118 examples of play the piano in sentences

The growing bud is taught to play the piano or guitar, to embroider, to sing a little, to dance a little less, to speak and read French, to powder her face with art, and to walk like a very queen.

A party could be given in this barn with mother to play the piano and Mr. Popham the fiddle.

She could play the piano and sing; she could speak three languages and read four; she had made her curtsy at two foreign courts; admiration and love had followed her ever since she could remember, and here she was, a widow at forty, living in a half-deserted New England village, making parsnip stews for her children's dinner.

*** Those in search of a tactless present will bear in mind that Mr. MARK HAMBOURG has written a book entitled "How to Play the Piano.

As if I was brought up for that, and learned French, and to play the piano, and to dance!

He was only seven, yet he could play the piano like a grown-up person, very fast and with loud noises in the bass.

The fact that an individual can read and write and play the piano has nothing at all to do with the degree of his civilization, an elementary axiom of which some of our rulers seem strangely ignorant.

I can sing a little, play the piano a little, auction bridge a good deal; I can cook, and sew fancy things.

I can play the piano anyway, if there's no one to talk to.

His head is full of figures and machinery; and I am told that he does nothing at home but play the piano.

It was an act of bravado on my part to attempt to play the piano in the mood in which I found myself; and that I should have begun the opening phrase of Chopin's first Ballade, that composition so laden with formidable memoriesbegun it without thinking and without apprehensionshowed how far I had lost my self-control.

Edward, who felt that there was a sort of void, one evening called upon the Captain to fetch his violinCharlotte should play the piano, and he should accompany her.

He was not the least interested in his legal studies, but loved to play the piano, and write letters, and dream of literature, to idolise Jean Paul Richter and to indulge a most commendable passion for good cigars.

By his side was his wife, Amelia, the reigning favourite, who could play the piano and sing "Fair Bingen on the Rhine" with a dash that was said to be superb.

All could "play the piano"; all declaredand believedthat they "knew French."

She is very ladylike, and though containing no spice of either poet or musician, can take a part in conversation on such subjects, and play the piano correctly, because in her young days she was thus cultivated; but had she been horn a peasant, she would have been a peasant, with no longings unattainable in that sphere.

Does she know how to play the piano?

Are ye thinkin', maybe, that I'd a faither to send me to college and gie me masters to teach me to sing my songs, and to play the piano?

How to play the piano by ear; the quick, easy, simple way.

R598965. Teach yourself to play the piano.

R636311. How to play the piano by the Jacques Fray speed method.

R636311. How to play the piano by the Jacques Fray speed method.

You play the piano well, but in these days of Paderewskies and pianolas, no one wants to employ a young girl music-teacher.

" In "New Men and Old Acres" I had to play the piano while I conducted a conversation consisting on my side chiefly of haughty remarks to the effect that "blood would tell," to talk naturally and play at the same time.

Do you play the piano?"

118 examples of  play the piano  in sentences