18448 examples of plan in sentences

One of the chiefs of clans who were waiting at Cettinje for the plan of the southern campaign was Marko Millianoff, hereditary chief of the Kutchi, an independent Slav tribe on the borders of Albania, generally allied in the frontier operations with the Montenegrins.

The Greek ministry, in the dilemma of acting or being left out of the settlement, decided that the army to cross the frontier should be commanded by the King in person, but the King so earnestly declined the honor put upon him that the plan was abandoned.

He had only had one man shot, the general plan of carrying the elections by violence having been abandoned in deference to public opinion in England, represented by the correspondent of the "Times.

There was no subordination and no general plan in the offensive; but each detachment of troops on the frontier made war on its own responsibility, and the Turks contented themselves with repelling attacks.

A singular topographical feature of the Plan Alto, the great interior sandy plateau of Brazil, is that at its westernmost end the southward flowing streams, instead of running into the Paraguay as they do farther east, form the headwaters of the Guapore, which may, perhaps, be called the upper main stream of the Madeira.

According to some exceptionally good geological observers, this is probably due to the fact that in a remote geologic past the ocean sent in an arm from the south, between the Plan Alto and what is now the Andean chain.

Salteena's plan.

BRYAN, DAWSON C. A workable plan of evangelism.

A workable plan of evangelism.

Plan to return.

Mrs. John William Rogers (A); 19Nov65; R373726. ROGERS, TYLER STEWART. Plan your house to suit yourself.

Death on the installment plan.

Plan for marriage.

All Laurels may be propagated by cuttings and by layers, the latter being the plan usually adopted.

The villagers thought that this would be an excellent plan and promised to bring him the cat alive.

He was the sole originator of the plan for the conquest of the northwestern lands, and, almost unaided, he had executed his own scheme.

The advantages of following the latter plan were of course obvious; for the pioneers were sure to have chosen fertile, well-watered spots; and though they asked more than the State, yet, ready money was so scarce, and the depreciation of the currency so great, that even thus the land only cost a few cents an acre.

Beyond the river stretched the frowning forest, to the Indians a sure shield in battle, a secure haven in disaster, an impenetrable mask from behind which to plan attack.

Think up some plan to prevent this detestable marriage.

I've already decided on the best plan.

This gives me the plan, which I believe, must infallibly succeed.

Late in 1777 the plan was embodied in a resolution of the Continental Congress, and the states were recommended to invest the proceeds in continental loan certificates.

The trouble was that, owing to the stupidity and incapacity of Lord George Germain, the British minister who was more than any other man responsible for the misconduct of the American War, these expeditions were not made part of a properly concerted plan; and so they sank into the category of isolated raids.

It seemed to him that the hardships and dangers of either plan were about the same.

It is a good plan to have some sort of vegetable or meat stock always at hand, as this renders the making of the soup both easy and economical.

18448 examples of  plan  in sentences