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1247 example sentences with  pomps

1247 example sentences with pomps

A parliament of boasts and pomps, of good precepts and queries, of misuses and half-truths, of superstitions and infinite idolatries, no doubt; but there is but one religion, though it be perverted in many ways and rightly revealed at divers times; and there is but one God, infinite, true, holy, just, loving, and eternal.

What was good and productive he was ready to recognize and assimilate; leaving the opium pomps and splendors of the discourse, and all the Oriental imagery with which the speaker decorated his bathos, to those who could find profit therein.

JOSEPH WARTON FROM THE ENTHUSIAST; OR, THE LOVER OF NATURE Ye green-robed Dryads, oft at dusky eve By wondering shepherds seen, to forests brown To unfrequented meads, and pathless wilds, Lead me from gardens decked with art's vain pomps.

Here while the courtier glitters in brocade, There the pale artist plies the sickly trade; Here while the proud their long-drawn pomps display, There the black gibbet glooms beside the way.

But we ourselves shall beginindeed we are doing it too much alreadyworshipping the so-called laws of nature, instead of God who made the laws, and so honouring the creature above the creator; or else we shall worship the pomps and vanities of this world, pride and power, money and pleasure, and say in our hearts, 'These are our only gods which can help usthese must we obey.'

Ever to climb up higher, Spurning the world's delights, caring for none; Shunning vain pomps and shows, Seeking but calm repose In the "Hereafter," when life is done.

It was similar in its effects to the rural sports of the yeomanry of the Middle Ages, and to the theatrical representations sometimes held in mediaeval churches,certainly to the processions and pomps which the Catholic clergy instituted for the amusement of the people.

As faith in the gods declined, ceremonies and pomps were multiplied, and the ice of ritualism accumulated on the banks of piety.

But David departed from the stern simplicity of Saul, and surrounded himself with pomps and guards.

He dispensed with guards and pomps, and was apparently reckless of his life: anything was better to him than to live in perpetual fear of conspirators and traitors.

The trappings and pomps of imperial state became indifferent to him, since they were external, and were of small moment compared with that high spiritual life which he desired to lead.

Disgusted, however, with the pomps and vanities around him, he sought peace in the consolations of Christianity.

The temples of Rome were not destroyed, as in Syria and Egypt; but as all their revenues were confiscated, public worship declined before the superior pomps of a sensuous and even idolatrous Christianity.

As a temporal government, rivalling kings in the pomps of war and the pride of armies, it may be passing away; but as an organization to diffuse and conserve religious truths,yea, even to bring a moral pressure on the minds of princes and governors, and reinforce its ranks with the mighty and the noble,it seems to be as potent as ever.

These heirs of Saint Peter wasted their patrimony in pleasures and pomps.

They offered him the abbacy of Monte Cassino and the archbishopric of Naples, but he preferred the life of a quiet student, finding in knowledge and study, for their own sake, the highest reward, and pursuing his labors without the impedimenta of those high positions which involve ceremonies and cares and pomps, yet which most ambitious men love better than freedom, placidity, and intellectual repose.

They scarcely needed a rostrum, for the age of sermons had not begun; still less the age of litanies and music and pomps.

The only absurdity is seen when radical Protestantism adopts the church of pomps and liturgies.

He not only squandered his vast revenues in pleasures and pomps, like any secular monarch; he not only collected pictures and statues,but he wanted to complete St. Peter's Church.

Elizabeth, with such a constellation around her, had no great difficulty in re-establishing Protestantism and giving it a new impetus, although she adhered to liturgies and pomps, and loved processions and fรชtes and banquets and balls and expensive dresses,a worldly woman, but progressive and enlightened.

Our own age is, in some respects, more Pagan than were the darkest times of mediaeval violence and priestly despotism, since we are reviving the very things against which Christianity protested as dangerous and false,the pomps, the banquets, the ornaments, the arts of the old Pagan world.

Hence his vast treasures were spent in useless wars, silly pomps, and inglorious pleasures.

All ranks and sexes to his orgies ran, 20 To mingle in the pomps, and fill the train.

