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1342 example sentences with  post on

1342 example sentences with post on

"Did my step-father get you a post on board ship?" "He did not.

As for the Colonel, he wrote to the boy regularly every mail from his post on Coventry Island, and little Rawdon used to like to get the papers and read about his Excellency, his father, of whom he had been truly fond.

He had made many voyages, and had occupied for some time an important official post on one of those Arctic continents which are inhabited only by the hunters employed in collecting the furs and skins furnished exclusively by these lands.

Irritably, the Belgian officer shouted that the soldiers knew that no one had food, and they must wait till they got to the next post on the morrow. '

As he was a Protestant, Louis had feared to offend the clergy by giving him a seat in the council, or the title of comptroller-general; but had conferred that post on M. Taboureau des Reaux, making Necker director of the treasury under him.

When his approach was announced, Lucius Plancus, who had the command of those legions, compelled by the emergency, took post on a rising ground; and drew up his army with two fronts, that it might not be surrounded by the cavalry.

XCVIII.At break of day, Caesar ordered all those who had taken post on the mountain, to come down from the higher grounds into the plain, and pile their arms.

At length they heard the army had made post on the ridge that frowns over the Millfield Plain, and that brave Surrey, with a force from the South, had marched into Northumberland and taken camp.

He occupied a post on the Marseillaise newspaper, became a Commissary of Police after the fourth of September, and took part on the popular side in the outbreak of the thirty-first of October.

In order that they might be able to get water for their cooking and yet not stumble into the water their friends fastened a rope, for their guidance, from the door of the wigwam to a post on the edge of the lake.

To the latter the right wing was assigned; the former took post on the left.

He said that such an old castle as Vittskรถvle was a mile-post on time's highway.

My scheme was to advance one company of Czech troops from Khamerovka to Olhanka, the Ataman's most forward post on my right front, where they were to prepare a small entrenched camp.

"The head clerk has persuaded Henderson Saheb to bestow the post on his wife's nephew.

There's a jolly light-infantry post on the right, I hear their buglesthey sound the 'Advance.'

This demand is to be made of the patriot refugee force from Canada, who are about to take post on the island of Boisblanc, at the mouth of the Detroit River.

On one occasion, when I was sent to the post on an errand, she had no pie or cake; but she brought out a primer and said thoughtfully, "I's g'wine ter give yo dis A-B-C book, 'cos I want yo should grow up like quality folks.

And at the reply, Violet would look down from her post on the picketed fence, shake her long curls triumphantly, and climb to some place inaccessible to the enemy, to show how useful her agility could be to her own party.

His purpose was to be a gentle, helpful, quiet little fellow, and though he was often to be seen at his old post on the stairs, or watching the waves or the clouds from his solitary window, he was oftener found too, among the other boys, modestly rendering them some little voluntary service.

The field (as an English sportsman would term it) then disperse, and while some drive the herd in the desired direction, those with the dogs take their post on the same line, at the distance of about a mile from each other; one of the worst dogs is then slipped at the herd, and from the moment he singles out an antelope the whole body are in motion.

The next morning the Scotch army moved after that of Cromwell, which had fallen back to Dunbar, and took post on the Doon hill facing him there.

At the end of one short month, however, Mark was once more summoned to his post on board the Rancocus, temporarily putting an end to his delightful interviews with Bridget.

The effect on them was curious, and, though they evidently did not consent to regard us as of the true faith, they as evidently were puzzled, and we went our way unmolested; but I felt more at my ease, I am willing to admit, when we passed the last Turkish post on the road.

The Saturday evening post on sale Tuesday, September 8th.

Next week: Max Schmeling gives Post readers the exclusive story; The Saturday evening post on sale Tuesday, August 25th, circular A. ยฉ 18Aug36; AA212763.

The same official further reported that the Spaniards also were exciting the Indians to war, and were in communication with Simcoe, their messengers coming to him at his post on the Miami.

Fortunately, the surgeon had taken his post on this islet, as the probably scene of the warmest conflict; and he had contrived to make his preparations to receive the hurt, in a cavity of the rock behind a portion of the ruin, where the person would be reasonably safe.

In less than four minutes Patrolman Dennis Patrick Murphy, who was standing on post on Washington Street in front of Nasheen Zereik's Embroidery Bazaar talking to Sardi Babu, saw a red-headed, pug-nosed urchin come flying round the corner.

There is a Prussian post on Sunday next,

I did not finish it, because I am not skilled, like the gentleman that used to write political ship-news, in that style which I wanted to perfect my essay: but in the prelude I observed how ignorant the ancients were in supposing Icarus melted the wax of his wings by too near access to the sun, whereas he would have been frozen to death before he made the first post on that road.

While this was doing, Gustavus Horn attacks another post on the hill, where the Spaniards had posted and lodged themselves behind some works they had cast up on the side of the hill.

She then called Mariah, the cook to bring a rope and tying the two of them to the old colonial post on the front porch, she took a chair and sat between the two, whipping them on their naked backs for such a time, that for two weeks their clothes stuck to their backs on the lacerated flesh.

The canal, too, was deserted, save for one long monkey-boat, black as Charon's barge, that lay moored to a post on the towpath, some seventy-odd yards up stream, near where the wall of the Orphanage ended.

At Kolyma, a Russian post on the Arctic Ocean, where the experiment was first tried, it proved a complete success.

It's full of old accounts of some trading post on the frontier.

They were also becoming more rude and insolent in their behaviour, and seeing this I left my post on a hillock, and joined Simpson to take part in the expected fray.

