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521 example sentences with  porcelains

521 example sentences with porcelains

Her own collection of pictures, cameos, antiques, crystals, porcelains, vases, gems, and articles of vertu was esteemed the richest and most valuable in the kingdom, and after her death it took six months to dispose of it.

"This earthen vessel was found in the porcelain factory of Tschisuka in the province of Odori, in South Idzumi, and is an object belonging to the thousand graves....

In some of their inland towns, the Arabs and Azanbaji use small white porcelain shells, or cowries; which are brought from the Levant to Venice, and sent from thence into Africa.

The principal dependence of the settlers in this island is upon their sugars, which they exchange yearly with the merchants who trade thither, for flour in barrels, wines, oil, cheese, leather, swords, glass beads, drinking-cups, pater-nosters, and buzios, which are a small kind of shells, called by the Italians white porcelain, and which pass in Ethiopia as money.

She had spent some of the rather large pay she drew upon coverings of French blue for the plush furniture, upon a dainty yellow porcelain tea-set, upon little oddments of decoration.

In the barber shop there is a litter of broken porcelain, broken combs, and smashed-up chairs and boxes among a wreck of hair dyes, perfumes, brillantine, and torn towels, and an odor of aperitifs and cologne over it all.

Now, as Mrs. Purcell's eyes met Mr. Raleigh's, and her hand was still extended for the cup, Marguerite fastened her glance on its glittering ring, and said abruptly, "Mrs. Purcell, have you a husband?" Mrs. Purcell started and withdrew her hand, as if it had received a blow, just as Mr. Raleigh relinquished the cup, so that between them the bits of pictured porcelain fell and splintered over the equipage.

The academic halls present to the view nothing but dingy walls, rough floors coated with the dust and mud of days or weeks, and, winter and summer, the huge porcelain stove in one corner,that immovable article of cheerless German furniture, where wood is put in by the pound, and no bright glow ever discloses the presence of that warmest friend of man, a good fire.

Whenever I visited Philippe, that stately man of the Hurons would usher me into a little parlor with a sofa in it and a carpet on the floor; he would produce brandy in a cut decanter, and cake upon a good porcelain plate, and would be merry in French and expansive on the subject of trade.

Over her real wit and native vivacity, it was like a porcelain shade about a flame.

In ancient times the making of woolen garments was considered just as much of an art in Cashmere as painting or sculpture in France and Germany, porcelain work in China or cloisonne work in Japan, and no matter how long a weaver was engaged upon a garment, he was sure to find somebody with sufficient taste and money to buy it.

I was just thinking, as I sat there behind all this glorious clutter," she waved a slim hand over the silver and porcelain of the tea-table, "what a change it was from setting the table one's self and washing up the dishes afterwards.

The dishes, different from any she had ever eaten from, were of enormously thick porcelain, dead white, variously chipped and cracked with fine seams.

It took them a long time to choose their house-furnishings: there was a piece of black-and-gold lacquer; a set of painted panels; a Persian rug, swept by the tails of two haughty peacocks; some cloud-gray Chinese porcelains; a set of Du Barry vases; a crystal-and-enamel box, designed probably for some sacred purpose, but contributed by Pete as an excellent receptacle for chocolates at her bedside.

It seemed to her possible enough that the masses should love mountains and moonlight and the sea and sunsets; but it struck her as unfitting that any one but the people she knew, and only a few of them, should really care for porcelains and pictures.

Finally, art craft has left us famous porcelains of the Sung period.

The many porcelains exported to western Asia and Europe first influenced European ceramics (Delft), and then were imitated in Europe (Böttger); the early European porcelains long showed Chinese influence (the so-called onion pattern, blue on a white ground).

The many porcelains exported to western Asia and Europe first influenced European ceramics (Delft), and then were imitated in Europe (Böttger); the early European porcelains long showed Chinese influence (the so-called onion pattern, blue on a white ground).

They tried to operate necessary enterprises such as mining, melting, porcelain production as far as possible as government establishments; but as the operators were officials, they were not too business-minded and these enterprises did not develop well.