I fondly thought fine clothes and gilt coaches, balls, operas, and public adoration, rather the fatigues of life; and that true happiness was justly defined by Mr. Dryden (pardon the romantic air of repeating verses), when he says, 'Whom Heav'n would bless it does from pomps remove And makes their wealth in privacy and love.'

The crocodile tears which Elizabeth is said to have shed when the death of her sister Mary was announced to her at Hatfield were soon wiped away in the pomps and enthusiasms which hailed her accession to the throne.

He sought no inglorious pomps; he built no expensive palaces; he gave no foolish fetes; nor did he seek to disguise his tyranny by amusing or demoralizing the people, like the old Roman Caesars.

The last things to which the dying king clung were pomps and ceremonies, concealing even from courtiers his failing strength, and going through the mockery of dress and court etiquette to almost the very day of his death, in 1824.

What religion they had was made up of the ceremonies and pomps of a corrupted Christianity, but kept alive by traditions.

The Church has reared him amidst rites and pomps, and he carries out the advice which her music gave him, and builds a cathedral needed by her chants and processions.

The music-lovers of Dresden had expected another opera ร  la Meyerbeer, like "Rienzi," with its arias and duos, its din and its dances, its pomps and processions, its scenic and musical splendors.

The public entertainments of Caesar, his spectacles and shows, his naumachiae, and the pomps of his unrivalled triumphs (the closing triumphs of the Republic), were severally the finest of their kind which had then been brought forward.

The little postern gate, through which the baby in its cradle had been silently placed for a time within the glory of God's countenance, suddenly rises to the clouds as a triumphal arch, through which, with banners displayed and martial pomps, we make our second entry as crusading soldiers militant for God, by personal choice and by sacramental oath.

Pomps of life, that, from the burials of centuries, rose again to the voice of perfect joy, could it be ye that had wrapped me in the reflux of panic?"

Lord Bacon saw the mighty advantage of candle-light for the pomps and glories of this world.

The earth was theirs, with all its riches, its pomps, and its dominions, since they loved each other.

The pomps and vanities of this world had it against love or liking, and she gave me up.

I thank God that the pomps and vanities prevailed; for this happy chance gave me Mary, my sweet Wordsworthian damsel, found, like the violet or the celandine, by the wayside, in Wordsworth's own country.'

How proper is that Reflection, of their being unable to taste the Happiness of Heaven were they actually there, in the Mouth of one, who while he was in Heaven, is said to have had his Mind dazled with the outward Pomps and Glories of the Place, and to have been more intent on the Riches of the Pavement, than on the Beatifick Vision.

Most likely she confounded in one common detestation the luxury of the rich and the pomps of the Church service.

He must abound in color,be rich, exhaustless: wild sea-sketches,sunrise,sunset,mountain mists rolling in turbid crimson masses, breaking in a milky spray of vapor round lofty peaks, and letting out lonely glimpses of a melancholy moon,South American splendors,pomps of fruit and blossom,all this affluence of his future life must flash from his pencils now.

As la Signora Montiera, (Montier) she was sufficiently respected, finishing her career as a dowager of good reputation, and who loved the "pomps and vanities of this wicked world."

And the splendor of the Pashas there: What's their pomp and riches?

10 Ambition searches all its sphere Of pomp and state, to meet thee there.

Ambition has its cover-sluts in the pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war; but where are the trophies of avarice?

In the burial of their dead, they are decent and pious, without pomp or show.

Oh stay, and watch this pomp.

'The courtiers used bitterly to insult her, etc. Her mother and sister- in-law, given to worldly pomp, differed from her exceedingly;' and much more concerning 'the persecutions which she endured patiently in youth.'

section I. 'On Good Friday, when the altars were exhibited bare in remembrance of the Saviour who hung bare on the cross for us, she went into a certain chapel, and in the presence of Master Conrad, and certain Franciscan brothers, laying her holy hands on the bare altar, renounced her own will, her parents, children, relations, "et omnibus hujus modi pompis," all pomps of this kind (a misprint, one hopes, for mundi)

One would be sorry to believe that such utterly mean considerations of selfish vanity, expressing as they do an extreme respect for the very pomps and vanities which they praise the saints for despising, really went to the making of any saint, Romish or other.

