18447 examples of plan in sentences

propósito, m., purpose, plan, design, intention; á , suited, suitable, desirable; by the way; apropos; á de, with regard to, apropos of, speaking of. prorrumpir, to break forth, burst out. proseguir, to pursue, continue, remain, follow.

proyecto, m., project, plan.

través, m., obliquity, bias; á (or al) de, across, through, between. trazar, to form, plan; mal trazado, of evil appearance.

I am not insensible of the great difficulty that exists in drawing a proper plan for the safe-keeping and disbursement of the public revenues, and I know the importance which has been attached by men of great abilities and patriotism to the divorce, as it is called, of the Treasury from the banking institutions.

That "by his first plan, which he esteemed the best, he meant, by an act of extraordinary kindness, to establish perpetual peace and friendship with a most powerful nation: by the other, to put off the return of war to the distance of many ages, during which the Roman state, after the loss of those two armies, could not easily recover its strength."

A third plan there was not.

When his son, and the other chiefs, went on to ask him if "a plan of a middle kind might not be adopted; that they both should be dismissed unhurt, and, at the same time, by the right of war, terms imposed on them as vanquished?"

"That, indeed," said he, "is a plan of such a nature, as neither procures friends or removes enemies.

Their plan was to put a few goods of little value into old and shattered vessels, which they sank in the deep, taking up the sailors in boats prepared for the purpose, and then returning falsely the cargo as many times more valuable than it was.

Having laid before him the motives of their plan, and the object they had in view, they received the highest commendation, and were loaded with promises; and that their countrymen might believe that they had gone out of the city to obtain plunder, they were desired to drive to the city some cattle of the Carthaginians which had been sent out to graze.

After this practice had become so familiar, that at whatever time of the night he gave a signal, by whistling, the gate was opened, Hannibal thought that it was now time to put the plan in execution.

This plan of the general was disconcerted, after the signal began to sound for a retreat, by the clamours of the soldiery, who despised so pusillanimous an order.

By this time the consul also, changing his plan on seeing them crossing the rampart, began to incite and encourage his soldiers, instead of calling them off; representing to them, how critical and perilous was the situation of the bravest cohort of their allies and a legion of their countrymen.

A plan was at length adopted, by which their deficiency in strength might be compensated by stratagem.

But a Campanian woman, the paramour of one of the deserters, unexpectedly entered the camp, and informed the Roman general that the Numidians had come over according to a preconcerted plan of treachery, and were the bearers of letters to Hannibal; that she was prepared to convict one of the party of that fact, as he had discovered it to her.

The most comprehensive volume on this subject ever published for boys. Electricity for Boys The author has adopted the unique plan of setting forth the fundamental principles in each phase of the science, and practically applying the work in the successive stages.

In this dilemma he bethought him of a plan of overcoming the scruples of all present, in which he was warmly seconded by the agent of the police, and to which, after the usual number of cavilling objections that were generated by distrust, heated blood, and the obstinacy of disputation, the other parties were finally induced to give their consent.

To every one's surprise, Gianluca opposed the plan altogether.

The personages, for the most part, were low, the fare rustic: the plan raised expectations which were not fulfilled, and the effect was like being ushered into a stately hall and invited to sit down to a splendid banquet in the company of clowns, and with nothing but successive courses of apple-dumplings served up.

How was his nature, pleasing yet sedate, Now for glad converse joyously inclined, Then swiftly changing, spirit-fraught elate, Life's plan with deep-felt meaning it designed, Fruitful alike in counsel and in deed!

So did I plan it all out in my mind while driving you hither.

There are histories in the canon of his works and pamphlets on contemporary problems, but they are composed on a plan that no other historian and no other social reformer would own.

Where these compressed and cultivated a style which was staccato and epigrammatic, huddling all the traits of their subject in short sharp sentences that follow each other with all the brevity and curtness of items in a prescription, Addison and Steele observed a more artistic plan.

Where plays had been constructed on a journeyman plan evolved by Labiche and Sardoumid-nineteenth century writers in Francea plan delighting in symmetry, close-jointedness, false correspondences, an impossible use of coincidence, and a quite unreal complexity and elaboration, they become bolder and less artificial, more close to the likelihoods of real life.

The road and trail plan followed in the National Forests is mapped out years in advance.

18447 examples of  plan  in sentences