climate, which casts a charm over the secondary beauties of nature, as a sweet and placid temper renders the face of woman more lovely than the colour of a skin, or the brilliancy of fine eyes.

She was now opposite Miss Burnaby, and the old lady was looking at her with an air of fear and curiosity which strangely altered her round, usually placid face.

There was a curious, questioning look on Miss Burnaby's usually placid face.

His face changed from a placid gravity to one of surprise and distress.

She did not laugh; demonstrative mirth was not one of her characteristics; but for a long time there dwelt upon her good, plain countenance a half-smile of placid contentment.

" "Not a muscle moved in Mr. Rogers' pale and placid countenance, you would hardly have thought he lived; but turning to Luttrell, whose mouth twisted and whose eye rolled at the fun of the mistake, he simply whispered, 'Non tali auxilio, &c.' Barton survived it, and is still alive and merry.

Night wanes apace!The crowd are gone; The lamps have ceased to glow; And Cynthia's beams reflect upon The placid lake below.

The ragged mountain-tops, behind and above Castel à Mare, were also to be traced, as was the whole range of the nearest coast, though that opposite was only discoverable by the faint glimmerings of a thousand lights, that were appearing and disappearing, like stars eclipsed, on the other side of the broad sheet of placid water.

We sat in silence and looked out over the placid waves on whose future kindliness so much of my hostess's happiness seemed to depend.

"I wandered inland to placid lakes, the looking-glasses of the clouds.

The figure of Life shows a calm, placid strength, well calculated to conquer in a struggle; and the modelling of her clinging robes and the active muscle of the male figures is firm and life-like.

These were some of the placid blessings I promised myself the enjoyment of, when I committed violence upon myself by mustering up all my strength to set about reading you; but I am disappointed in them all, and the stroke of eleven in the morning is still as terrible to me as before, and I find putting on my clothes still as painful and laborious.

II was in the chapel That beckoned through the placid village trees; The bells were ringing, calling men to prayers, As we passed by, and something urged me on To kneel before the altar, too, and pray.

he asked soberly, while Rob regarded the spectacle of his usually placid corporal's excitement with round eyes.

Yet his face was very pleasanta cheery, gentle, placid face, lighted up with a smile now and then, but with sufficient rareness to make it the more welcome and the more noticed when it came.

"I see you are," responded the placid Whedell.

"How calm and placid are its waters," she added.

There wuz lofty snow-crowned mountains, some on 'em that seemed fur away, and some nigher by, a lake lyin' smooth and placid at their feet.

In repose his aquiline features were placid and his manners dignified.

We went down the dark, placid current in the fine summer weather to the Battleground, and then looked into the solemn forest aisle which arches over the narrow Assabeth.

One evening, I remember, the sun had gone down and the surface of Back Bay perfectly placid at full tide glowed with rich tints; the boats were shooting numerously over the surface, cutting it sharply, the cut presently closing behind in a faint cicatrice that extended far.

Yet he told his best stories with an eye to their effect on her, and when her response came, peaceful and placid and non-comprehending, he would look about the table with delight, as much as to say, "Isn't she a wonder?

FRIENDS, SOCIETY OF A visitor to Philadelphia, unfamiliar with the garb of the Society of Friends, was much interested in two demure and placid Quakeresses who took seats directly behind her in the Broad Street Station.

Mr. Hare will tell you that I am to be trusted with the helm, even when the wind blows right smartly, as it sometimes does even on that now placid stream.

808 examples of  placid  in sentences