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1176 examples of  plume  in sentences

1176 examples of plume in sentences

The river, for miles above and below, consists of a succession of small falls from ten to sixty feet in height, connected by flat, plume-like cascades that go flashing from fall to fall, free and almost channelless, over waving folds of glacier-polished granite.

Any one who has achieved so remarkable a success, at this place, can safely plume himself on his patience and physical endurance.

" He was occupied for some time, but when a plume of steam blew from the escape-pipe he came up to the door and looked about.

A plume of steam that looked faint and diaphanous in the strong light blew away from the noisy machine.

He lets you know that if you think it suitable to send them a helmet of cardboard with a red plume, he will put it by for the present.

You thought that if a poor little chap had no shirt, he would be glad to get a fine helmet with a plume for his head," Kurt said laughing.

"That crest of verdure, which resembles a plume of feathers, speaks of a thousand things to the imagination.

And none were braver in the tented field, Like lightning heralding the doomful bolt; The enemy beheld his snowy plume, And death-lights flashed along his glancing spear.

" Mrs. Steadman sat in front, with the purple plume in her hat nodding its approval:

She blushes like the rich pomegranate flower; Her eyes are soft and sweet as the narcissus, Her lashes from the raven's jetty plume Have stolen their blackness, and her brows are bent Like archer's bow.

The Indians, commonly, by holding a large plume of feathers before them, and walking gently forward, drive the ostriches into some narrow neck, or point of land, then, spreading a strong net from one side to the other, to hinder them from returning back to the open fields, set their dogs upon them, thus confined between the net and the water, and when they are thrown on their backs, rush in and take them.

His dark blue coat, buttoned to his chin, his sash, his belt and gilt sword, his chapeau-bras with flowing plume, set off his manly form.

Still spitting and clawing, with its tail standing out like an enormous yellow plume, it dashed toward the barn, eager to put distance between itself and the thing that had been torturing it.

One wants money, another wants situations, another wants a decorative collar round his neck, another a plume in his hat, another embroidery on his sleeve, another women, another power; another news for the Bourse, another a railway, another wine.

"By Mars' red plume! Are you the man they call Maternus?" Sextus retorted with a challenge: "Now will you send for your commander?

So stately his form, and so lovely her face, That never a hall such a galliard did grace; While her mother did fret and her father did fume, And the bridegroom stood dangling his bonnet and plume, And the bride-maidens whispered, "'Twere better by far To have matched our fair cousin with young Lochinvar." VII.

right well I mind me that you told me, once, your heart Often rebelled against the well-defined, And I should be content to have my eyes The motley colour of your falcon's plume, Lest they make you rebel.

His helmet lay upon the sand; its crest, A floating plume of deep-hued violet, Was tossed and torn in fury by the wind Until it seemed a thing of life.

He stood And watched it, only half aware at first That it was there, then scarce aware of aught Besides the plume.

I fear me, if I stay Within the circle of her tempting charm, I shall, through some wild impulse, wantonly Fling my unsullied knighthood to the winds, As now I flung the plume from out my helm.

"Farewell, my Kathanal, take as you go This spotless scarf, the girdle from my robe, And put it where the purple plume has been, And wear it as my favour in your helm.

If that lost plume was darksome omen ill, Let this defy it with an omen fair, A prophecy to spur you on your quest.

My heart says it is better as it is; I joy me that you flung into the sea That purple plume my loving, longing gaze Has often followed in the tournament.

Marie Antoinette was in full evening costume, and her hair was dressed with a plume of tricolor feathers.

He wore an armor of gold enameled with green, a plume of green feathers, and a lance adorned with green ribbons.

The arms of the first were gold and blue, with a plume of the same color; those of the last were white.

Harmonious lays the feather'd race resume, Dart the bright eye, and shake the painted plume. &c. &c." * *

We have no cause then to plume ourselves that we have disproved the truth of economic laws when we declare that we seldom weigh the utility of anything against its price.

As the cheerful clatter of the trip-hammer echoed along the stream on still evenings, and the fiery plume waved over the chimney, neighbors looked out from their windows, and wondered if the good blacksmith would, after so many years of honest toil, be stripped of his property and be reduced to dependence in his old age.

It was at this period that he chose to set up in his habitation in the Rue Cassini a sort of altar, on which he placed a small statue of the Emperor, with these words engraved upon the pedestal: "Ce qu'il avait commencé par l'épée, Je l'achèverai par la plume!"

The old ones have straight gray stems, often prickly enough, and thickened in the middle; gray last year's leaves hanging down; and feathering round the top, a circular plume of pale green leaves, like those of a coconut.

