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185 example sentences with  play the piano

185 example sentences with play the piano

'I felt in the mood to stop at home and play the piano today.

Now, won't you please play the piano for me?"

We fail to recognize the plain and simple truth that many of us are not able to lovejust as there are many who are not able to play the piano or to sing.

All note-books, more or less, contain such items as these: "Wholesale pillage and abundant loot," "Everything destroyed or sacked," "Looting going strong," "Played the piano; looting going strong."

He remarked to Keziah, "It won't be of any use for anybody to try to sit on that sofa and play the piano.

The growing bud is taught to play the piano or guitar, to embroider, to sing a little, to dance a little less, to speak and read French, to powder her face with art, and to walk like a very queen.

Coquette's second error was to play the piano on a Sabbath morning.

A girl might as well master the Assyrian language in order to compose hymns to Tiglath-Pileser as learn to play the piano nowadays, but bridge is played at children's parties; let us not speak ill of the Bridge that has carried us over.

Then she wandered off to one of the smaller drawing-rooms, and, to relieve a certain strain of which she was somehow conscious, she played the piano softly.

A party could be given in this barn with mother to play the piano and Mr. Popham the fiddle.

She could play the piano and sing; she could speak three languages and read four; she had made her curtsy at two foreign courts; admiration and love had followed her ever since she could remember, and here she was, a widow at forty, living in a half-deserted New England village, making parsnip stews for her children's dinner.

Those in search of a tactless present will bear in mind that Mr. MARK HAMBOURG has written a book entitled "How to Play the Piano.

He played the piano divinely, and they passed many pleasant evenings together.

As if I was brought up for that, and learned French, and to play the piano, and to dance!

He was only seven, yet he could play the piano like a grown-up person, very fast and with loud noises in the bass.

A strong looking man in his thirties with a short beard and dark curly hair began to play the piano, his back straight.

I dreamed of her, I built air castles for her, she was the incarnation of each beautiful heroine I knew; when I played the piano, it was to her, not even music furnished an adequate outlet for my passion; I bought a new note-book and, to sing her praises, made my first and last attempts at poetry.

When I came to know her, I found that she was a woman of considerable culture; she had traveled in Europe, spoke French, and played the piano well.

No person of color had ever applied to her for lessons; and while a woman of that race had played the piano for her for several months, she had never thought of colored people as possible pupils.

The fact that an individual can read and write and play the piano has nothing at all to do with the degree of his civilization, an elementary axiom of which some of our rulers seem strangely ignorant.

"When I was born there was no Daily Mail, when I went to school I was taught to play the piano with my fingers, and when I married people hadn't begun to 'jazz.'

So he talked it over with herhow they would let me laugh, and sing and play the piano all I wanted to, and wear the clothes I brought with me, and be just as near as I could be the way I was in Boston.

She could sew and knit and play the piano exquisitely.

I can sing a little, play the piano a little, auction bridge a good deal; I can cook, and sew fancy things.

But when I ran over with him the songs I meant to sing I found he played the piano very well indeed, and had a knack for accompanying, too.

There are good pianists, soloists, who are not good accompanists; it takes more than just the ability to play the piano to work with a singer, and especially with a singer like me.

He played the piano rarely well, for an amateur, and he had a grand singing voice.

I can play the piano anyway, if there's no one to talk to."

Mr. Ellis and I have been up in the parlor; I played the piano; and we've been eating oysters and having a most delightful time.

His head is full of figures and machinery; and I am told that he does nothing at home but play the piano.

It was an act of bravado on my part to attempt to play the piano in the mood in which I found myself; and that I should have begun the opening phrase of Chopin's first Ballade, that composition so laden with formidable memoriesbegun it without thinking and without apprehensionshowed how far I had lost my self-control.

But before my hands had touched the keys shame took me, unreasoning, terror-struck shame, and I knew in an instant that while he lived I should never more play the piano.

Had Brahms condescended to play the piano, Diaz would have turned the pages for him, and deemed himself honouredhim whom queens had flattered!

Edward, who felt that there was a sort of void, one evening called upon the Captain to fetch his violinCharlotte should play the piano, and he should accompany her.

When Mrs. Orville Platt had been Terry Sheehan she had played the piano, afternoons and evenings, in the orchestra of the Bijou theatre, on Cass street, Wetona, Wisconsin.

He was not the least interested in his legal studies, but loved to play the piano, and write letters, and dream of literature, to idolise Jean Paul Richter and to indulge a most commendable passion for good cigars.

For what has she learned to play the piano, then?

As soon as his wife or any visitor started to play the piano the dog always began to howlplaintively, he saidas if it were hurt.

By his side was his wife, Amelia, the reigning favourite, who could play the piano and sing "Fair Bingen on the Rhine" with a dash that was said to be superb.

All could "play the piano"; all declaredand believedthat they "knew French."

She is very ladylike, and though containing no spice of either poet or musician, can take a part in conversation on such subjects, and play the piano correctly, because in her young days she was thus cultivated; but had she been horn a peasant, she would have been a peasant, with no longings unattainable in that sphere.

Then they breakfast, and wonder if they will read or play the piano or walk, or if it matters a scrap if they do none of these things, and presently they look at the papers, and they see the war is going on still, and people are being killed, and they wonder to what end.

When we had a juvenile party last winter, it was Marian who dressed the Christmas-treeevery bit; and she played the piano for us all the evening, didn't she, mamma?"

