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93 examples of  polynesia  in sentences

93 examples of polynesia in sentences

It was at first proposed that Williams and Moffat should go together to Polynesia; but Mr. Waugh remarked that "thae twa lads were ower young to gang together," so they were separated.

Many thousands of miles were traversed by him in the mission ship The Southern Cross, visiting the numerous islands of the Pacific known as Polynesia or Melanesia.

It is clear that the enormous area of Polynesia is, on the whole, an area over which depression has taken place to an immense extent; consequently a great continent, or assemblage of subcontinental masses of land must have existed at some former time, and that at a recent period, geologically speaking, in the area of the Pacific.

Throughout Polynesia garlands have been habitually worn on seasons of "religious solemnity or social rejoicing," and in Tonga they were employed as a token of respect.

WHATEVER DIFFERENCE IN ITS PHYSICAL NATURE, climate and soil may produce in this animal, his functional characteristics are the same in whatever part of the world he may be found; and whether in the trackless forests of South America, the coral isles of Polynesia, the jungles of India, or the spicy brakes of Sumatra, he is everywhere known for his gluttony, laziness, and indifference to the character and quality of his food.

Polynesia, and Terra Australis, may yet see us in company, as hardy cruisers.

V. Australia and Polynesia; or the prodigious multitude of islands in the, great: Pacific Ocean.

Its 433 million inhabitants, from Great Britain to Polynesia, from India and Egypt to Central Africa, are drawn from every division of the human race.

But after this he devised and founded an ingenious organisation for consolidating the literary interests of all the four continents (subsequently including Australasia and Polynesia), he himself presiding in the central office, which thus became a new theatre for the constantly repeated situation of an astonished stranger in the presence of a boldly scheming administrator found to be remarkably young.

Thus the coco-tree would seem to play an essential part in the ocean vagabondage of Malaysia and Polynesia.

While the former hold especially the immense, almost continental, regions of Australia (New Holland) and New Guinea, and also the larger archipelagos, such as New Hebrides, Solomon Islands, Fiji (Viti) Archipelagothat is, the western areasthe north and east, Micronesia and Polynesia, were occupied by lighter-colored peoples.

So the first division into Melanesia and Polynesia has in latest times come to be of value, and the dogma once fixed has remained.

He denied that there had been a primitive black race in Micronesia and Polynesia; in his opinion we have here to do with a single race.

I have, on various occasions, mentioned this probable pre-Malayan, or at least proto-Malayan, population which stands in nearest relation to the settling of Polynesia.

If it is borne in mind that belief in Anitos is widely diffused in Polynesia and in purely Malay areas, the drawing of certain conclusions therefrom concerning the prehistory of the Philippines is to be despaired of.

There are several islands in Polynesia that have been looked upon from time immemorial as islands of the dead.

" I made a foolish break by admitting that I possessed any knowledge of Polynesia.

It seems that the Professor wants skulls, and it appears that Leith knows of a spot where he can gather up the oldest specimens in Polynesia.

I suppose that Leith was not far wrong when he gave that place the credit of being the most wonderful spot in Polynesia.

"To make our remarks better understood, we will, like scientific geographers, class all these islands under the head of Polynesia, for the term is applied to the numerous groups, both above and below the equator, in the Pacific Ocean.

The equator forming a dividing line between North and South Polynesia.

"The Sandwich Islands appear to me one of the most interesting groups, although the most isolated of all in North Polynesia.

A celebrity of a different kind now awaits it, as the focus of civilization in Polynesia.

"Very good, Charles; but if our notes of all the other islands in Polynesia be as extensive as those of the Sandwich Isles, I fear we shall not cross the equator before midnight.

"I can soon quiet your fears, dear papa; for the description of the remaining isles in North Polynesia rests with the elder members, and of course they are at liberty to abridge them if they please.

They are reputed to be the most expert sailors and fishermen in Polynesia; and, notwithstanding the tremendous sea by which they are surrounded, they have a considerable trading intercourse with the Ladrone and many other islands.

"South Polynesia then.

The valleys are extremely abundant, producing figs, nutmegs, and oranges, besides the fruits common to the rest of Polynesia.

The population may amount to about 90,000; but the natives, though favorably mentioned by Captain Cook, appear to be as treacherous, savage, and superstitious as any in the worst parts of Polynesia.

Pitcairn's Island stands alone near the eastern extremity of Polynesia.

But sometimes I feel disposed to regret that we are not really afloat in the 'Research;' and at other times I congratulate myself that the voyage is only imaginary; for in Polynesia particularly, we have met with so many ignorant, savage people, it is well for us that we can, if we choose, steer clear of them.

Europe has been, and still is in many parts, a slave to superstition; and, although not savages, there are many vices and iniquitous deeds committed in civilized Europe, which no temptation would induce the savages of Polynesia to commit.

