521 examples of po in sentences

It was the same movement assuredly which led the Gauls to the countries through which the middle course of the Danube extends, and to the Po; and could the people who came in a few days from Clusium to Rome, and afterward appeared in Apulia, have been sitting quiet in a corner of Italy for two hundred years?

The Umbrians still inhabited the country on the lower Po, in the modern Romagna and Urbino, parts of which were occupied by Liburnians.

The violence of its first assault burst, with a mighty sound, between the Po and the Ticinus.

Many warriors of the Ligurian tribes joined him; and, crossing the River Po, he marched down its southern bank to the city of Placentia, which he wished to secure as a base for his future operations.

Meanwhile, the Sardinian army, composed of sixty thousand men, awaited the arrival of the French forces on the right bank of the Po.

The Austrian troops covered a long tract, from Novara to Vercelli, then extended down the line of the Sesia as far as the Po, and thence reached the mouth of the Tanaro.

Gyulai, seeing the enemy concentrated on the right bank of the Po, believed that Napoleon.

Napoleon now prepared a bold flank movement, by leaving the Po for the Ticino, and to mask this manoeuvre ordered the Sardinians to make an advance.

Again, the Po, which had flooded a large portion of the surrounding territory, suddenly receded and left behind on the dry land a vast number of snakes.

Napoleon's career on the banks of the Po was so brilliant, unexpected, and startling, that his nation was filled with equal astonishment and admiration.

Wonder ef he knows he's born into the world, po' little thing!

He met but little resistance in the provinces south of the Po, but the Swiss meanwhile arrived in great force to defend Maximilian Sforza, whom, since they had reseated him on the throne, they regarded as their vassal.

"There might they see whence Po and Ister came.


"Or by the lazy Scheldt or wandering Po.

The Rubicon originally derived its importance from the fact that it was the boundary between all that part of the north of Italy which is formed by the valley of the Po, one of the richest and most magnificent countries of the world, and the more southern Roman territories.

This country of the Po constituted what was in those days called the hither Gaul, and was a Roman province.

She's not for po' little Hil'ry.

SEE The works of Li-Po.

SEE The works of Li-Po.

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SEE Li Po.

" "Can you think evil of a people who po' out their hearts in prayer and praise?

One day I went to the slave market and watched em barter off po niggers lake dey was hogs.

De po niggers went mad.

521 examples of  po  in sentences