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14468 examples of  possesses  in sentences

14468 examples of possesses in sentences

Every pass, however, possesses treasures of beauty all its own.

Jack says a man loves a woman, not for her beauty or any other quality she possesses, but just because she is the woman he loves and can't help loving.

I sometimes believe it is the only characteristic the man possesses.

This experiment has been frequently repeated with different samples of Globigerina ooze, and always with the result that a small proportion of a red sediment remains, which possesses all the characters of the red clay.

Thus, the truth that the fermentation of a simple solution of sugar in water depends upon the presence of yeast, rests upon an unassailable foundation; and the inquiry into the exact nature of the substance which possesses such a wonderful chemical influence becomes profoundly interesting.

Each Volvox-monad, moreover, possesses a red pigment spot, like the simplest form of eye known among animals.

But Paramoecium is so huge a creature compared with those hitherto discussedit reaches 1/120 of an inch or more in lengththat there is no difficulty in making out its organisation in detail; and in proving that it is not only an animal, but that it is an animal which possesses a somewhat complicated organisation.

(92 miles) has a well-deserved reputation for its baths, and possesses several mineral bathing establishments, of which the "Grand Etablissement des Thermes" stands first.

(120-3/4 miles) is of historic interest and possesses some noteworthy remains.

As the various marbles obtained in the vicinity are exceedingly interesting, and in many cases very beautiful, a very pleasant half-hour can be spent at one of the many marble works which the town possesses.

CAMPAN (2192 ft.)A village in the Hautes-Pyrénées (3-3/4 miles from Bigorre) situated in the valley of the same nameon the direct road from Bigorre to Luchon; possesses an ancient church and market-place.

Sainte Marie possesses a fine old church of the Transition style.

It possesses an old church and several historical buildings, and is one of the favourite drives from Biarritz.

The water is largely charged with sulphate of lime, and possesses properties similar to other waters of that type.

Though Dapplemere village is but a very small place indeed, now-a-days,yet it possesses a church, grey and ancient, whose massive Norman tower looks down upon gable and chimney, upon roof of thatch and roof of tile, like some benignant giant keeping watch above them all.

We maintain that it has, and that this tongue, which is not enumerated by Adelung, which possesses no grammar and barely a lexicon of its own, and which is not numbered among the polyglot achievements of Mezzofanti or Burritt, has yet a right to its place among the world's languages.

To Miss Burney Johnson once said:'Sir Joshua Reynolds possesses the largest share of inoffensiveness of any man that I know.'

We are thus tempted to conclude that, provided a commodity possesses some utility, its price will be determined by the cost of production, the degree of utility being unimportant.

His interest may be said to consist partly of the body of knowledge that he possesses.

The assemblage alone, apart altogether from any beauty and charm that the painting possesses, makes these frescoes valuable.

D'Elmont of "Love in Excess" possesses a soul large enough to contain both love and fury at almost the same moment.

ABSOLUTE (Sir Anthony), a testy but warm-hearted old gentleman, who imagines that he possesses a most angelic temper, and when he quarrels with his son, the captain, fancies it is the son who is out of temper, and not himself.

The natives guard it with the greatest jealousy, from a belief that whoever possesses it acquires the right to govern Ceylon.

Mr. ROOSEVELT'S discovery that, unknown to himself, he has been blind in one eye for over a year, is surely surpassed by the experience of Mr. Caractacus Crowsfeet, the popular M.P. for Slushington, who has just learnt, as the result of a cerebral operation, that he possesses no brain whatever.

"To-day the man possesses a second tumb, serviceable for all ordinary purposes.

His brother Lewis, with the same noble and disinterested spirit in the application of his pecuniary resources, possesses the rare faculty of incessant labor; which, when combined, as in his case, with great intellectual and physical capacity, eminently qualifies for a leading position in society.

Yes, he, the man who takes the shirt from my back and possesses himself of all my property.

Then this district possesses a treasure in Mr. Cowen, of Rotherham, whose merit as a landscape painter, has recommended him to the zealous patronage of Earl Fitzwilliam and the Duke of Devonshire.

"Miss Abby," he said, "possesses soul-matter of a texture to which the souls of these strong men naturally adhere.

My own mind possesses a clearness and quickness, which, I have noticed, always precede the visit of a superior spirit.

For, firstly, it is true that Britain at the present time is no more capable of creating such a conscript army as France or Germany possesses in the next ten years than she is of covering her soil with a tropical forest, and, secondly, it is equally true that if she had such an army it would not be of the slightest use to her.

The characteristic peculiarity of the Pilgrim's Progress is, that it is the only work of its kind which possesses a strong human interest.

Beside it stands the Library, which possesses the first special claim on our admiration.

The first is that there are about us, and with certain facilities for making themselves understood by us, spiritual individualities; and, second, that the human being possesses spiritual senses, parallel with the physical, by which it sees what the physical sense cannot see, and hears what is inaudible to the physical ear.

The memory possesses it, etc." Much the same result followed inquiries made for me by a friend among members of the French Institute.

The memory possesses it, and the mind can at will roam over the whole, or study minutely any part.