[Fr.]. wreath, festoon, garland, chaplet, flower, nosegay, bouquet, posy, daisies pied and violets blue, tassel, [Love's Labor's Lost], knot; shoulder knot, apaulette^, epaulet, aigulet^, frog; star, rosette, bow; feather, plume, pompom^, panache, aigrette.

[Pope], carry with a high hand; ride the high horse, mount on one's high horse; set one's back up, bridle, toss the head; give oneself airs &c (assume) 885; boast &c 884. pride oneself on; glory in, take a pride in; pique oneself, plume oneself, hug oneself; stand upon, be proud of; put a good face on; not hide one's light under a bushel, not put one's talent in a napkin; not think small beer of oneself &c (vanity) 880.

To affect a quality, and to plume yourself upon it, is just to confess that you have not got it.

" Her marbled plume with crimson dight, Seaward she soared, and bent her flight Above the ridge of foaming white Along the harbour hollow; Then, looking grimly toward the strait, Said WILLIAM, "Truly, soon or late, There where she hovers is my fate, And where she falls I follow.

In other words, I was looking for the little white egret, a bird concerning which, thanks to the murderous work of plume-hunters,thanks, also, to those good women who pay for having the work done,I must confess that I went to Florida and came home again without certainly seeing it.

His first attempt in this kind of fiction was 'The Man of Sorrow,' published under the nom de plume of Alfred Allendale.

" "Better take no chances," Adam replied, glancing at the Rio Negro's funnel, from which a faint plume of vapor floated.

The castle seemed the very neat and lair Of animal, supplied with plume and quill.

It should be profusely feathered so as to give the appearance of a beautiful "plume" on the animal's back.

she said we must do; de ole nest of slavery was broke up, but she said we mus'n't get discouraged, but we must plume our wings for higher flying.

The purple pall, the nodding plume of tragedy are exploded as mere pantomime and trick, to return to the simplicity of truth and nature.

At other times the Elm assumes the shape of a plume, presenting a singularly fantastical appearance.

Sometimes it is subdivided at the usual height into three or four long branches, which are wreathed In the same manner, and form a compound plume.

It was impossible not to plume oneself a little on the whole, but the feeling was a superficial one, with deeper and uneasier feelings underneath.

A Neville, nowadays, must vail his plume to a Woodville!

I could not but highly plume myself on my masterly management in getting rid of Bartleby.

There was placed within the circlet a black plume with a red rose, the last of the season, which the good father who kept the garden had presented to her that morning, as the badge of her husband's house.

The lord of Rovastre regained his band and tilted with the second lance, with which he did his duty thoroughly ... but the Good Knight struck him on the visor, and carried off his plume of feathers (panache) and made him tremble, although he kept his seat on horseback.

" ANASTASIUS GRÜN, the nom de plume of Anton Alexander von Auersperg, a German poet (1806-1876).

CURRER BELL, the nom de plume of Charlotte Brontê, author of Jane Eyre [Air] (1816-1855).

" "If I cross out his name, or give him a nom de plume?"

Before the last call, she donned her wraps and went out to Plume Street.

I see the jaunty hat, the plume Swerve bird-like in the joyous gale, The cheeks lit up to burning bloom, The young eyes sparkling through the veil.

And Castor likewise poised his quivering lance; High waved the plume on either warrior's helm.

Every bough is like a long ostrich plume, and when one of them stands among the dark pines, it seems so light and airy that the wind might carry it away.

I am certain he will object to that yellow paradise-plume in your hat.

He felt the unreflective enthusiasm which all pacific and sedentary beings have for the plume and the sword.

The plume, and the lank hair, the point of the rapier-scabbard, the flutter of the skirt of the cloak, and one red stocking and heel; and this was the last he saw of him.

Beyond these acresupon which there were no treesthe orange groves were massed in dark green blocks and squares; with, here and there, thin rows of palms; clumps of peppers; or tall, plume-like eucalyptus; to mark the roads and the ranch homes.

Red plume returns.

Red Plume of the Royal Northwest mounted.

Plume rouge; a novel of the pathfinders.

Prete-moi ta plume.

Red plume returns.

Plume of the Arawas.

There was wailing on the early breeze, and darkness in the sky, When, with sable plume, and cloak, and pall, a funeral train swept by; MethoughtSt.

The sun shines, through its plume, with the softest and loveliest splendor.

A white plume upon his head had made him conspicuous, and as, for so short a ride, he had left off his cuirass, three balls had passed through him from side to side.

I hope our own countrymen, who plume themselves on going ahead in utilitarian enterprises, will show the world what they can do in this.

