1206 examples of pomps in sentences

It was similar in its effects to the rural sports of the yeomanry of the Middle Ages, and to the theatrical representations sometimes held in mediaeval churches,certainly to the processions and pomps which the Catholic clergy instituted for the amusement of the people.

As faith in the gods declined, ceremonies and pomps were multiplied, and the ice of ritualism accumulated on the banks of piety.

He dispensed with guards and pomps, and was apparently reckless of his life: anything was better to him than to live in perpetual fear of conspirators and traitors.

Disgusted, however, with the pomps and vanities around him, he sought peace in the consolations of Christianity.

The temples of Rome were not destroyed, as in Syria and Egypt; but as all their revenues were confiscated, public worship declined before the superior pomps of a sensuous and even idolatrous Christianity.

Elizabeth, with such a constellation around her, had no great difficulty in re-establishing Protestantism and giving it a new impetus, although she adhered to liturgies and pomps, and loved processions and fêtes and banquets and balls and expensive dresses,a worldly woman, but progressive and enlightened.

Our own age is, in some respects, more Pagan than were the darkest times of mediaeval violence and priestly despotism, since we are reviving the very things against which Christianity protested as dangerous and false,the pomps, the banquets, the ornaments, the arts of the old Pagan world.

All ranks and sexes to his orgies ran, 20 To mingle in the pomps, and fill the train.

He sought no inglorious pomps; he built no expensive palaces; he gave no foolish fetes; nor did he seek to disguise his tyranny by amusing or demoralizing the people, like the old Roman Caesars.

The earth was theirs, with all its riches, its pomps, and its dominions, since they loved each other.

He must abound in color,be rich, exhaustless: wild sea-sketches,sunrise,sunset,mountain mists rolling in turbid crimson masses, breaking in a milky spray of vapor round lofty peaks, and letting out lonely glimpses of a melancholy moon,South American splendors,pomps of fruit and blossom,all this affluence of his future life must flash from his pencils now.

What this artist seems to have aimed at, was to create for the soul amid the pomps and passions of this world a resting-place of contemplation tenanted by saintly and seraphic beings.

But to see the King now, at ease amongst his friends, yet still royally dressed in his brilliant blue suit and feathered hat, with his tall caneto see the whole company, gay and brilliant, talking and laughing, taking their pleasure in the air before breakfastthe whole thing somehow brought home to him the reality of what appeared to him as a change, more than had all the pomps and glories of the day before.

The holy man would smile with the seraphic calm of one who sees beyond the pomps and vanities of existence, and would begin the relation of a new miracle.

Those to whom our author's labours were exhibited had more skill in pomps or processions than in poetical language, and, perhaps, wanted some visible and discriminated events, as comments on the dialogue.

The vanished pomps of yesterday.

ROOSEVELT, ARCHIBALD B. The vanished pomps of yesterday.

U.S. The vanished pomps of yesterday.

The vanished pomps of yesterday.

What is more usual, than to hear Men of serious Tempers and austere Morals, enlarging upon the Vanities and Follies of the young and gay Part of the Species; whilst they look with a kind of Horror upon such Pomps and Diversions as are innocent in themselves, and only culpable when they draw the Mind too much?

They do not look for great Men at the Head of Armies, or among the Pomps of a Court, but often find them out in Shades and Solitudes, in the private Walks and By-paths of Life.

"Day after day I urge the old, old thesis To reverence well the man of martial note, Nor treat as mere sartorial caprices The mystic marks he carries on his coat, And how to know what everybody is, The swords, the crowns, the purple-stainéd cards, The Brigadiers concealed in Burberries, And render all those pomps and dignities Which are, of course, the raison d'être of guards.

She trembled as he portrayed her doom, and wept bitterly; but, though she assented to the truth of his declarations, she did not feel quite prepared to give up the pomps and vanities of her life, unsatisfactory as they were.

I don't mean a romantic view of it, with the pomps and shows and battles in the foreground; but a real viewhow people lived, and what they were driving at.

The matrons, rising, offer the chief seat to the first comer, the great-grandsirethe oldest living GrandissimeAlcibiade, a shaken but unfallen monument of early colonial days, a browned and corrugated souvenir of De Vaudreuil's pomps, of O'Reilly's iron rule, of Galvez' brilliant warsa man who had seen Bienville and Zephyr Grandissime.

1206 examples of  pomps  in sentences