107 examples of pontoons in sentences

Pontoons were wired for and reached Jaffa on the 16th.

These jars, when bound together with their mouth inverted in the water, formed admirable pontoons.

Over the main channels pontoons had been thrown, over others light plank bridges, less strongly supported, through others everybody was wading.

We crossed the Piave at Spresiano, on a series of wooden bridges and pontoons, similar to those further down the stream at Palazzon and Lido Island.

They also carried pontoons to be used in crossing the Canal.

Guns and pontoons are now at rest in the Museum at Cairo.

The remaining pontoons were therefore constructed, and preparations commenced in the greatest secrecy for the whole operation.

"Well, that biplane was easier to manage than our hydroplane, with the pontoons underneath," Andy went on to say, grudgingly; for no one could ever convince him that Frank had his superior as an air pilot; and he would sooner go up to a record height of fifteen thousand feet in company with his cousin, than accompany the most famous man living.

Frank did not seem to doubt it, for he had the utmost confidence in the ability of those aluminum pontoons to sustain a great weight without sinking.

Andy knew what he was expected to do, and was nimbly endeavoring to swing his weight this way or that after they had launched on the waves, so as to keep the pontoons on an even keel, and prevent a disastrous spill.

The pontoons had been cleverly adjusted so as to bear a just proportion of the weight, and they did their duty faithfully and well in this great crisis.

"Now what can we do for you?" "Please stand by, and let's see if we can get away," answered Frank, "if not we'll have to go on board, and tow the hydroplane behind, but since relieved of so much extra weight the pontoons have risen again; and I expect she'll go.

The workmen, busily engaged in laying the Federal pontoons, were so much interrupted by the fire of the Confederate marksmenwho directed their aim through the heavy fog by the noise made in putting together the boatsthat, after losing a number of men, the Federal commander discontinued his attempt.

" General Burnside continued the bombardment for some hours, the Mississippians still holding the river-bank and preventing the laying of the pontoons, which was again begun and again discontinued.

General Grant remained in front of Lee until the 12th of June, when, moving again by his left flank, he crossed the Chickahominy, proceeded in the direction of City Point, at which place the Appomattox and James Rivers mingle their waters, and, crossing the James on pontoons, hastened forward in order to seize upon Petersburg.

In February, 1865, these facts were perfectly apparent to General Lee: but one course was left to himto retreat from Virginia; and he promptly began that movement in the latter part of the month, ordering his trains to Amelia Court-House, and directing pontoons to be got ready at Roanoke River.

Had the Golden Butterfly been fitted with pontoons like some of the Glen Curtiss machines, this would not have been so alarming.

The cars must be opened, each box and sack taken out by hand, carried down a bank, loaded into a wagon; the wagons creep over the pontoons, struggle through the sand on the other side, then each piece must be unloaded and put on a train again.

"The pontoons are across.

1 consists of two pontoons, joined by strong cross beams, and fitted with mast, sail, and oars.

"Day by day they got thinner and more like apes, and they did come down to the edge of the pontoons where we did keep them, and they howled with rage and pain.

Then the sun rose, annihilating the phantoms of the mist and shining on columns of marching men, endless lines of waggons, horse-batteries, foot artillery, cavalry, engineers with gabions and pontoons, and entire divisions of blue infantry, all pouring steadily toward Alexandria and the river, where lay the vast transport fleet at anchor, destined to carry them whither their Maker and commanding general willed that they should go.

But for me to drive deliberately nine mileswe should have had to make a wide detour to cross the Marne on the pontoons behind a donkey who travels two miles an hour, to seek such an experience, and with several hours to think it over en route, and the conviction that I would be an unwelcome intruderthat was another matter.

The Black Prince passed many a River without the help of Pontoons, and filled a Ditch with Faggots as successfully as the Generals of our Times do it with Fascines.

All the pontoons, lighters, &c., Store-houses and arsenal, with all the timber, and various marine articles destroyed in part.

107 examples of  pontoons  in sentences