Particularly fine work was produced in the field of porcelain in the Manchu epoch.

In 1680 the famous kilns in the province of Kiangsi were reopened, and porcelain that is among the most artistically perfect in the world was fired in them.

Monochrome porcelain also developed further, including very fine dark blue, brilliant red (called "ox-blood"), and white.

For porcelain production Li Chien-nung and other modern articles.

Notice the special character of the industries mentioned!The porcelain centre of Ching--chen was inhabited by workers and merchants (70-80 per cent of population); there were more than 200 private kilns.

The manufacture of bronzes, porcelain, gold work, and casts in copper, has arrived in China at an approach to perfection which the most advanced European nations would find it difficult to surpass.

Étagères of carved and gilded wood occupied each corner, and, together with the low mantelshelf (which was upheld by two dancing nymphs in Carrara marble), were crowded with costly trifles in Bohemian glass, Dresden and Sèvres porcelain, gilded bronze, carved ivory and Parian ware.

It was of porcelain, precious, and I was at a loss to know whether he had felt the need of a little money and had brought it to sell, or had been impelled to give it to me because of my feeble efforts to cheer him.

" "A smell of earth fresh from 'wholesome drench of April rains,'" said Mr. Raleigh, taking the dish of white porcelain between his brown, slender hands.

Silks, ivories, porcelains and bronzes peer from the shop windows at hesitant purchasers like the articles of virtu flung before the bewildered gaze of readers by Balzac in his Wild Ass's Skin.

A Cabinet of curious porcelain, where No fancy enters, but what's rich or rare.

Much good has hence resulted; many subordinate improvements have been effected and are almost daily making; and a new variety of ware, called ironstone, has been invented, and so rapidly and judiciously improved, that, in appearance and in many of its intrinsic properties, it bears a close resemblance to the older and coarser porcelains of China itself.

This very ingenious method of tranferring printed patterns to biscuit ware was invented at the Porcelain works at Worcester.

The more elaborate patterns on earthenware, and all those on porcelain, are finished by penciling in.

" * * * * * Victor Hugo, he is a painter on porcelain; his verse is mere decoration, long tendrils and flowers; and the same thing over and over again.

and ah, dearie!"she pressed her sister's hand amid the silver and porcelain on the old mahogany"that news (some item read earlier, about the battery), why, Miranda, just that is a sign of impending victory!

Caroline ran and brought in on a porcelain plate some of the ripest cherries from her own tree.

It is not quite so white as some of the French and English porcelains, but is inferior to none in its painting, gilding, and other decorations.

It is not for me to determine which of our English porcelains is the best; probably, indeed, one will be found superior in hardness, another in whiteness, a third in the thinness and evenness of the glaze, a fourth in the form of the articles, a fifth in the design, and a sixth in the colours.

But it is equally certain, that the last ten years have seen the commencement, and, in part, the completion, of such improvements in this fabric, as will probably place the English porcelains on an equality with the best of the continental European ones.

Above the spirals of the worm, e, are placed strips of glass, the free intervals between which are filled in with pieces of glass, porcelain, or any other material not attackable by acids.

R558904. Puzzle in porcelain.

The Secret of the porcelain fish.

R558904. Puzzle in porcelain.

That incident for a time restored my nerve, and a porcelain Chinaman on a buhl table, whose head rocked silently as I passed him, scarcely startled me.

" APPETITE AND LONGING What aeons of culture lie between such a scene and a dinner party in Europe or America, with its refined, well-behaved guests, its table etiquette, its varied menu, its choice viands, skilfully cooked and blended so as to bring out the most diverse and delicate flavors, its esthetic featuresfine linen and porcelains, silver and cut glass, flowers, lightsits bright conversation, and flow of wit.

Aviators exhibit them with the pride of a collector showing his porcelains.

Gilded furniture, Venetian mirrors, large porcelain vases from Japan, were smashed to pieces.

Show-windows of jade and tea and Chinese porcelains.