Erminia was easily impressed by the pomps and vanities of the world; and Maggie's new handsome frock seemed to her made of old ironed brown silk.

Archery and croquet had in me a most devoted disciple, and the "pomps and vanities" of the ballroom found the happiest of votaries.

Thee, Saviour, thee the nation's vows confess, 240 And, never satisfied with seeing, bless: Swift, unbespoken pomps thy steps proclaim, And stammering babes are taught to lisp thy name.

There will be a new great Religion, the Religion of Methuselahism: with pomps and priests and altars.

III.At Kenilworth With pomp and magnificence, Leicester entertained the Queen at the Castle of Kenilworth.

From this time she entertained a philosophical contempt for pomp and parade, and a kind of disgust for the affairs of state.

Not for us is the bright face of noon-day or the smile of woman, the gay unbending of the heart, the neighing steed and the shrill trump; the pride, pomp, and circumstance of life.

What this artist seems to have aimed at, was to create for the soul amid the pomps and passions of this world a resting-place of contemplation tenanted by saintly and seraphic beings.

But he, their king, was labouring in his mind, A fitting place for funeral pomps to find, Which were in honour of the dead design'd.

" Living at the center of English social and political life, and resorting to the court of Edward III., then the most brilliant in Europe, Chaucer was an eye-witness of those feudal pomps which fill the high-colored pages of his contemporary, the French chronicler, Froissart.

But to see the King now, at ease amongst his friends, yet still royally dressed in his brilliant blue suit and feathered hat, with his tall caneto see the whole company, gay and brilliant, talking and laughing, taking their pleasure in the air before breakfastthe whole thing somehow brought home to him the reality of what appeared to him as a change, more than had all the pomps and glories of the day before.

The writer of these chapters would not willingly fall behind his countrymen in the loyal sentiments and picturesque memories proper to the "high mid-summer pomps" which begin to-morrow.

But if in this calm vale thou canst abide With me, and bid earth's pomps and pride adieu, Then is the goal of my ambition won; And the rough tide of the tempestuous world May dash and rave around these firm-set hills!

The holy man would smile with the seraphic calm of one who sees beyond the pomps and vanities of existence, and would begin the relation of a new miracle.

Those to whom our author's labours were exhibited had more skill in pomps or processions than in poetical language, and, perhaps, wanted some visible and discriminated events, as comments on the dialogue.

The vanished pomps of yesterday.

ROOSEVELT, ARCHIBALD B. The vanished pomps of yesterday.

U.S. The vanished pomps of yesterday.

The vanished pomps of yesterday.

ROOSEVELT, ARCHIBALD B. The vanished pomps of yesterday.

U.S. The vanished pomps of yesterday.

His wife did not regard the pomps and vanities of the world with precisely the same degree of indifference that he did.

CRILLY I hate the world and all its works and pomps.

The pomps and glories of the world are unimportant, I believe, and all the temptations which arise from wanting to do things, as it is called, on a large scale.

I still recall that upstairs closet, beneath the roof of Versailles, but over the rooms, and, from its smallness and its situation, seeming to be really a superfine extract and abstract of all vanities and ambitions; it was there that reform and economy had to be discussed with a minister grown old in the pomps and usages of the court.

Its whole method, principle, and sentiment, all animated him with equal force whether he was defending the secular pomps of Oude or the sanctity of Benares, the absolutism of Versailles, or the free and ancient Parliament at Westminster.

How proper is that Reflection, of their being unable to taste the Happiness of Heaven were they actually there, in the Mouth of one, who while he was in Heaven, is said to have had his Mind dazled with the outward Pomps and Glories of the Place, and to have been more intent on the Riches of the Pavement, than on the Beatifick Vision.

Upon emptying the Scales, I laid several Titles and Honours, with Pomps, Triumphs, and many Weights of the like Nature, in one of them, and seeing a little glittering Weight lie by me, I threw it accidentally into the other Scale, when, to my great Surprize, it proved so exact a Counterpoise, that it kept the Ballance in an Equilibrium.

Poverty on this Occasion pleads her Cause very notably, and represents to her old Landlord, that should she be driven out of the Country, all their Trades, Arts and Sciences would be driven out with her; and that if every one was Rich, they would never be supplied with those Pomps, Ornaments and Conveniences of Life which made Riches desirable.

