118 examples of play the piano in sentences

We fail to recognize the plain and simple truth that many of us are not able to lovejust as there are many who are not able to play the piano or to sing.

He remarked to Keziah, "It won't be of any use for anybody to try to sit on that sofa and play the piano.

A girl might as well master the Assyrian language in order to compose hymns to Tiglath-Pileser as learn to play the piano nowadays, but bridge is played at children's parties; let us not speak ill of the Bridge that has carried us over.

A party could be given in this barn with mother to play the piano and Mr. Popham the fiddle.

"When I was born there was no Daily Mail, when I went to school I was taught to play the piano with my fingers, and when I married people hadn't begun to 'jazz.'

I can sing a little, play the piano a little, auction bridge a good deal; I can cook, and sew fancy things.

There are good pianists, soloists, who are not good accompanists; it takes more than just the ability to play the piano to work with a singer, and especially with a singer like me.

I can play the piano anyway, if there's no one to talk to.

Edward, who felt that there was a sort of void, one evening called upon the Captain to fetch his violinCharlotte should play the piano, and he should accompany her.

He was not the least interested in his legal studies, but loved to play the piano, and write letters, and dream of literature, to idolise Jean Paul Richter and to indulge a most commendable passion for good cigars.

As soon as his wife or any visitor started to play the piano the dog always began to howlplaintively, he saidas if it were hurt.

All could "play the piano"; all declaredand believedthat they "knew French."

Then they breakfast, and wonder if they will read or play the piano or walk, or if it matters a scrap if they do none of these things, and presently they look at the papers, and they see the war is going on still, and people are being killed, and they wonder to what end.

Does she know how to play the piano?

Are ye thinkin', maybe, that I'd a faither to send me to college and gie me masters to teach me to sing my songs, and to play the piano?

The melody way to play the piano; more melodies.

R598965. Teach yourself to play the piano.

R636311. How to play the piano by the Jacques Fray speed method.

The melody way to play the piano; more melodies.

Leo Lerman (A); 7Mar68; R431021. LEROY, AUDREY. How to play the piano by ear.

How to play the piano by ear; the quick, easy, simple way.

R598965. Teach yourself to play the piano.


If you were used to spending your days in the shade of yellow walls, with your choice of hammocks, and with nothing to do but feed the parrot and play the piano, why, I guess you'd" She broke off and stared about her.

"Draw," said Loth vaguely, "and play the piano, and go to the theatre, andyes, and read poetry books that don't teach you anything.

118 examples of  play the piano  in sentences