Philology of the Indian tonguesIts difficultiesBelles lettres and moneyMichigan and GeorgiaNumber of species in natural historyEtymologyNebahquam's dreamTrait in Indian legendsPictographyNumeration of the races of Polynesia and the Upper LakesLove of one's native tongueDeath of Gen. HarrisonRush for office on his inaugurationOrnamental and shade treesHistorical collectionsMission of "Old Wing". CHAPTER LXXII.

Philology of the Indian tonguesIts difficultiesBelles lettres and moneyMichigan and GeorgiaNumber of species in natural historyEtymologyNebahquam's dreamTrait in Indian legendsPictographyNumeration of the races of Polynesia and the Upper LakesLove of one's native tongueDeath of Gen. HarrisonRush for office on his inaugurationOrnamental and shade treesHistorical collectionsMission of "Old Wing.

It was not necessary to understand their language to comprehend their meaning; and it is unnecessary to add, that their tastes did not appear very refined, but were similar to what we have constantly observed among the heathen nations of Polynesia.

There came, besides, the enormous extension of the command of credit in the widest sense, the exploitation of India, the extension of colonization over Polynesia, etc."

They had no intoxicants when the whites came, not in all Polynesia.

Her face, distinctly Semitic, as is not seldom the case in Polynesia, was fixed a little sternly at first; but as she continued, it began to glow.

The way of the city, of mere subtlety, of avoidance of issues, of intellectual control, is not the way of Polynesia.

Brothers shared wives, and sisters shared husbands all over old Polynesia.

So pleased was he with them, that he returned to his western birthplace for his family, and brought them to Polynesia.

They gave the old names to Polynesia that they knew in Asia, as all over the world emigrants carry their home names, not only Hawaii, or Savaii, for Java, but Moorea, a Javan place, to the island near Tahiti; Bora-Bora from Sumatra to a Society island; Puna of Borneo to places in Tahiti, Kauai, and Hawaii; Ouahou of Borneo to Oahu, on which Honolulu is; and Molokai, from the Moluccas, to another island of Hawaii.

This island in the center of Polynesia, and especially favored by nature, had been a source of growth and distribution of the race, the Paumotus, New Zealand, and probably the Marquesas, and Hawaii having been stocked from it, the language developing furthest in it, and customs, refinements, and leisure reaching their highest pitch in the marvelous culture, savage though it was, which astounded the Europeans.

It was a horror of incest that had led to the general custom all over Polynesia of exchanging children for adoption.

The plan of adoption in Polynesia is matched to a degree by the fosterage common in Ireland in early days.

In all Polynesia one found picture names for people, as among the American Indians, and as among all nations, though with Europeans the meanings are forgotten.

Conceive the state of Tahiti, where, as through all Polynesia, the girls have their fling at promiscuity from puberty to the late teens or early twenties, when an immense and increasing population compelled the thinking men to devise a remedy for the starvation which in times of drought or comparative failure of the feis or breadfruit or a scarcity of fish menaced the nation!

The fact unknown to him was that the missionaries in Polynesia preached and prayed, doctored and taught, ten years before they made a single convert.

They have always had the place in Polynesia that certain ancient nations gave them, half admired and half tolerated.

Strung on the midrib of a palm-leaf, the combination makes wax and wick, and has lighted many a council and many a dance in Polynesia.

That handsome lady had led him a merry chase, her complacent husband, Oamo, abetting her in the manner of Polynesia, where women must have their fling.

In most of Polynesia there are legends of a universal flood from which few escaped.

The custom of using holy water prevailed all over Polynesia.

" To celebrate God's act, the priests of Polynesia blessed waters for purification, for prayer, and for public and private ceremonies, and to exorcise demons and drive away diseases, as the priests of America and Europe do.

but, more convincing, all Polynesia had these legends, and there had been no communication with the Maoris of New Zealand and with Fiji after the Spanish entered the Philippines.

He was to them the monster that guarded the Hesperides garden, and the beast that St. George slew; but as the common lizard was the largest reptile in Polynesia, this, too, was an heirloom from another land.

Congregational singing not being customary in Catholic churches, it was probable that in Tahiti they had had to meet the competition of the Protestants, who from their beginnings in Polynesia had made a master stroke by developing this form of worship in extraordinary consonance with the native mind.

It was a foot in diameter, and was carved au naturel as the Maori lingam and yoni throughout Polynesia, and in India, where doubtless the cult originated.

It was about that time that I was fevered with the missionary enthusiasm, and in Polynesia, where I meant to go (but where I never did go), I declared to Phil daily that I should find in every cannibal the half-effaced image of God, only waiting to be quickened into grace and virtue.

DOMESTICATION OF ANIMALS Alternative hypotheses of the prehistoric process of domestication; savages rear captive animals; instances in North America; South America; North Africa; Equatorial Africa; South Africa; Australia; New Guinea Group; Polynesia; ancient Syria.

He delighted in stories of adventure, of bravery by flood or field, and might have posedhad he ever posed at allas something of an authority on North Pole expeditions and the geography of Polynesia.

In support of this statement a whole volume might be written; but as abundant evidence will be given in later chapters relating to the lower races in Africa, Australia, Polynesia, America, and Asia, only a few instances need be cited here.