Your co-legatee also possesses a block, perhaps not so delicate, but I daresay she feels the same about hers as you do about yours.

For instance, Evans (P.O.), after thoroughly examining the purpose of some individual who is pleading for a piece of canvas, will admit that he may have a small piece somewhere which could be used for it, when, as a matter of fact, he possesses quite a number of rolls of that material.

The palace, however, possesses little historical attraction; but, among the mansions of the parish, Holland House merits especial notice.

Johnson himself committed many errors, some of which I shall hereafter expose; yet I cannot conceive that the following judgement of his works was penned without some bias of prejudice: "Johnson's merit ought not to be denied to him; but his dictionary is the most imperfect and faulty, and the least valuable of any[80] of his productions; and that share of merit which it possesses, makes it by so much the more hurtful.

Nay, docs he not make man the contriver of that "natural language" which he possesses "in common with the brutes?"

But we mean, that he possesses intelligence and active power in supreme perfection; and, as these qualities do not belong to matter, which is neither active nor intelligent, we must refer them to that which is not matter, but mind.

Say, therefore, "I perceive thou art a pupil possessing (or, who possesses) good talents.

II.When a collective noun is followed by two or more words which must each in some sense agree with it, uniformity of number is commonly preferable to diversity, and especially to such a mixture as puts the singular both before and after the plural; as, "That ingenious nation who have done so much honour to modern literature, possesses, in an eminent degree, the talent of narration.

Sincerity possesses the most powerful charm.

O 'tis so hard to me this night to leave thee A boding fear possesses me! WALLENSTEIN.

Nay, it is highly probable, if he possesses the gallantry which a well-bred bear ought to have, he will bring Mrs. Bruin and all the children along with him, and you can transact business with the whole family at once.

She who possesses them does not arouse suspicion however late she may be in paying the weekly account....

But if you succeed in bringing him to itthough he will be compelled to say it possesses no such powerhe will instantly take ground that slavery cannot actually exist in the Territories unless the people desire it, and so give it protection by Territorial legislation.

Congress possesses many means of preserving it by conciliation; but the sword was not placed in their hand to preserve it by force.

Can you name any other advantages which she possesses?" "Amiability, good sense, and a pure and refined nature.

That Miss Kemble's tragedy possesses points to be made, and passages that will tell on the stage, cannot be denied; but its interest for representation requires to be concentrated; it "wants a hero, an uncommon thing."

"Oh no, messire, I reply to you with Arnaud de Marveil, that marvellous singer of eld, 'They may bear her from my presence, but they can never untie the knot which unites my heart to her; for that heart, so tender and so constant, God alone divides with my lady, and the portion which God possesses He holds but as a part of her domain, and as her vassal.'"

The fellow plunged at once into his subject, evidently holding the notion that youth in general possesses a shady sense of honor.

Materials for this are ready for use in every home that still possesses a nursery with an inmate not more than two years of age.

Added to all its many attractions of interesting museumsthe homes of wonderful and in some cases unrivaled collections of works of artand of historical associations with the past, it possesses the charm of being modern in the best sense and of being a place where one may find much that is finest in art and music.

That Holland, the sandy, marshy country that the ancients considered all but uninhabitable, now sends out yearly from her confines agricultural products to the value of a hundred millions of francs, possesses about one million three hundred thousand head of cattle, and, in proportion to the extent of her territory, may be accounted one of the most populous of European states.

From Lord CURZON we learned, somewhat to our surprise, that the House possesses certain Standing Orders.

It is one of his Chelsea books of anecdote, gossip and good talk of which he possesses the secret.

The language of the Indian Queen possesses, in general, greater ease, and a readier flow of verse, than Sir Robert Howard appears to have possessed, when unassisted.

The holy sage possesses magic power In virtue of his penance; she, his ward, Under the shadow of his tutelage, Rests in security, I know it well; Yet sooner shall the rushing cataract In foaming eddies re-ascend the steep, Than my fond heart turn back from its pursuit.

As his wife, and will present her With a portion far surpassing All Polemius' self possesses, Not to speak of what is promised Him whose skill may else effect it.

The poem likewise possesses some antiquarian interest, owing to a description of a wild-beast show in an amphitheatre in which the animals were brought up in lifts through the floor of the arena.

It is a Venetian serenade sung in the persons of fishermen, and possesses a certain grace of language: Cortese donne, belle innamorae, Donzelle, vedovette, e maridae, Ascholte ste parole, che le no se cortelae, Che intendere la causa del vegnir in ste contrae.

Like the earlier poem it possesses little narrative unitythe taie of Eurydice introduced by way of illustration occupies more than a third of the wholebut every point is made the occasion of minute decoration of the richest beauty.

It is perfectly true that the work possesses some at least of the qualities of its defects.

Apart from the dramatic or semi-dramatic work we have been reviewing, the pastoral verse which possesses the most natural and national character, though it may not be the earliest in date, is to be found in the poems of Francisco de de Miranda.

