2271 examples of plaguing in sentences

And while to be a noted stylist, and even to be reasonably sure of annotated reissuement for the plaguing of unborn schoolchildren, was all well enough, in an unimportant, high-minded way, Patricia was far more vividly impressed by the blunt figures which told how many of John Charteris's books had been bought and paid for.

The mosquitoes beset them in swarms, plaguing even the poor animals with their lusty sting.

Are circumstances plaguing you, Everybody?

" An Austrian Märchen tells of a stately fir, in which there sits a fairy maiden waited on by dwarfs, rewarding the innocent and plaguing the guilty; and there is the German song of the maiden in the pine, whose bark the boy splits with a gold and silver horn.

Lower down the slope there were three other lads plaguing a young jackass colt; and further off, on the town edge of the moor, several children from the streets hard by, were wandering about the green hollow, picking daisies, and playing together in the sunshine.

If you are, as they complain, absolutely faultless, you will enjoy with me the pleasure of the girls in plaguing one after another all the traders of Altasfe:" and with these words I placed in her hands a packet of the thin metallic plates constituting their currency.

Oh, I've been takin' it easysince Master Tom quit plaguing me.

He shook his head as if to shake off a ridiculous plaguing notion, and grinned broadly.

That is the secret of my talkativeness; my sole excuse for plaguing you with the dreams of a wretched hypochondriac.

In the mean time, Sophia enjoys the pleasure of heartily plaguing both me and that, person.

I think my time better employed in reading the adventures of imaginary people, than the Duchess of Marlborough's, who passed the latter years of her life in paddling with her will, and contriving schemes of plaguing some, and extracting praise from others, to no purpose; eternally disappointed, and eternally fretting.

Then to the Kentaur of Magnes he bare the child, that he should teach him to be a healer of the many-plaguing maladies of men.

To keep on plaguing me!

Most of the learned men patronised by Lorenzo probably quarrelled with him on account of it, plaguing him in somewhat the same spirit, though in more friendly guise, as the Della Cruscans and others afterwards plagued Tasso; so he banters them in turn, and takes refuge from their critical rules and common-places in the larger indulgence of his friend Politian and the laughing wisdom of Lorenzo.

You are plaguing me to death with notices, yet you must be aware that I can't pay you a pice at present.

The thing that kept plaguing his mind despite his impatient attempts to dismiss it as nonsense, was the possibility that she was actually looking for that job she'd talked about.

To illustrate how this worked, one can cite here the example of columnist Dilip Borkar whose satirical column "Borkari", on various ills plaguing Goa, gained all-round popularity.

" "No, no, dear snip, it is not indigestion, but rather it is that music, which is plaguing me.

A blind desire, the same which on warm moonlit nights was used to shake like fever in the veins of a boy whom I remember, is futilely plaguing a gray fellow with the gray wraiths of innumerable old griefs and with small stinging memories of long-dead delights.

What are you plaguing me for?"

Didn't mean to have any pauper son-in-law to be plaguing me.

"If they want me, they won't have much trouble in finding me, nor any scruple, egad, in plaguing me; they never have.

And indeed so many trespass did they afterwards commit, by treading down their corn, shooting their young kids and goats, and plaguing them night and day, that they resolved to come to my castle, challenge all the three, and decide their right by one plain battle, while the Spaniards stood by to see fair play.

In the present volume, touching only incidentally on his journeyings and still less on politics, he has tried to satisfy the thousand-and-one questioners who, one imagines, have been plaguing him not a little lately as to those intimate details that really count in the life of a nation.

'Tis a most foul Lubber Fiend to keep about an honest house, plaguing decent folks withal!"

2271 examples of  plaguing  in sentences