13523 examples of planting in sentences

To New Orleans must be given the credit of planting, or at any rate perpetuating, the idea in a tangible shape in this country, and of having, for fully two generations, kept up the annual celebration almost without a break.

Ah! if her haughty friends with whom she had exchanged confidences and dreams, had seen her coming down the sumptuous stairs of her castles in Spain to go and live in a poor village, while her father perspired over his cabbage-planting.

Many years after the Spaniards were the conquerors, and succeeded in planting their standard in Yucatan, in the year 1537.

The spring came and cotton-planting time.

The following custom is stated to me to have been formerly prevalent among the Chippewas: After their corn-planting, a labor which falls to the share of the women, and as soon as the young blades began to shoot up from the hills, it was customary for the female head of the family to perform a circuit around the field in a state of nudity.

In the city, however, there is no escape from the crushing weight of prejudice, to ramble over fields of your own cultivation; to forget your sorrows in the refreshing air that waves the loaded branches of an orchard of your own planting; nor to solace yourself with a gambol over the green meadow with your little ones.

Then came the plowing and the planting and the hoeing.

which, by the natural increase of five years, and the enhanced value resulting from a more prosperous state of the planting interest, cannot now be less than fifteen hundred millions of dollars.

I do not find the precise time when this law was repealed, probably when Virginia became the chief slave breeder for the cotton-growing and sugar-planting country, and made young men and women "from fifteen to twenty-five" the main staple production of the State.]

In March we commenced ploughing: and on the first of April began planting seed for cotton.



The Planting of Rhode Island.%There came to Salem (from Plymouth), in 1633, a young minister named Roger Williams.

2. Captain John Smith explored the New England coast and mapped it (1613), but did not succeed in planting any colonies.

She is only doing a century later what we wickedly did a century beforeviz., planting slavery on a soil hitherto free, and enlarging the market for the sale of flesh and blood.

But O'Riley recovered, hauled his harpoon back, and succeeded in planting it deep under the creature's left flipper; and Fred, reloading, lodged a ball in its head, which finished it.

" Saunders said this in a dogged tone, and immediately put his plan in force by crossing his arms and planting his feet firmly on the submerged ice and wide apart.

Of what all this may be made to accomplish for his farm, and of how the work itself may be done, even to the minutest details, the chapters on "enclosures and shelter," and on "planting of farm hedges," will fully inform him.

Even in the planting of thorn hedges he will find that science is not unavailing, for both mathematics and botany are made by Mr. Stephens to yield their several contributions to the chapters we are now considering.

These scions he obtained by planting the pumice of wild crab apples from which cider had been made.

Being recommended to an honest planter, I lived with him till such time as I was informed of the manner of their planting and making sugar; and seeing how well they lived, and how suddenly they grew rich, I was filled with a desire to settle among them, and resolved to get my money remitted to me, and to purchase a plantation.

Both our stocks were low, and for two years we planted only for food: but the third year we planted some tobacco, and each of us dressed a large piece of ground the ensuing year for planting canes.

" "For the planting-dance!"

"And you tell me the Mohawks are painted for the planting-dance, in black and white?

"He does not understand planting," said his neighbors; "neither does his overseer.

13523 examples of  planting  in sentences
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