93 examples of polynesia in sentences

It was at first proposed that Williams and Moffat should go together to Polynesia; but Mr. Waugh remarked that "thae twa lads were ower young to gang together," so they were separated.

V. Australia and Polynesia; or the prodigious multitude of islands in the, great: Pacific Ocean.

"To make our remarks better understood, we will, like scientific geographers, class all these islands under the head of Polynesia, for the term is applied to the numerous groups, both above and below the equator, in the Pacific Ocean.

The equator forming a dividing line between North and South Polynesia.

"The Sandwich Islands appear to me one of the most interesting groups, although the most isolated of all in North Polynesia.

A celebrity of a different kind now awaits it, as the focus of civilization in Polynesia.

"Very good, Charles; but if our notes of all the other islands in Polynesia be as extensive as those of the Sandwich Isles, I fear we shall not cross the equator before midnight.

"I can soon quiet your fears, dear papa; for the description of the remaining isles in North Polynesia rests with the elder members, and of course they are at liberty to abridge them if they please.

They are reputed to be the most expert sailors and fishermen in Polynesia; and, notwithstanding the tremendous sea by which they are surrounded, they have a considerable trading intercourse with the Ladrone and many other islands.

"South Polynesia then.

The valleys are extremely abundant, producing figs, nutmegs, and oranges, besides the fruits common to the rest of Polynesia.

The population may amount to about 90,000; but the natives, though favorably mentioned by Captain Cook, appear to be as treacherous, savage, and superstitious as any in the worst parts of Polynesia.

Pitcairn's Island stands alone near the eastern extremity of Polynesia.

But sometimes I feel disposed to regret that we are not really afloat in the 'Research;' and at other times I congratulate myself that the voyage is only imaginary; for in Polynesia particularly, we have met with so many ignorant, savage people, it is well for us that we can, if we choose, steer clear of them.

Europe has been, and still is in many parts, a slave to superstition; and, although not savages, there are many vices and iniquitous deeds committed in civilized Europe, which no temptation would induce the savages of Polynesia to commit.

It was about that time that I was fevered with the missionary enthusiasm, and in Polynesia, where I meant to go (but where I never did go), I declared to Phil daily that I should find in every cannibal the half-effaced image of God, only waiting to be quickened into grace and virtue.

He delighted in stories of adventure, of bravery by flood or field, and might have posedhad he ever posed at allas something of an authority on North Pole expeditions and the geography of Polynesia.

In support of this statement a whole volume might be written; but as abundant evidence will be given in later chapters relating to the lower races in Africa, Australia, Polynesia, America, and Asia, only a few instances need be cited here.

In his Savage Life in Polynesia, the Rev. W.W. Gill remarks: "The great requisites for a Polynesian beauty are to be fat and as fair as their dusky skins will permit.

In the East, and in Polynesia, literature and Christian doctrines are seized upon with avidity.

POLYNESIA is the collective name of all the islands of the Pacific of coral or volcanic origin.

; Tonga-tabu is the largest; volcanic and fruit-bearing; missionary enterprise (Wesleyan Methodist) has done much to improve the mental, moral, and material condition of the natives, who belong to the fair Polynesian stock, and are a superior race to the other natives of Polynesia, but are diminishing in numbers.

I therefore suggest that in an advanced polytheism, such as that of Polynesia, the evil sacrificial rites unpractised by low savages come to be attached to the worship even of the Supreme Being.

We occasionally saw pieces of a white soft papery cloth, apparently similar to the tapa of Polynesia, and like it made of the inner bark of some small tree, but it did not appear to be applied to much use.

Wooden pillows are also in use in some of the islands of Polynesia and in New Caledonia.)

93 examples of  polynesia  in sentences