240 examples of pluralities in sentences

I spoke in pluralities, Signore, because the Rialto has some stake in this marriage as well as the house of Gradenigo.

Or suppose, lastly, that you were not fully satisfied that Pluralities were lawful or convenient.

A limitation of pluralities and enforcement of residence had also been effected.

Meanwhile, all the chief benefices of the kingdom were conferred on Italians; great numbers of that nation were sent over at one time to be provided for; non-residence and pluralities were carried to an enormous height; Mansel, the king's chaplain, is computed to have held at once seven hundred ecclesiastical livings; and the abuses became so evident as to be palpable to the blindness of superstition itself.

"The pope and king," he exclaims, "were never more earnest for the headship of the church, than the plurality of this parliament" (196, 198, 199, 201, 216).]

One very important reform of a different kind was also provided for in the abolition of pluralities, the bill prohibiting the holding of two livings by the same person except they were within ten miles of each other.

In the last years of the eighteenth century there was a sudden awakening among the bishops to the growing abuse of non-residence and pluralities on the part of the clergy.

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The system of Pluralities left isolated parishes in a condition of practical heathenism.

Defence of Pluralities, ii. 242.

By all means avoid a plurality of Presbyterian denominations in the same locality.

Johnson said, I might see the subject well treated in the Defence of Pluralities; and although he thought that a patron should exercise his right with tenderness to the inclinations of the people of a parish, he was very clear as to his right.

For if there were any common unity to which they should be referred, it would be that unity and not its two manifestations which would be the ultimate explanation ... and the theory, having thus become monistic,' would resolve itself into the same alternative once more: is the single principle rational through and through or not? 'Can a plurality of reals be possible?' asks Mr. Bradley, and answers, 'No, impossible.'

For it would mean a number of beings not dependent on each other, and this independence their plurality would contradict.

Its diverse appearances break it into a plurality; and our world of objects then falls into discontinuous pieces quite as much as did our world of subjects.

Conceptually, time excludes space; motion and rest exclude each other; approach excludes contact; presence excludes absence; unity excludes plurality; independence excludes relativity; 'mine' excludes 'yours'; this connexion excludes that connexionand so on indefinitely; whereas in the real concrete sensible flux of life experiences compenetrate each other so that it is not easy to know just what is excluded and what not.

Wrote "A Treatise on the Celibacy of the Clergy;" "The Enthusiasm of the Church of Rome demonstrated in the Life of Ignatius Loyola;" "A Defence of Pluralities;" "Specimen of Errors in Burnet's 'History of the Reformation;'" "Anglia Sacra, sive Collectio Historiarum;" and "History of Archbishop Laud."

Another of his quarrels is against pluralities and non-residence: As to the former, it is a word of ill name, but not well understood.

To ye 1st Quest whether a plurality of witnesses be necessary, legally to evidence one and ye same individual fact?

" "That if the proofe of the fact do depend wholly upon testimony, there is then a necessity of a plurality of witnesses, to testify to one & ye same individual fact; & without such a plurality, there can be no legall evidence of it.

Wee anser, that it is not the pleasure of ye Most High, to suffer the wicked one to make an undistinguishable representation of any innocent person in a way of doing mischiefe, before a plurality of witnesses.

" MAJORITY, PLURALITY.A majority is more than half the whole number; a plurality is the excess of votes given for one candidate over those given for another, and is not necessarily a majority when there are more than two candidates.

Calhoun was nominated by a majority (plurality).


Besides, in most of the States the members of the House of Representatives are chosen by pluralities, and not by majorities of all the voters in their respective districts, and it may happen that a majority of that House may be returned by a less aggregate vote of the people than that received by the minority.

240 examples of  pluralities  in sentences