1473 examples of pleas in sentences

Spallanzani joined issue with the English naturalist on both these pleas, and he showed that if, in the first place, the glass vessels in which the infusions were contained were hermetically sealed by fusing their necks, and if, in the second place, they were exposed to the temperature of boiling water for three-quarters of an hour, no animalcules ever made their appearance within them.

And even these blockheads are beginning to get tired of my self-defense pleas.

He loved our free institutions, he had a serene and steady confidence in their duration and his published writings are for the most part eloquent pleas for freedom, political equality and toleration.

But such pleas do no more than suggest other faults of swearing, and good arguments against it; its impertinence, its abuse of speech, its disgracing the practiser of it in point of judgment and capacity.

No flushesthat most irrational of all pleas that a reasonable being can set up:that any one should claim four by virtue of holding cards of the same mark and colour, without reference to the playing of the game, or the individual worth or pretensions of the cards themselves!

In the present case, my lords, I can discover no impropriety in mentioning it; for I suppose that noble lord did not intend to restrain it to the most rigorous sense; he did not mean, that there is the same necessity of reading this bill to-morrow for the success of the war, as of extinguishing a fire for the preservation of a town; but that the reasons for despatch absolutely overbalanced all the pleas that could be offered for delays.

It was in an action for nuisance before Tindal, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, at Croydon Assizes.

The issue had been awarded, and the case certified to the Common Pleas for trial, and placed on the trial list for the May term of court.

But circumstanced as I was, I have chosen rather to consider these peculiarities as pleas for the candour of my readers, than as motives to withdraw myself from so important an undertaking.

No pleas of defence were admitted.

What sufficiency he hath in criticism, the foul copies of his special pleas will tell you.

On the news of this revolution, the council advised that St. John, the chief justice of the Common Pleas, and Strickland, the former envoy, should be appointed ambassadors extraordinary to the States General.

Their pleas, prayers, prostrations, to move her to relent.

at the Inner Temple, 20th May, 1593; B. A. 22d June, 1594; and afterwards a barrister and reporter in the Court of Common Pleas.

[Illustration: Though gay and pleas-ing to the sight, The Vi-per has a dead-ly bite.

I cannot conceive how any logical mind, having once admitted the principle of divorce, can hesitate at making these entirely home-wrecking things the basis of effective pleas.

Ma says she dont kno why we have a pfhone any how becuase every time she is youseing it a woman buts in & jiggles the hook & says will you pleas hang up so I can call a Dr. & when Ma hangs up & then lissens in to see who is sick, wy this woman calls up a lady f rend & they nock Ma back & 4th over the wyre for ours & some times they say I bet she is lisening in on us dont you.

D'ye ken hoo many pleas for siller I get each and every day o' ma life?

STANDARD PENNSYLVANIA PRACTICE; a complete statement of the practice in civil cases in the Courts of Common Pleas, Municipal Court of Philadelphia, County Court of Allegheny County, and in the Superior and Supreme Courts, with forms.

There could at least be no half-hearted measure now; no petty pleas of economy; no penurious doling out of men and money.

My mother's name was Marion Blevin and she belonged to the family of Pleas Blevin.

He would pick flaws in pleas; he would postpone; he would browbeat witnesses; he would take exceptions to the rulings of the court in order to excite the sympathy of the jury; he would object to testimony on the other side, and try to get in irrelevant testimony on his own; he would abuse the opposing counsel, crying out, "The counsel on the other side lies like thunder, and he knows it!"

For instance, six years later, in the 8th of Richard II is a clause complaining that "divers Pleas concerning the Common Law, and which by the Common Law ought to be examined and discussed, are of late drawn before the Constable and Marshal of England, to the great Damage and Disquietness of the People."

There is another statute requiring Parliament to be held once a year; and, more interesting, that pleas should be made in the English language, for "the French tongue is much unknown in said Realm of England," but the judgments are to be enrolled in Latin.

He had been for several years an associate judge of the court of common pleas for Geauga county, and had an extensive acquaintance and influence.

1473 examples of  pleas  in sentences