120 examples of polignac in sentences

" Then took place the emigration of the nobles, among whom were Condé, Polignac, Broglie, to organize resistance to the revolution which had already conquered the King.

Even the prime minister Villèle, a legitimatist and an ultra-royalist, was too liberal for the king; and he was dismissed to make room for Martignac, and he again for Polignac, who had neither foresight nor prudence nor ability.

One of the first acts of his administration was the liberation of political prisoners, among whom was the famous Prince Polignac, the prime minister of Charles X.

Polignac seems quite firm, although certain he shall be in a minority of 1 to 2 or 3.

Polignac seems to be insensible rather than bold.

They had decided that Lord Stuart, if Prince Polignac endeavoured to draw from him in conversation his opinion, should say he was directed to offer none.

They seemed inclined to tell him, if Prince Polignac required his opinion by offering an explanation, to say we considered the measure adopted was in violation of the Charter.

At my suggestion, if Polignac asked his opinion more formally and offered no explanation, he was directed to request the explanation might be in writing, and he would transmit it to his Court, or it might be made through the French Ambassador here.

Polignac seems to have been firm after the beginning of the fight, and when Lafitte and others went to Marmont at the Tuileries, in the middle of the tumult, he declared concession impossible.

When Brougham accused the Duke of Wellington of advising Polignac, the whole meeting of his own friends expressed dissent.

Polignac, forgetting any were en congé, thought there were 12,000.

He counselled concession, but Polignac would not hear of it.

He said Polignac was l'homme le plus présomptueux he had ever seen.

No one could be more devoted to the Royal Family than Prince Polignac.'

Talleyrand says they have found an ébauche of Polignac's, telling Bourmont that his proposal that the money taken at Algiers should be given to the Legion of Honour could not be complied with, as the King intended to distribute it amongst his most faithful friends.

It seems probable the Chamber of Deputies will abolish the punishment of death for political offences, and so save Polignac.

It seems probable that the French will abolish the punishment of death, and so save Polignac.

The excitement against Polignac and Peyronnet increases, and the Ministers run the hazard of their places by attempting to save them.

Dr. Franklin and I have seen her in company with d'Artois and Coigny and the Duchesse de Polignac, than whom there is no more infamous woman in France, gambling and looking on at the wild dances and buffoonery of a guinguette, and, though her incognita was respected, think you the people did not know the Queen?

Every one moved hastily aside, but not before some were wounded; it is even said that several were killed, among them a bastard of Polignac.

The Count of Artois, egged on by Madame de Polignac, made urgent entreaties to the queen; she was attached to Brienne; she, however, resigned herself to giving him up, but with so many favors and such an exhibition of kindness towards all his family, that the public did not feel at all grateful to Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette felt it deeply and bitterly; in the preceding year, at the moment when M. de Calonne was disputing with the Assembly of notables, she wrote to the Duchess of Polignac who had gone to take the waters in England: "Where you are you can at least enjoy the pleasure of not hearing affairs talked about.

So it was, though with less violence, throughout the period known as the Restoration; and the Polignac movement of 1830, which led to the fall of the elder Bourbons, was a coup d'état, the object being the destruction of the Charter.

RÉMUSAT, CHARLES, COMTE DE, French politician and man of letters, born in Paris; was a Liberal in politics; drew up a protest against the ordinances of Polignac, which precipitated the revolution of July; was Minister of the Interior under Thiers, was exiled after the coup d'état, and gave himself mainly to philosophical studies thereafter (1797-1875).

Another "John" of my acquaintance was in the family of Mrs. Campbell of Ardnave, mother of the Princess Polignac and the Hon.

120 examples of  polignac  in sentences