All the little Ornaments of Life are Pomps and Vanities.

What is more usual, than to hear Men of serious Tempers and austere Morals, enlarging upon the Vanities and Follies of the young and gay Part of the Species; whilst they look with a kind of Horror upon such Pomps and Diversions as are innocent in themselves, and only culpable when they draw the Mind too much?

They do not look for great Men at the Head of Armies, or among the Pomps of a Court, but often find them out in Shades and Solitudes, in the private Walks and By-paths of Life.

The Pomps, the Honours, the Policies, and Arts of mortal Men, will be thought as trifling as Hobby-Horses, Mock Battles, or any other Sports that now employ all the Cunning, and Strength, and Ambition of rational Beings from four Years old to nine or ten.

The mystic marks he carries on his coat, And how to know what everybody is, The swords, the crowns, the purple-stainรฉd cards, The Brigadiers concealed in Burberries, And render all those pomps and dignities Which are, of course, the raison d'รชtre of guards. "With what avail?

She trembled as he portrayed her doom, and wept bitterly; but, though she assented to the truth of his declarations, she did not feel quite prepared to give up the pomps and vanities of her life, unsatisfactory as they were.

Every period of the day, and every variation in the state of the atmosphere, serve to bring out new beauties in this enchanting scene; and the freshness and delicious balm of the morning, the gorgeous splendour of mid-day, the crimson and amber pomps of evening, and the pale moonlight, tipping every palm-tree top with silver, produce an endless succession of magical effects.

They accounted for it by supposing a silly hankering after the pomp or the frippery of Roman Catholic worship, and at best a craving after the romantic and sentimental.

" "No," says Pica, "from all such pomps and vanities as style, she will be quite clear."

Andy thought so, and prayed silently against the pomps and vanities of the world, especially after her new purple silk was sent home, with the handsome velvet cloak and crimson morning gown.

With worship France proclaims Her approbation, and with pomps and games.

The fleeting pomps of the world are like the green willow trees, which, aspiring to permanence, are consumed by a fire, fall before the axe, are upturned by the wind, or are scarred and saddened by age.

So admirably can Mr. Irving himself play the villain, that it is difficult to believe that any godparents ever, on his unconscious behalf, renounced the pomps and vanities of this wicked world.

In the Middle Ages and in the Renaissance (which was, in certain times and respects, a much gloomier period) this idea of the skeleton had a vast influence in freezing the pride out of all earthly pomps and the fragrance out of all fleeting pleasures.

The common scullion, who, from year's end to year's end sees not inside the holy sanctuary, may carry in his heart the divine image of God and pay him homage every breath he draws; while he who walks in sacred robes and abides ever in the shadow of the cross, taking part in all the forms, pomps, vanities and varied monotony, may have Satan within him and breathes out flames of hell as he intones.

I don't mean a romantic view of it, with the pomps and shows and battles in the foreground; but a real viewhow people lived, and what they were driving at.

The matrons, rising, offer the chief seat to the first comer, the great-grandsirethe oldest living GrandissimeAlcibiade, a shaken but unfallen monument of early colonial days, a browned and corrugated souvenir of De Vaudreuil's pomps, of O'Reilly's iron rule, of Galvez' brilliant warsa man who had seen Bienville and Zephyr Grandissime.

As the neophyte in receiving baptism renounced the devil, his pomps and his angels, it was necessary for the Christian who desired the aid of Satan to renounce God.

With no desire to share in the pomps and vanities of life, she could not be persuaded that cheerfulness was incompatible with righteousness; nor could all the railings she heard against them make her hate those who differed from her in religious opinions.

The marriage feast with all luxurious store, With pomps, and shows and splendors rich and rare; And so in toil another fortnight wore, Nor knew she aught what things were in the air, Till came the old lord's message brief and coarse: Within three days she should be wed by force.

As he had vowed to renounce all the pomps and vanities of the world, Renaud passed the crown on to Godfrey of Bouillon.

The story ends with a highly sensational description of the death of Alexander by poisoning, and an elaborate enumeration of the pomps of his obsequies.