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135 example sentences with  please tell me

135 example sentences with please tell me

"My dear fellow," I said, "please tell me where I have read something like what you have spoken?"

"Now please tell me, Mr. Gifford, what I am longing to hear."

Please tell me how to make my ideal real."

The children are all sleeping peacefully, so please tell me about it."

"Please tell me exactly where and how you saw the child," the sister urged.

"Please tell me what she is like, when you have seen her.

"Oh, please tell me what you know about him."

"Tell me how you won it, Bert," I said; "please tell me."

"Please tell me what to do," Marjorie entreated.

"Grandma, please tell me something that happened when you were little," coaxed Marjorie, as she placed the knitting back in the old fingers.

"Please tell me..." "Well, you see ...

He said, "Please tell me how you burned your paw, I am never tired hearing about it."

Don't you remember that Santa Claus gave Bushy-Tail a pair of magic mittens?" Tippy Toes said, politely, "Please tell me about it."

Please tell me if he is indeed fatally ill?" "It was thought so some months ago; now I hope.

Please tell me all.

But he soon discovered a man standing, in his shirt-sleeves, behind a bar, and he went up to him and said: "Will you please tell me, sir, which is the nearest way to the railroad station?" "Which station d'ye want to go to, bub?" inquired the man, leaning over the bar to look at him.

"Please tell me.

'Please tell me how it could have been done,' she said.

'Please tell me!

And now that we are alone,' she went on, 'please tell me.'

Now, Francis, please tell me the truth.

"Now please tell me where I come in."

Will you please tell me all the ways of holding the reins?"

And now, please tell me what he said about the direction in which the biplane was headed, at the last instant he could see it far away in the distance."

Will you please tell me why the house is frigid?

"Will you please tell me the time?"

Suddenly she asked again, "Will you please tell me what time it isnow?"

Please tell me, wasn't your master's mother Sofya Pavlovna, the wife of General Babรกyev?

She took her seat, and when Sir John had seated himself beside her, she said: "Please tell me what you know of her."

[Illustration: John G. Whittier.] * * * * * 64 Mars so' lar (ler) Ve' nus plan' ets Mer' cu ry di am' e ter com' pass es sat' el lite tel' e scope grad' u al ly in' ter est ing cir cum' fer ence THE SUN'S FAMILY "Please tell me a story, Frank" said Philip, as the two boys sat in the shade of a large tree.

Please tell me all about it."

"Miss Herndon," I spluttered, "if I could do anything to help you, please tell me.

Do please tell me where it is, and what kind of a place.'

"Oh, please tell me!"

But before I say any more, please tell me who you are.''I

"I suppose I must go and do the best I can," she said, "but, aunt, please tell me one thing.

"Don Teodoro," asked the Sicilian, at last, in a low voice, "please tell me your view of the case, as a priest.

" "You're right," said Ralph, holding up the lamp, and looking about him; "but please tell me, where are the stairs?

Jane said, 'Arthur, please tell me.

"Oh, Mr. Tyler, do please tell me about poor Miss Brady!"

"I stepped out and asked her to please tell me where to go for the night.

'Will you please tell me your quality?'

Will you please tell me how it happens that this fact of vital importance has been concealed from the police for over six hours?" "Why," stammered the other, "II don't know."

"Please tell me where you are going to take me."

"O dear mother, please tell me about being, and then I shall know better about doing."

"Then please tell me something.

Will you send me some more pictures, and in your letter please tell me how to make the light-green in the large arbutus leaf; I tried all sorts of experiments, but failed to get such a toned-down tint.

"Please tell me, Blanche.

"Please tell me about him," Bedient said.

"And now please tell me all about it." TWENTY-EIGHTH CHAPTER A FURTHER NOTE FROM REY "I had a long mental work-out this morning in the room before breakfast," she began.

"No." "I'm very tired and stupid; please tell me in little words," she pleaded.

