227 examples of poached in sentences

Could he supply a couple of poached eggs and a cup of milk?

They were raw, but never had eggs, boiled, fried, or poached, tasted so nice before!

Grated nutmeg, pounded mace, or lemon-juice may also be added to enrich the flavour; and poached eggs are also frequently served with spinach: they should be placed on the top of it, and it should be garnished with sippets of toasted bread.

A few drops of the essence of either may be poured in the milk just before the whites are poached.

I wonder if the Eastern skies and Eastern odours seem Familiar to that gipsy man, as memories of a dream; Does Tigris' flow stir ancient dreams from immemorial rest Ere ever gipsy poached the trout of Itchen and of Test? Does something in him seem to know those red and arid lands Where dust of ancient cities sleeps beneath the drifted sands? Do Kurdish girls with lustrous eyes beneath their drooping lids

By the time I had had some poached eggs and a cup of tea, the Hunza Levies were waiting outside, so I got into my sword and trappings and went.

Perhaps, as two negatives make one affirmative, it may be thought that two layers of moonshine might coalesce into one pancake; and two Barmecide banquets might compose one poached egg.

Eggs are, of course, invaluable in many ways besides the more familiar boiled, poached, and scrambled.

Dish neatly in a flat, round, or oval shape, with poached eggs on top, and croutons of toast or fried bread round.

These men are usually poachers or receivers of poached goods.

Fried eggs, boiled eggs, poached eggs tickled their palates for mornings to come.

You must not conceal poached eggs about your person.

This new purveyor for the public taste, dislikes the catering of his predecessor, who poached in the fields of Murray; and, with a tacit censure upon his productions, has honestly bought the rareties which he has served up.

If our Minister has breakfasted late, he will go on till four or five, and then have tea and toast, and perhaps a poached egg; but if he is an early man, he craves for nutriment more substantial.

" "9 A.M.Sat down to my solitary breakfast of poached ekkas and paysandu tonga, with excellent chuprassies (something like scones).

CREAM TOAST WITH POACHED EGG.Prepare the cream toast as previously directed, and serve hot with a well-poached egg on each slice.

CREAM TOAST WITH POACHED EGG.Prepare the cream toast as previously directed, and serve hot with a well-poached egg on each slice.

EGGS POACHED IN TOMATOES.Take a pint of stewed tomatoes, cooked until they are homogeneous or which have been rubbed through a colander; season with salt if desired, and heat.

POACHED OR DROPPED EGGS.Break each egg into a saucer by itself.

POACHED EGGS WITH CREAM SAUCE.Poach eggs as in the foregoing, and pour over them a sauce made according to direction on page 351.

Serve the same as poached eggs, with or without toast.

POACHED OR DROPPED EGGS Fill a pan with boiling, salted water.

POACHED EGGS WITH FRIED TOMATOES Fry tomatoes (cut one-half inch thick) in butter, pepper and salt.

EGGS POACHED IN TOMATO SAUCE Make a sauce of one tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of flour, one and one-half cups of canned tomatoes rubbed through a strainer, a pinch of soda, salt, pepper and sugar to taste.

When it thickens and before it boils, have ready a half dozen nicely poached eggs and pour the sauce over them.

227 examples of  poached  in sentences