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18448 examples of  plan  in sentences

18448 examples of plan in sentences

The governor encouraged this plan, not only on account of the health of the children, but because great care was taken to teach nothing but what the children ought to learn.

I will only say, that it was not for this noble knight that I drew the plan of an Epic poem on King Arthur, in my preface to the translation of Juvenal.

I unfolded my plan, which is to go forward with five weeks' food for men and animals: to depรดt a fortnight's supply after twelve or thirteen days and return here.

To-night we have been making all the necessary arrangements for this plan.

There is no doubt that Amundsen's plan is a very serious menace to ours.

His plan for running them seems excellent.

The plan was for the ponies to follow the dog tracks, our small party to start last and get in front of the ponies on the sea ice.

He explained his plan of feeding our animals 'soft' during the winter, and hardening them up during the spring.

Sympathy is understanding, and, believe me, I do understand, and therefore I propose this plan.

"Forgive me for referring to something which makes my plan easier to carry out.

That is my plan.

One of the chiefs of clans who were waiting at Cettinje for the plan of the southern campaign was Marko Millianoff, hereditary chief of the Kutchi, an independent Slav tribe on the borders of Albania, generally allied in the frontier operations with the Montenegrins.

The Greek ministry, in the dilemma of acting or being left out of the settlement, decided that the army to cross the frontier should be commanded by the King in person, but the King so earnestly declined the honor put upon him that the plan was abandoned.

He had only had one man shot, the general plan of carrying the elections by violence having been abandoned in deference to public opinion in England, represented by the correspondent of the "Times.

There was no subordination and no general plan in the offensive; but each detachment of troops on the frontier made war on its own responsibility, and the Turks contented themselves with repelling attacks.

"Oh! 'tis a dismal thing," he began, and continued to spout his part with flashing eyes and considerable energy, until he came to the word Blunderbuss, when, either from a mistaken notion as to when it was his time to go on, or nervous forgetfulness of the plan of the piece, the Little Bear sprang over the edge of the iceberg and alighted on the middle of the stage.

every possible plan adopted to occupy every waking hour, and to prevent the men from brooding over their position.

In pursuance of this plan, an hour afterwards Saunders and his two followers left the camp with their sleeping-bags and a day's provisions on their shoulders, having instructed the men to follow with the sledge at the end of five hours, which period was deemed sufficient time for rest and refreshment.

" Saunders said this in a dogged tone, and immediately put his plan in force by crossing his arms and planting his feet firmly on the submerged ice and wide apart.

Buzzby and Green, however, adopted the wiser plan of moving constantly about within a small circle, and after Saunders had argued for half-an-hour as to the advantages of his plan, he followed their example.

Buzzby and Green, however, adopted the wiser plan of moving constantly about within a small circle, and after Saunders had argued for half-an-hour as to the advantages of his plan, he followed their example.

Dr. Johnson, indeed, made the preterit subjunctive like the indicative; and this may have induced the author to change his plan, and inflect this part of the verb with st.

Their confessional is a kind of marriage bureau; they have always got some plan on for marrying this person to that, and I must say I hate all that sort of thing....

And the reasons he advanced in support of his opinions were so conclusive that John was fain to beg of him to draw up a more possible plan for the conversion of an Italian house into a Gothic monastery.

The recent great conflagrations in the city vividly illustrate to Londoners what fire could do if their metropolis were built on the New York plan.

The old plan of dislodging the worms with a feather is well known, and need not be described again.

This plan, of which I give a sketch, has been in use by myself for many years, and most successfully.

1, and in plan in Fig. 2, is designed to obviate these objections, and possesses in addition other advantages which will be enumerated in the following description.

Finding this to be the case, I felt that something more must be done; and having hit upon a plan which I thought would be effectual, I gave Dhanamittra directions how to act.

I thought to myself, my intimacy with Dhanamittra is well known; suspicion will fall on him; and unless I can turn it off, he, as well as my wife, will be arrested to-morrow; and I quickly formed a plan by which they, and perhaps I myself, might be saved.