Thanks probably to the combination in its pages of the popular chivalric tradition with the fashionable Italian pastoral, and also to certain graces of style which it possesses, the Diana held the field until the picaresque romance developed into a recognized genre, and exercised a very considerable influence on pastoral writers even beyond the frontiers of Spain.

His chief merit in literature, apart from his often delicate epigrams, his élégant badinage and his graceful if at times facile verse, lies in the power he possesses, in common with Garcilaso and Spenser, of treating the allegorical pastoral without entirely losing the charm of naïve simplicity and genuine feeling.

His chief claim to notice as a pastoral writer is his authorship of an eclogue on the death of Loyse de Savoye, the mother of Francis; a poem through which, more than any other, he influenced his greater English disciple, and thereby acquired the importance he possesses for our present inquiry.

Besides the interest which it possesses in connexion with the development of pastoral tradition, it also plays a very important part in the history of dramatic art, not in Italy alone, but over the whole of Europe.

The exposing of a maiden to the rage of a sea-monster has been, of course, no novelty since the days of Andromeda, but it is unnecessary to seek a more immediate source; while the intrusion of Cupid in disguise among the nymphs was doubtless suggested by the well-known idyl of Moschus, and probably owes to this community of source such resemblance as it possesses to the prologue of the Aminta.

On the other hand Daniel possesses qualities of no vulgar kind, though some, it is true, may be said to be rather the qualités de ses défauts.

The play, nevertheless, possesses merits which it would be unfair to neglect.

Their own story is essentially undramatic, although it possesses qualities which would make it effective in narrative; and it is, moreover, wholly unaffected by the solution of the other plot.

But I do claim that the Amyntas is one of the most interesting and important of the experiments which English writers made in the pastoral drama, that it possesses dramatic qualities to which few of its kind can pretend, and that pervading and transforming the whole is the genial humour and the sparkling wit of its brilliant and short-lived author.

She is ill at ease, she knows not why, and the innocent description of her love-pain possesses, in spite of its quaint artificiality, something of the naïveté of Daphnis and Chloe.

Neither prose nor verse possesses the least merit.[301] The earliest of the plays founded upon episodes in the Arcadia is Beaumont and Fletcher's Cupid's Revenge, which was acted by the children of the Queen's Revels, and published in 1615.[302]

No beer, no beef, no other food than that mentioned, and no drink but water; and yet he can do more work and enjoys a better digestion and possesses stronger muscles than the average American or Englishman, with their varied dietary.

In appearance and size the fruit is much like the plum; when ripe, it is very dark green, almost black, and possesses a strong, and, to many people, disagreeable flavor.

The kernel of the almond yields a fixed oil; that produced from the bitter almond is much esteemed for flavoring purposes, but it is by no means a safe article to use, at it possesses marked poisonous qualities.

It is surprising how quickly graciousness possesses some people when there is a witching girl around.

It was a blithesome day and if it had n't been for that "all gone" sort of a feeling, that possesses me when evening draws near and Jack is far away, content might have marked me as her own.

The narrowest street possesses, in every crook and twist of its intention, the soul of the man who built it, perhaps long in his grave.

He possesses a little wooden rifle, the gift of a friendly "Écossais," tipped with a flashing bayonet cut from a biscuit-tin; and spends most of his time out upon the road, waiting for some one to salute.

Village fighting is a confused and untidy business, but it possesses certain redeeming features.

But it is commodious, and possesses a side-chamber which will serve us admirably for a green-room when the proprietoran affable person by the name of Tench has removed the onions at present drying on the floor; which he has engaged to do.

In the main, these are characteristics of the human male, though the female often possesses them in a greater or lesser degree.

But, having confessed so much, we may venture to add that the Valse, as danced by the present generation, possesses a spirit, lightness, and variety quite unknown to its stately predecessor.

The virtuous, the amiable, the accomplished Maria Selby possesses my entire confidence and esteem; and I trust I am not deceived when I think her highly deserving of both.

" "Nay, madam, it would be a weak and ungodly tenderness that would spare to drive forth the evil spirit which possesses the child by the use of the rod.

"P.S.You know it is little matter, between sisters, which possesses the property, so all share it.

The Executive can do no more than apply the means which Congress places in its hands for the support of Government, and, happily for the good of the country and for the preservation of its liberties, it possesses no power to levy exactions on the people or to force from them contributions to the public revenue in any form.

Over the manner of conducting war Mexico possesses no exclusive control.

She thus announces a perpetual claim, which at the end of a century will furnish her as plausible a ground for discontent against any nation which at the end of that time may enter into a treaty with Texas as she possesses at this moment against the United States.

For instance, there is a national belief that the juby-juby nut, which grows in the forests in profusion, possesses some supernatural virtue that will make a man who chews it impervious to the weapons of his enemies.

The average person possesses but a very small amount of concentration, and is able to concentrate his mind for but a few moments at a time.

Everyone possesses in the latent state the wonderful faculty of Seership.

No degree of success, within reason, is impossible when one possesses the Power of Concentration.

Some proverbs in this collection I do not find in others, and one quality it possesses in a remarkable degreeit is very Scotch.