"Of course she is safe and well," I said, "or you would not be here, and before you say anything more about her, please tell me what you meant by that terrible word '

"Please tell me," she completed.

To caper I wish in the chorus of style, And wed an aristocrat after a while So please tell me truly, and please tell me fair, Just how many miles it's from Madison Square.

To caper I wish in the chorus of style, And wed an aristocrat after a while So please tell me truly, and please tell me fair, Just how many miles it's from Madison Square.

"Now, my dear," she said quietly, "will you please tell me the whole story?

"Now will you please tell me how in the world you knew that I was Miss Abbott?

"Please tell me the names of some of the birds that live here all the time," said Nat.

" "Please tell me the names of some winter visitors," said Rap.

"I don't want to hurt youyou know that; but please tell me, did you really do it?

"Please tell me everything that has happened.

"Oh, mama," said Bessie, who had felt strange about the matter, "please tell me yes or no, and I'll say no more about it."

"I think, Mama," said Bessie, "I understand youbut you spoke of the experience of sanctification; please tell me what that means."

Please tell me, also, whether slavery is not an infringement of the Constitution of the United States.

At the close of one of her letters, Sarah says: "Now just as it has come into my head, please tell me whether thy clothing costs one hundred dollars per annum?

"Ah, uncle, please tell me why," coaxed Yolanda, with trouble in her eyes and grief at the corners of her mouth.

"Please tell me, dear lady," said Agnes, after supper, "who is that holy man that prayed with us?" "Oh, hehe is the Cardinal Capello," said the Princess.

" "Please tell me when was the boy taken," said Trove.

"Please tell me."

"Please tell me," he urged.

Doyle entered, and, addressing Lieutenant Foster, said, "Will you please tell me, lieutenant, what I am confined for?"

"Please tell me exactly what you mean by that," said I. "You know very well what I mean," he replied.

Do you feel free to undertake it for us?" "Please tell me what you have in mind, General," I said, more with the view of softening a predetermined refusal than with any intention of heeding his wishes.

Please tell me if you love life."

Again I spoke, "Will you please tell me what brigade that is?"

Please tell me all else that you know, Mr. Wilkeson."

Dear, dear Christina, please tell me what is the matter.

"Please tell me aboutbut, no, no," hastily.

Please tell me, who taught her to play with it?

As soon as I could make my escape, I went to General Kukel and said: "Will you please tell me, Your Excellency, what's the matter with my Russian?" "What makes you think there's anything the matter with it?"

So will you please tell me what happened in the latter place?"

"Will you please tell me one thingtoto set my mind at rest?

Please tell me what it is!

Please tell me!"

If ever there is anything I can do to help you, please tell me!"

"And will you please tell me," I said at length, "who are the Misses de Lambert?"

"Will you please tell me, sir, what is the extreme penalty for bigamy?" Justice Brewer smiled and answered: "Two mothers-in-law."

"Please tell me what you mean," said Anne.

"It was out of kindness to me," said Anne: and then, with a wonderful advance of confidence, she added, "Please tell me how you, a minister, can regret it?" "Because I think it would be easier to prevent mischief than when there has to be a continual invention of something original.

If itโ€™s not too much to ask, please tell me what we could have done better.โ€

โ€œOmg please tell me your secrets.

Please tell me I'm not alone.

But really, it has been a long day, so please tell me the $ amount for what I have just committed to!

Can the minister please tell me what the recommendations of the 2002 detoxification review are, or is it finished?

Can you please tell me/us why not stick with those powerfull and large drivers?

Could the hon. member please tell me if he wishes to split the 40 minutes allocated to him into two periods of 20 minutes?

Hi Latanville, Would you please tell me what is your browser?

If anyone is familiar with this place, can you please tell me the significance of the word "Parol" that is spray painted all over?

I have to know please tell me the recipe!

While you're on your feet, could you please tell me who the chair of the committee is?