" PORCELAIN CUPS BY JAMES BRANCH CABELL From Century Magazine I OF GREATNESS INTIMATELY VIEWED "Oh, but they are beyond praise," said Cynthia Allonby, enraptured, "and certainly you should have presented them to the Queen."

Between the porcelains and toilet sets, the Madonnas, the belts, and card-cases, I nearly lost my mind.

GENERAL SUGGESTIONS FOR COOKING FRUIT.The utensils for stewing should be porcelain-lined, or granite ware.

Put into a porcelain or granite-ware kettle with enough boiling water to cook and leave a good liquor.

Put into a porcelain kettle with enough of the condensed juice to cover.

Famous ÉbenistesVernis Martin FurnitureCaffieri and Gouthière MountingsSêvres Porcelain introduced into CabinetsGobelins

Famous EbenistesVernis Martin FurnitureCaffieri and Gouthière MountingsSêvres Porcelain introduced into CabinetsGobelins

He commenced work some years later than Caffieri, being born in 1740; and, like his senior fellow craftsman, did not confine his attention to furniture, but exercised his fertility of design, and his passion for detail, in mounting bowls and vases of jasper, of Sêvres and of Oriental porcelain.

Some of these are enriched with plaques of Sêvres porcelain, which treatment is better adapted to the more jewel-like mounting of this time than to the rococo style in vogue during the preceding reign.

In money value alone, the collection of furniture, porcelain, bronzes, and articles de vertú, mostly of the period embraced within the limits of this chapter, amounts to about £400,000, and exceeds the value of any bequest the nation has ever had.

Tables, chairs, commodes, secretaires, wardrobes, porcelain vases, marble statuettes, they represent in a singularly complete way the mind and the work of the ancien régime.

She appeared to be arranging violetsthat still sparkled with rainin an oblong porcelain box that lay flat upon the casement.

It had turned out differently and better than Buckingham had thought; and after making a hasty trip into France, whence he was immediately recalled by his Kingwho was luxuriating in the easement of pecuniary difficultieshe journeyed to Ellswold to present to the young Duchess certain rare laces, gems and porcelains he had foundso he intimatedamong the Russian Count's possessions.

Little mats, some crocheted and some wonderfully composed of differently coloured glass beads, were used to protect the boxes as well as the top of the bureau from being scratched, and on them stood several small groups and figures of porcelain.

He who objects to all art in the arrangement of a flower-bed, ought, if consistent with himself, to turn away with an expression of disgust from a well arranged nosegay in a rich porcelain vase.

relief of the, 244 "Poor Knights," a dish, 29 Pope, Alex., 210 Porcelain, 219 Pork, 18, 54 Porpoise, 20-1, 200 Porte-chape, 253 Potato, 65 Pot-au-feu, 53 Pot-hook, 225 Pot-luck, 53 Poudre-marchaunt tart, 251 Poultry, 17, 44 Powdered beef, 187 horse, 30 Puddings, 23, 113 et seq.

This liquid perfume he drank in those Chinese porcelains called egg-shell, so light and diaphanous they are.

And one also finds stupid and pretentious flowers like the rose which belongs in the porcelain flowerpots painted by young girls.

BERGEN (52), the old capital of Norway, on a fjord of the name, open to the Gulf Stream, and never frozen; the town, consisting of wooden houses, is built on a slope on which the streets reach down to the sea, and has a picturesque appearance; the trade, which is considerable, is in fish and fish products; manufactures gloves, porcelain, leather, etc.; the seat of a bishop, and has a cathedral.

BESANÇON (57), capital of the dep. of Doubs, in France; a very strong place; fortified by Vauban; abounds in relics of Roman and mediæval times; watchmaking a staple industry, employing some 15,000 of the inhabitants; manufactures also porcelain and carpets.

DELAWARE (168), one of the Atlantic and original States of the American Union, as well as the smallest of them; the soil is rather poor, but porcelain clay abounds.

DERBY (94), county town of Derbyshire, on the Derwent, with manufactures of silk, cotton hosiery, lace, porcelain, &c.; it is the centre of a great railway system.

