284 examples of poesy in sentences

I am sick of fops, and poesy, and prate, and shall leave the whole Castalian state to Bufo, or anybody else.

Byron, in wishing Moore from Ravenna a merry Christmas for 1820, proposes that they shall embark together in a newspaper, "with some improvement on the plan of the present scoundrels," "to give the age some new lights on policy, poesy, biography, criticism, morality, theology," &c. Moore absolutely refusing to entertain the idea, Hunt's name was brought forward in connexion with it, during tho visit of Shelley.

The following are specimens of his prosodial notions of our English heroic metre: "Dear as the temple's self, so does the moon, The passion poesy, glories infinite.

If the personage in Shelley's Elegy is to be regarded, not as the Muse Urania, but as Aphrodite Urania, she here represents spiritual or intellectual aspiration, the love of abstract beauty, the divine element in poesy or art.

The terms employed by Shelley seem to glance more particularly at that celebrated statue: this was the more appropriate as Byron had devoted to the same figure two famous stanzas in the 4th canto of Childe Harold 'Or view the Lord of the unerring bow, The God of life and poesy and light,' &c. 1. 9.

is the final line of Gray's Progress of Poesy.

I image to myself the little smoky room at the "Salutation and Cat," where we have sat together through the winter nights, beguiling the cares of life with poesy.

" The music of poesy may charm for a while the importunate, teasing cares of life; but the teased and troubled man is not in a disposition to make that music.

This sweetness of Mr. WALLER's Lyric Poesy was, afterwards, followed in the Epic, by Sir JOHN DENHAM, in his Cooper's Hill; a Poem which, your Lordship knows!

Sir PHILIP SIDNEY, in his Defence of Poesy, gives us one, which, in my opinion, is not the least considerable: I mean, the Help it brings to Memory; which Rhyme so knits up by the Affinity of Sounds, that by remembering the last word in one line, we often call to mind both the verses.


AN ESSAY OF Dramatic Poesy.

For, as to my own particular, I am so great a lover of Poesy, that I could wish them all rewarded, who attempt but to do well.

[that] we equal the Ancients in most kinds of Poesy, and in some, surpass them; neither know I any reason why I may not be as zealous for the reputation of our Age, as we find the Ancients themselves, in reference to those who lived before them.

[p. 497]: for Poesy is of so large extent, and so many (both of the Ancients and Moderns) have done well in all kinds of it, that, in citing one against the other, we shall take up more time this evening, than each man's occasions will allow him.

Therefore, I would ask CRITES to what part of Poesy, he would confine his arguments?

But my comfort is, if we were o'ercome, it will be only by our own countrymen; and if we yield to them in this one part of Poesy, we [the] more surpass them in all the other[s].

"Dramatic Poesy had time enough, reckoning from THESPIS who first invented it, to ARISTOPHANES; to be born, to grow up, and to flourish in maturity.

"Add to this, the more than common Emulation that was, in those times, of writing well: which, though it be found in all Ages and all persons that pretend to the same reputation: yet Poesy, being then in more esteem than now it is, had greater honours decreed to the Professors of it, and consequently the rivalship was more high between them.

[Footnote 2: Commonly posy: a little sentence engraved inside a ringperhaps originally a tiny couplet, therefore poesy, 1st Q., 'a poesie for a ring?']

And, By the Court of Muses be't decreed, What graces spring from Poesy's richer seed, When we name Fletcher shall be so proclaimed, As all that's Royall is when Cæsar's nam'd.

I take for granted, for instance, that every man has at one time or anotherin his salad days, you know, before he was embarked in his particular provision businesshad foolish yearnings towards poesy.

When young, he imagines the world to be filled with one ambition; later on, he finds that so indeed it isbut the name thereof is not Poesy.

Our good poet (by the whole cast of his work being obliged not to take off the irony) where he could not show his indignation, hath shewn his contempt, as much as possible; having here drawn as vile a picture as could be represented in the colours of Epic poesy."

Steals forward you will sweetly fall asleep For ever and for ever; I shall weep A day and night large tears upon your face, Laying you then beneath a rose-red place Where I may muse and dedicate and dream Volumes of poesy of you; and deem It happiness to know that you are far From any base desires as that fair star Set in the evening magnitude of heaven.

284 examples of  poesy  in sentences