He was a young man who possessed several accomplishments in a small waycould sing a little, and play the piano and guitar a little, sketch a little, and was guilty of occasional effusions in the poetical line which were the palest, most invertebrate reflections of Owen Meredith.

After tea at five Kitty read for an hour, and in the evening she played the piano; and she sometimes endeavoured to console her hostess by suggesting that people did change their minds, and that John might not become a priest after all.

Does she know how to play the piano? 17.

Are ye thinkin', maybe, that I'd a faither to send me to college and gie me masters to teach me to sing my songs, and to play the piano?

The melody way to play the piano; more melodies.

How to play the piano by ear.

How to play the piano by ear; the quick, easy, simple way.

Teach yourself to play the piano.

How to play the piano by the Jacques Fray speed method.

The melody way to play the piano; more melodies.

How to play the piano by ear.

How to play the piano by ear; the quick, easy, simple way.

Teach yourself to play the piano.

How to play the piano by the Jacques Fray speed method.


" "I wish," said Jane, "I could play the piano, ma'am.

But, as Claire thought it over, she recalled that there had been some general conversation about music, in which she had admitted a discreet passion for this form of entertainment, even going so far as to confess that she played the piano herself upon occasion.

Then someone played the piano and we all sang songs, and from the kitchen where Cassandra was washing up the dishes, came the most melodious second in that sweet perfect harmony which the negroes seem so well to understand.

You play the piano well, but in these days of Paderewskies and pianolas, no one wants to employ a young girl music-teacher.

She taught little Natasha to dance, to play the piano, to put on the airs and graces of a little lady.

If you were used to spending your days in the shade of yellow walls, with your choice of hammocks, and with nothing to do but feed the parrot and play the piano, why, I guess you'd" She broke off and stared about her.

When the time came for teaching him languages and music, Glafira Petrovna hired an old maid for a mere trifle, a Swede, whose eyes looked sideways, like a hare's, who spoke French and German more or less badly, played the piano so so, and pickled cucumbers to perfection.

"Draw," said Loth vaguely, "and play the piano, and go to the theatre, andyes, and read poetry books that don't teach you anything."

" In "New Men and Old Acres" I had to play the piano while I conducted a conversation consisting on my side chiefly of haughty remarks to the effect that "blood would tell," to talk naturally and play at the same time.

Do you play the piano?" "A little."

When we begin to learn to play the piano, we have to devote much time and thought to the adjustment and movement of our fingers and to the interpretation of the vast and complicated multitude of symbols which make up the printed page of music that stands before us.

She could dance sing, she played the piano.

All the evening, when she had finished her short, solitary dinner, she played the piano in her sitting-room, her white fingers passing from one divine air to another, until at last she unconsciously drifted to the Chanson Triste, and Mirko's words came back to her: "There, there would be enough place for us both"Who knowsthat might be the end of it!

Oh, perhaps you play the piano, as fashionable people do?'

The father, an official who played the piano, got to hate him, took him into a corner of the garden, flogged him with considerable pleasure, and then felt disgusted with himself.

After two years, Kōsei has not played the piano and he sees the world in monochrome.

Also Edith played the piano faster in this pilot episode then the rest of the show.

She first played the piano in public when she was five.

She helps Kōsei play the piano again.

The Sonata for violin and piano (1917) was the last work he played in public (he played the piano part).

The way he played the piano helped him win many competitions in Japan.

This is how we learn to play the piano today.

When he was seven, Ellington began learning to play the piano.

When he was very small he showed great musical talent, and his mother taught him to play the piano.

Chico finally learned to play the piano very well.

Gershwin himself played the piano part of "Rhapsody in Blue" at the concert.

Goldberg took Hirschfeld's original illustration of Gershwin and animated it to make him play the piano.

He was best known as a founding member of Can, who has been called "one of the few drummers to convincingly meld the funky and the cerebral". citation He also played the piano and saxophone.

His mother played the piano reasonably well in her son's opinion.

Bob Richardson played the piano most of the time, and Ursula’s daughter Kate, who was in the music department at Auburn University, also played the piano.

Bob Richardson played the piano most of the time, and Ursula’s daughter Kate, who was in the music department at Auburn University, also played the piano.

Doing something and then getting bored with it after a month and stopping might work in many areas of life - learning to play the piano perhaps - but it doesn't apply to controlling an epidemic like this one.

"He had always played the piano well but he really focused very hard on his music and started to learn to accompany some of the greats," she said.

Helfer hasn’t played the piano at all lately.

She played the piano and loved to sing. She also sang with the local chapter of Sweet Adelines.

Despite the challenge of having a smaller hand than someone who does not have Apert Syndrome, I have played the piano for the past 14 years, and completed my grade 8 practical exam in the summer of 2016.

He neither visited the Composers' Union nor attended concerts; he no longer conducted and almost never played the piano; he did not go to the telephone; he even gave up chess, which he had loved since childhood.

In his spare time, Karel still loves to play the piano and plays in clubs, concert halls and in the studio whenever possible.

I played the piano.

I wish to download melodies in midi file, edit the files by removing the piano track then copy the edited melody to cd so that I can play the melody without the piano track so that my Nephew can play the piano to the melody.

She would venture out for a smoke, sometimes played the piano, went to group therapy--not for abuse--and eventually got involved in the woodworking program.

Then, instead of using the computer keyboard buttons to play the piano, you can hook the Makey Makey to something fun, like bananas, and the bananas become your piano keys.