She said to me, joyfully "Your plan has succeeded.

A singular topographical feature of the Plan Alto, the great interior sandy plateau of Brazil, is that at its westernmost end the southward flowing streams, instead of running into the Paraguay as they do farther east, form the headwaters of the Guapore, which may, perhaps, be called the upper main stream of the Madeira.

According to some exceptionally good geological observers, this is probably due to the fact that in a remote geologic past the ocean sent in an arm from the south, between the Plan Alto and what is now the Andean chain.

CHAPTER VIII Feltram's Plan This horror of the beautiful lake, which other people thought so lovely, was, in that mind which affected to scoff at the unseen, a distinct creation of downright superstition.

This vague idea was the only thing resembling a plan in his mind.

Before this, my aims had been simply to aid in commerce, with no definite plan before me, and like all who have no fixed purpose, I drifted here and there and took no special interest in the world.

Salteena's plan.

MACK, J. P. The unit account plan for Community Chest campaigns.

NATE, JOSEPH C. The unit account plan for Community Chest campaigns.

on: prooemium, preface, plan of the work, and Novum organum.

God's dealings with man in the Plan of the ages.

Death on the installment plan.

Plan for marriage.

HORWITZ, PATRICIA FOLSOM. Plan for marriage.

Professional budget plan.

Professional budget plan.

<pb id='235.png' n='1967h1/A/1207' /> THOMPSON, HARRY W. Professional budget plan.

The super-duper plan.

How to plan a house, by Gilbert Townsend & J. Ralph Dalzell.

BRYAN, DAWSON C. A workable plan of evangelism.

A workable plan of evangelism.

Plan to return.

AULD, GEORGE P. The Dawes plan and the new economics; with a foreword by Rufus C. Dawes.

DAWES, RUFUS C. The Dawes plan and the new economics.

Laurence P. Emery (A); 18Feb55; R144740. COHEN, JOSEPH B. Advantages in using the coordinate lien security plan.

Co-ordinate lien security plan.

Perpetual revision plan.

Plan of alloting prizes in theatres, etc.

Mrs. John William Rogers (A); 19Nov65; R373726. ROGERS, TYLER STEWART. Plan your house to suit yourself.

Death on the installment plan.

Plan for marriage.

The old plan of calling one grade Rover and the other Fido seems to have been abolished since the War.

I'm not above a plan like this if I'm convinced it's necessary.

However, tonight this was not his plan of battle.

All Laurels may be propagated by cuttings and by layers, the latter being the plan usually adopted.

Thus much as to the plan.

In the course of that night, however, I received information from New York that General Clinton had altered his plan and was debarking his troops.

Things remained in this situation about a fortnight, when I wrote to the Count Rochambeau desiring to meet him at some intermediate place (as we could neither of us be long enough from our respective commands to visit the other), in order to lay the plan for the siege of Yorktown, and proposed Hartford, where I accordingly went and met the Count.

This plan, however, is the most rational that could be adopted, as none of their eatables can be left on the ground, or they would become the prey of the hogs and dogs.

Their plan is to gather a few handfuls of flax, which they soon twist into a very good substitute: with this material they formed slings, with which they dexterously fastened our moveables on their backs, and set off at a good trot, calling out to us to follow them.

This is the plan adopted here; and nothing will convince these enthusiasts that it is wrong, or induce them to change it for one more agreeable to the dictates of reason.

The Song of Songs is so confused in its arrangement, its plan so obscure, its repetitions and repeated dรฉnouements so puzzling, that commentators are not always agreed as to what character in the drama is to be held responsible for certain lines; but for our purpose this difficulty makes no difference.

Antigone, sister of Polynices, resolves to disobey this cruel order, and having failed to persuade her sister, Ismene, to aid her, carries out her plan alone.

