128 examples of point of interest in sentences

Letters of inquiry on any | | point of interest within the scope of the Journal will | | receive prompt attention.

But endeavor to shape your narrative so dexterously around the bit of knowledge you wish to convey, that it may be the pivotal point of interest, that the child may not suspect for a moment your intention of instructing him under the guise of amusement.

Cotting's Store contains the postoffice and telephone booth, and is naturally the central point of interest.

Nearer and nearer steed and rider approached the point of interest.

The other point of interest is that when Maria de' Medici, Ferdinand's niece, wished to erect a statue of Henri IV (her late husband) at the Pont Neuf in Paris she asked to borrow Gian Bologna.

There are trams, it is truetoo many and too noisy, and too near the pavementbut the names of their outward destinations, from the centre, too rarely correspond to any point of interest that one is desiring.

The point of interest, for the Red-Cross prisoners at least, in our morning visits lay in the unveiling of the eatables we had brought.

Indeed, if pathos and the most impressive simplicity, and graceful beauty of all kinds, and abundant grandeur, can pay (as the reader, I believe, will think it does even in a prose abstract), for the pangs of moral discord and absurdity inflicted by the perusal of Dante's poem, it may challenge competition with any in point of interest.

Letters of inquiry on any | | point of interest within the scope of the Journal will | | receive prompt attention.

The next point of interest was Lake Baikal, or as it is more correctly described by the Russians, the "Baikal Sea."

The great point of interest is the succession in the Presidential chair.

The next point of interest on the Wall is the farmhouse of Carraw, which the Priors of Hexham Abbey once used as a summer retreat.

From Carham, having reached the last point of interest on the Tweed within the Northumbrian border, we must retrace our steps to Tillmouth, and follow the Tweed through pasture land and level haughs, until we come in sight of the steep cliffs and overhanging woods by Norham Castle.

" "Well, you have observed one point of interest, at any rate," said Thorndyke, taking the packet from me.

A point of interest is that it gives off at about the middle of the cannon a branch which bends obliquely downwards and behind the flexor tendons to join its fellow of the opposite sidenamely, the external plantar.

Beyond the fact of this branch descending, in the region of the pastern, 1 inch behind the digital artery, a further point of interest presents itself to the surgeon, and one to which attention must be paid.

A point of interest is its union with the sole.

The railroad station having been regained, Paterson is the next point of interest.

One additional point of interest in the present volume is, that the author is still living.

The point of interest I find to have been that I was paid for it.

Unus was the great point of interest for the moment.

After we had examined all that was to be seen here, our next point of interest was a graveyard, which, we had been informed by some of the household at Mrs. Carroll's, had been preserved upon the estate from a very early period.

Certain at least it is that I was the point of interest in that house; and I found there that the practice of virtue is not so disagreeable as many young men think it.

That the removal of this child has been fortunate for those who govern, is proved by the effect: insurrections are no longer talked of, the royalists are confounded, the point of interest is no more, and a sort of despondency and confusion prevails, which is highly favourable to a continuance of the present system.

The large bay discovered on our way to the southward now became the point of interest, and as daylight closed in the boats were secured in a small sandy cove, just within its southern point, where there were several native rafts, constructed precisely in the same manner as those seen in King's Sound, from which circumstance we called the place Raft Point.

128 examples of  point of interest  in sentences