118 examples of please tell me in sentences

"Please tell me exactly where and how you saw the child," the sister urged.

"Oh, please tell me what you know about him.

"Please tell me some more about the Englishman," said Miss Laura.

He said, "Please tell me how you burned your paw, I am never tired hearing about it.

Don't you remember that Santa Claus gave Bushy-Tail a pair of magic mittens?" Tippy Toes said, politely, "Please tell me about it.

Please tell me if he is indeed fatally ill?"

'Please tell me how it could have been done,' she said.

"Now please tell me where I come in.

" "Will somebody please tell me where my middy is?"

"I suppose I must go and do the best I can," she said, "but, aunt, please tell me one thing.

"Please tell me about Mrs. Hudson and your daughters?"

The second time he bent to the mound of earth, and said, "Please tell me now, Miss Anna, whose grave this is;" and there were tears in his eyes that made them for the moment grandly brown.

"Oh, Mr. Tyler, do please tell me about poor Miss Brady!"

She said, "Please tell me if any one sent you here?"

To caper I wish in the chorus of style, And wed an aristocrat after a while So please tell me truly, and please tell me fair, Just how many miles it's from Madison Square.

" "Please tell me the names of some of the birds that live here all the time," said Nat.

"Please tell me everything that has happened.

" "Ah, uncle, please tell me why," coaxed Yolanda, with trouble in her eyes and grief at the corners of her mouth.

" "Please tell me when was the boy taken," said Trove.

Doyle entered, and, addressing Lieutenant Foster, said, "Will you please tell me, lieutenant, what I am confined for?" "No, sir," replied the officer; "you know your offence well enough; return to your place of confinement.

" "Please tell me exactly what you mean by that," said I.

Again I spoke, "Will you please tell me what brigade that is?" A voice replied, "Our brigade!"

Dear, dear Christina, please tell me what is the matter.

"Please tell me aboutbut, no, no," hastily.

"Please tell me where he is!" He looked at her for a moment or two in silence.

118 examples of  please tell me  in sentences