In not a few communities of Asia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Australia, Africa, and America polyandry prevailed; that is, the woman was expected to bestow her caresses in turn on two or more men, to the destruction of the desire for exclusive possession which is an imperative trait of love.

"In all Polynesia," says Gerland (VI., 127), "it was a common occurrence that the women wooed the men."

"A proposal of marriage," writes Gill (Savage Life in Polynesia, II.), "may emanate with propriety from a woman of rank to an equal or an inferior."

And if Goethe had lived to read the Rev. W.W. Gill's Savage Life in Polynesia, he might have found therein (118) a story of cannibal "love" still more calculated to arouse his rapturous enthusiasm "An ill-looking but brave warrior of the cannibal tribe of Ruanae, named Vete, fell violently in love with a pretty girl named Tanuau, who repelled his advances and foolishly reviled him for his ugliness.

In his Savage Life in Polynesia, the Rev. W.W. Gill remarks: "The great requisites for a Polynesian beauty are to be fat and as fair as their dusky skins will permit.

Savage Life in Polynesia.

Turner, G.: Nineteen Years in Polynesia.

In fact, it was on a continent, and not on one of the fatal isles of Polynesia, that the tempest had thrown them.

It fell, however, before Dick Sand's arguments, who observed that the Indians ought not to be confounded with the savages of Africa or Polynesia, and any aggression on their part was probably not to be feared.

In the East, and in Polynesia, literature and Christian doctrines are seized upon with avidity.

EIMEO, one of the French Society Islands; is hilly and woody, but well cultivated in the valleys; missionary enterprise in Polynesia first found a footing here.

MELANESIA, eleven archipelagoes of crystalline, coralline, and volcanic islands in the W. of Polynesia, all S. of the equator, and inhabited by the Melanesian or dark oceanic race; includes the Fiji, Solomon, Bismarck, and New Hebrides islands.

NEGRITOES, Spanish name for certain distinctive tribes of a diminutive race resembling negroes, occupying the central portions of some of the Philippine Islands, also known as Aรซtas or Itas; sometimes loosely used to designate Papuans and all the Melanesian peoples of Polynesia.

OCEANIA, the name given to the clusters of islands, consisting of Australasia in the S., Malaysia in the E. Indian Archipelago, and Polynesia in the N. and E. of the Pacific.

POLYNESIA is the collective name of all the islands of the Pacific of coral or volcanic origin.

; Tonga-tabu is the largest; volcanic and fruit-bearing; missionary enterprise (Wesleyan Methodist) has done much to improve the mental, moral, and material condition of the natives, who belong to the fair Polynesian stock, and are a superior race to the other natives of Polynesia, but are diminishing in numbers.

I shall prove its existence in Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Polynesia, and among the Incas, not to speak of the middle and recent European ages.

Here, then, we find the belief that hallucinations can be induced by one or other form of crystal-gazing, in ancient Peru, on the other side of the continent among the Huille-che, in Fez, in Madagascar, in Siberia, among Apaches, Hurons, Iroquois, Australian black fellows, Maoris, and in Polynesia.

I therefore suggest that in an advanced polytheism, such as that of Polynesia, the evil sacrificial rites unpractised by low savages come to be attached to the worship even of the Supreme Being.

It was found difficult, or impossible, to induce Christian converts, in Polynesia, to repeat the old prayers.

Australia escaped polytheistic degeneracy by having no aristocracy, as in Polynesia, where aristocracy, as in early Greece, had developed polytheism.

While these four stages, say (1) the Australian unpropitiated Moral Being, (2) the African neglected Being, still somewhat moral, (3) the relatively Supreme Being involved in human sacrifice, as in Polynesia, and (4) the Moral Being reinstated philosophically, as in Israel, do suggest steps in evolution, we desire to base no hard-and-fast system of ascending and descending degrees upon our present evidence.

Even the rat before mentioned, and the now extinct dog of the Maori villages, were Maori importations from Polynesia not many centuries ago.

It was from Eastern Polynesia that the Maoris unquestionably came.

But the truth is, their fortunes before their race settled in Polynesia are a pure matter of guess-work.

Apart from legend it is a matter of reasonable certitude that the Maoris brought tattooing with them from Polynesia.

These are all common to Polynesia, the Indian Archipelago, and tropical Australia.)

This mode of fishing would appear to be practised also at some of the islands of Polynesia, for similar seines are exhibited in the ethnological gallery of the British Museum from the Feejees and elsewhere.

Many freshwater shells were found in the neighbourhood of the watering-placethree kinds of Melania, a Mytilus, a Navicella, and five species of Neritinabut most of these have been already described as inhabitants of the Feejee Islands and other places in Polynesia, and elsewhere.

We occasionally saw pieces of a white soft papery cloth, apparently similar to the tapa of Polynesia, and like it made of the inner bark of some small tree, but it did not appear to be applied to much use.

Wooden pillows are also in use in some of the islands of Polynesia and in New Caledonia.)