DOBSON, AUSTIN, poet and prose writer, born at Plymouth, is in a department of the Civil Service; wrote "Vignettes in Rhyme," "Proverbs in Porcelain," "Old World Idylls," in verse, and in prose Lives of Fielding, Hogarth, Steele, and Goldsmith; contributed extensively to the magazines; b. 1840.

Its porcelain and woollen cloths are widely famed; it has a large transit trade; it gives name to a fine kind of surface enamel, which was brought to perfection there.

Agriculture is the chief industry; there are manufactures of carpets, shawls, and porcelain.

WORCESTER (42), the county town of Worcestershire, on the left bank of the Severn, 26 m. SE. of Birmingham; a very ancient place, and a handsome city, with a noble old Gothic cathedral; is famous for its blue porcelain ware and other industries, particularly glove-making; was the scene in 1651 of Cromwell's victory over the Royalists, which he called his "crowning mercy."

He set his various commissioners of ports collecting the products of their provincessilks, porcelains, lacquers and teas.

Every part of the room was crowded with fans, ferns, palms, Oriental carpets and cushions, books, porcelain, majolica, and pictures.

Have two porcelain pitchers as hot as possible, pour the mixture into one of them.

The preserving kettle should be porcelain-lined, and no iron or tin utensils should be used, as the fruit acids attack these metals and so give a bad color and metallic taste to the food.

An inscription fastened to the orange-tree proclaimed it the property of Eugenie; but in front of it, upon a porcelain plate, was seen, as the napkin which covered it was lifted, an orange, cut in pieces, and beside it the count placed Mozart's autograph note.

Shortly after this, the road began winding upwards, past the porcelain factories and through the village of Sèvres; after which, having but a short distance of very steep road to climb, we desired the cabman to wait, and went up on foot.

They are mad on Chinese porcelain, hence there is need for indulgence; for the intellect has lost the whip-hand.

It is most known for its porcelain factory, Gustavsberg porcelain, and toilet bowls distributed nationwide and internationally.

It is most known for its porcelain factory, Gustavsberg porcelain, and toilet bowls distributed nationwide and internationally.

It started to lose its popularity after 16th century with the appearance of white porcelains.

Meißen is the home of Meißen porcelain.

This helped the development of porcelain and other whiteware ceramics in England.

Cadmium nitrate is used for colouring glass and porcelain.

He made porcelain with a composition similar to the Chinese porcelains of the early 18th century.

And after determining that the giant porcelain kitchen sink was cool, but too raggedy to keep, Ms. Li said, they rescued a stainless-steel sink from the debris in the backyard.

Mr. Shadwick also found a Victorian painted porcelain plaque, based on an artist’s painting, bearing the same image as the early Hopper oil.

There is a cocktail bar, with a gleaming black and white porcelain-tiled floor, as well as a Christmas Room, where you can warm up in front of the fire on chilly winter days.

But unfortunately we don't know whether there’s a new owner of the porcelain factory now or not.

For her exhibition at Stride, Fleur is producing a series of wall mounted porcelain and mixed media sound chambers.

Hardwood floor in good condition plus recent laminate flooring, top grade porcelain floor tiles, upgraded kitchen and bathroom, vinyl windows including recent bay window in bdrm.

Here you'll find elegantly designed and contemporary styled homes, featuring: Granite counters, Maple-wood cabinets, Porcelain tiling, Stainless SteelWhirlpool appliances and Kohler fixtures.

In the Morris circle the collecting of Persian and Oriental rugs, porcelain and paintings became very fashionable.

Objective: Determine if Vertise Flow (Kerr) is suitable for bonding fixed orthodontic appliances to enamel, restorative resin composite and porcelain with minimal surface preparation.

She approaches themes of transience in shared human-experience; ephemeral states solidified in delicate porcelain.

The unique characteristics of SUPERSEAL Tile Subfloor allows modified thinsets to be used with porcelain and ceramic tiles.

TOTALLY renovated in a clean, modern yet ageless theme: HONED limestone large format tiles, designer carpet, bamboo HARDWOOD & porcelain flooring (heated in ensuite).