When Kuwar and the princess came asking for a light the seven sons were away hunting and when the old woman saw the princess she resolved to marry her to her youngest son, and made a plan to delay them; so she asked them to cook their rice at her house and offered them cooking pots and water pots and firewood and everything necessary; they did not know that she meant to kill Kuwar and unsuspiciously accepted her offer.

The villagers thought that this would be an excellent plan and promised to bring him the cat alive.

He was the sole originator of the plan for the conquest of the northwestern lands, and, almost unaided, he had executed his own scheme.

The advantages of following the latter plan were of course obvious; for the pioneers were sure to have chosen fertile, well-watered spots; and though they asked more than the State, yet, ready money was so scarce, and the depreciation of the currency so great, that even thus the land only cost a few cents an acre.

Beyond the river stretched the frowning forest, to the Indians a sure shield in battle, a secure haven in disaster, an impenetrable mask from behind which to plan attack.

Think up some plan to prevent this detestable marriage.

I've already decided on the best plan.

This gives me the plan, which I believe, must infallibly succeed.

Perhaps some plan may be adopted which will avert the necessity of sacrificing the life of a brave roan in so cruel a mode.

He would have hesitated about making his proposition to an officer of the regular French marine, low as even these stood, at that day, in the estimation of Nelson's fleet in particular; but from a privateersman he expected a greedy acquiescence in a plan that offered life as a reward, in exchange for a treachery like that he proposed.

It formed no part of their plan, however, to share in the combat; a view of its incidents being quite as much, as Vito Viti strongly maintained when his friend made a suggestion to the contrary, as was necessary to vindicate their conduct and courage in the judgment of every Elban.

Late in 1777 the plan was embodied in a resolution of the Continental Congress, and the states were recommended to invest the proceeds in continental loan certificates.

The trouble was that, owing to the stupidity and incapacity of Lord George Germain, the British minister who was more than any other man responsible for the misconduct of the American War, these expeditions were not made part of a properly concerted plan; and so they sank into the category of isolated raids.

As there are seldom conveniences in private kitchens for smoking meats, it will generally be the best and cheapest plan to have them ready prepared for cooking.

Whether that was the idea of its original founders or not I cannot say; but such a plan would be eminently adapted to the state of society, in most of the Siberian settlements, where faith is strong, but where works are few in number and questionable in tendency.

Upon the information which he obtained in Petropavlovsk, Major Abaza formed a plan of operations for the ensuing winter, which was briefly as follows: Mahood and Bush were to go on in the Olga to Nikolaievsk at the mouth of the Amur River, on the Chinese frontier, and, making that settlement their base of supplies, were to explore the rough mountainous region lying west of the Okhotsk Sea and south of the Russian seaport of Okhotsk.

Taking into consideration our circumstances and the smallness of our force, this plan was probably the best which could be devised, but it made it necessary for the Major and me to travel throughout the whole winter without a single companion except our native teamsters.

The unfavourable nature of the country around Bering Strait, or the lateness of the season when the Company's vessels reached that point, had probably compelled the abandonment of this part of the original plan.

I did not see how the state of affairs could be any worse, and I spent a sleepless night in thinking over the situation and trying to decide upon some plan of operations.

" The family showed themselves delighted when they heard that I was to spend the night with them, and I did not object to the plan, for I had not the slightest desire to go to a summer hotel.

Now, sir, that plan is brushed entirely out of sight.

It seemed to him that the hardships and dangers of either plan were about the same.

His art is not artifice; the noblest worth of it is not there by plan or pre-contrivance.

STRICKLAND, AGNES, biographer of the queens of England, born at Roydon Hall, near Southwold, Suffolk; had already published poems and some minor works before she conceived the plan of writing a series of biographies of the queens of England; these appeared in 12 vols.

Was it a pity that my life was not conducted on Nature's plan, who shows us the beautiful, while she conceals the interior?

She was also devising a plan for raising trees and flowers in the garret, so that she might realize a picture of a tropical wilderness.

It is a good plan to have some sort of vegetable or meat stock always at hand, as this renders the making of the soup both easy and economical.