Ne sortez point de vostre chãbre, portant vostre plume à vostre bouche, ou sur vostre aureille.

I have seen a couple of Rivers appear in red Stockings; and Alpheus, instead of having his Head covered with Sedge and Bull-Rushes, making Love in a fair full-bottomed Perriwig, and a Plume of Feathers; but with a Voice so full of Shakes and Quavers that I should have thought the Murmurs of a Country Brook the much more agreeable Musick.

In the summer of '42 I began to write stories and rhymes, under the nom de plume of "Jennie Deans," for The Dollar Newspaper and Neal's Saturday Gazette, both of Philadelphia.

A heron's plume clasped with a diamond brooch adorned the cap.

At these words the Chamberlain, with a hasty step that made the plume of his helmet tremble, strode up to the knacker and threw him a purse full of money.

In the course of a most interesting conversation I ventured to ask her to give me the origin of her well-known nom-de-plume of "Jenny June."

Thirty years after I had assumed my nom-de-plume a gray-haired stranger called at my house one day and asked to see me.

Her memory is fragrant as the month from which she took her nom-de-plume, and will at least be cherished by those whom her gentle discourse, continued for more than a generation, has entertained and instructed. From St. Clair McKelway, in the Brooklyn Eagle

Seaward, he glanced at the fishing-boats lying motionless in the offing, and the coastwise steamer that runs between Nice and Genoa trailing a thin plume of smoke between him and their white sails.

[Footnote C: See 'Paradise Lost', book XI., where Adam points out to Eve the ominous sign of the Eagle chasing "two Birds of gayest plume," and the gentle Hart and Hind pursued by their enemy.

The evening was young, and, at his friend's suggestion, they returned to the Plume of Feathers.

" "Ah, that's what you think," retorted Mr. Mills, with a smile; "but the barmaid at the Plume didn't.

I see his business now; 'tis with Melissa's two daughters: Look, look, how he peeps about, to see if the coast be clear; like an hawk that will not plume, if she be looked on.

Rosamond was inventing a feather for her hat out of the best of an old black-cock plume, and some bits of beautiful downy white ones with smooth tips, that she brought forth out of a box.

" Rosamond was so busy fastening in the plume, and giving it the right set-up, that she talked a little delirium of nonsense.

He would go to it without preparation; he would grow weary of the hopelessness of the task, and fly away to some pleasant perch, and plume his wing for another flight, I fear.

It sang the Marseillaise for thee, and thou didst kiss the plume that fell from its wing: it came in the lustre of Paradise, and thou perhaps didst turn thyself away to some poor sparrow that sat with merest tinsel on its wings.

BON GAULTIER, nom de plume assumed by Professor Aytoun and Sir Theodore Martin.

BOZ, a nom de plume under which Dickens wrote at first, being his nickname when a boy for a little brother.

ELIA, the nom de plume adopted by Charles Lamb in connection with his Essays.

MEREDITH, OWEN, the nom de plume assumed by Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, from his descent from a Welsh noble of the name.

Against the dim, dilating skies Orion's radiant mysteries Of belt, and plume, and helmet rise I seewith flashing sword in hand, With eyes sublime, and forehead grand The conquering constellation stand!

Her strong heart hammered in her breast, As o'er a distant woody crest A dim gray plume of vapor trailed; And nearer, clearer, by and by, Like the faint echo of a cry, A warning whistle shrilled and wailed!

Miss Biles began to write poetry when about eighteen years of age, and for the ensuing five years was a frequent contributor to The Cecil Democrat, under the nom de plume of "Gertrude St. Orme.

In early life Mr. Scott began to write poetry, and continued to write for the local newspapers under the nom de plume of "Anselmo," and the Philadelphia Dollar Newspaper during the time he was engaged in teaching school, and occasionally for the county papers until the close of his life.

For the common defense, in the blue ether above the beautiful island of Cuba is poised the eagle.' 'Whose golden plume Floats moveless on the storm and in the blaze Of sunrise gleams when earth is wrapt in gloom.'

I would have fought and died for her with my best lance and plume.

Pass on, I will attend you safely to your seat," and, obeying the wave of his hand, I followed the direction of Mrs. Stanbury's white plume as observingly as did the followers of Henry of Navarre, without turning again until I reached the box she had entered.

#plume#, f., feather; pen. #plus#, more; # de#, more, no more, more than; #de #, longer, moreover, besides; #au #, at best, at most; #ne ... plus#, no more, no longer; #ne ... que#, p.38, l.30, anything but. #plusieurs#, several.

'Je n'ai point de sceptre,' he ominously shot out to Madame Denis, 'mais j'ai une plume.'