They set up a post on the bank of a pond or river, and over this post they lay, almost in equilibrio, the two pieces of wood, at one end of which the chair hangs just over the water.

According to a post on the Downtown Rochester, Minnesota Facebook page, one event won't premiere until Friday.

According to Huddah in a post on as Insta story, masturbation kills sex drive in both men and women.

According to reports, Satyanarayan in a post on Facebook about a person being tested positive for deadly coronavirus.

According to this post on their GiveMN fundraising page, the haunt will not go on as usual, mainly because of those pesky social distancing guidelines.

Aekoโ€™s cute moments continue to mount with each photo and video Ammika and the โ€œRun Itโ€ singer post on their social media accounts.

A Facebook post on Friday night from โ€œRVAโ€™s 1000 Man March,โ€ the eventโ€™s organizers, stated that police offered to close main roads for the group after reservations were secured for more than 6,000 demonstrators.

โ€œFrom primary school to university, he accompanied the youth of countless people, and evoked the love for basketball among many young Chinese people,โ€ the Peopleโ€™s Daily wrote in a post on social media platform Weibo.

General Secretary for GJA, Kofi Yeboah in a post on Facebook disclosed that Pius Asiedu received a piece of metallic medical equipment in the leg to fill a hole created by the bullet.

He made this remark in a lengthy post on Twitter on Tuesday.

He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet," Utah High Patrol said in a post on Twitter.

Her last post on her Facebook post was around 3 p.m. Sunday, verses from John 15:4, โ€œRemain in me, as I also remain in you.

His post on social media dated 2nd November,2016 read : โ€ The MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL in dis school is in JHS-1and she no get BREAST sef.

Homicide Detective said in a social media post on Twitter on Dec. 28. โ€œWhere is our PIO?

In a blog post on Sunday, Milan Lee called his two years at Mixer โ€œthe worst Iโ€™ve ever had professionallyโ€ and claimed the poor experience, which spanned 2017 and 2018, was โ€œall due to racism.โ€

In a Facebook post on Saturday afternoon the Rosthern Medical Clinic confirmed it was not able to provide in-person consultations, after an earlier post suggested one of their doctors had contracted COVID-19.

In a post on her Instastories, the actress was shocked on why social media posts have became the yardstick for determining who is wealthy and who is poor.

In a post on Instagram, Bieber said he.

In a social media post on Thursday, Hon Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition, Lennox Linton said health and economy cannot be mutually exclusive.

In a Twitter post on Saturday, October 11, she said she loaded 11 trucks with 34 cows and transported them to Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, and Delta.

In December, matches involving one London-based Premier League team, Arsenal, were summarily after a post on Twitter by its German star Mesut ร–zil that denounced Chinaโ€™s treatment of the Uighurs, a largely Muslim minority in northwestern China.

An ambulance took the Frenchman to the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital where he received precautionary checks over the next two nights and Marion, his wife of eight years, poured her heart out in an emotional Instagram post on Monday evening.

An Aug. 8 post on a page for baby Maja said she had โ€œlittle to no brain activity, and she will be removed from life support in the coming days.โ€

It was reported that the FFS's public relationโ€™s office in a post on its official Facebook page showed the building and its officials as well as their fire fighting trucks in current pictures.

"I've been the target of a totally groundless smear campaign," he replied to McGowan's post on Monday.

Jordan shared a moving post on Instagram, saying "my hero and best mate in the whole world" has been in and out of hospital for the previous four months.

Kemi issued the warning via a post on her official Instagram page on Saturday without stating the reason for the warning.

L.A. County Supervisor Hilda Solis says officials will advertise on billboards and post on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram an educational campaign that targets younger adults and warns that the pandemic is a threat to them.

Mayor Joseph Scarpelli thanked the school district staff as well, in a Facebook post on March 25. He also acknowledged township employees.

Ankita commented: "di" with a heart emoji, and also shared the post on her Insta Stories.

On 10 May, Bolt shared a post on Instagram in honour of his mother and partner on Motherโ€™s Day.

On Aug. 27, the LAFD put out a post on its Facebook page asking the public to help locate the missing firefighter.

One person was taken to a hospital, and the others showed no signs of life, the Chongqing municipal government said in a social media post on Sunday.

On Wednesday 8 January, the royal couple shared a post on Instagram detailing their decision to become โ€œfinancially independentโ€ from the royal family and to split their time between North America and the UK as they raise their son.

Owner Steve McDaniel explained in a post on Facebook that he couldnโ€™t continue the lease at the facility due to lack of funds from being closed for three straight months.

Pastor Brent Newberry, of neighboring First Baptist Church of Worcester, shared a lengthy post on his congregationโ€™s Facebook page, reminding churchgoers his front doors would remain closed.

Recently, DaniLeigh made a cryptic post on her Instagram, leading people to think that she and DaBaby had split.

So when Godwin commented on Hannah Annโ€™s Instagram post on Feb. 19, no one thought anything of it.

" star announced the happy arrival in a post on his Instagram page on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, revealing he and wife had welcomed a baby boy called Keats.

The 25-year-old singer shared the news in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

The actress shared a lengthy post on her Instagram page to eulogise her mother-in-law.

The developer shared the latest on the future of the game โ€“ or rather the lack of a future โ€“ with its community in a post on the Friday the 13th: The Game forums to outline how this gradual end to the gameโ€™s support will work.

The riots were allegedly fomented after Pulikeshinagar Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthyโ€™s nephew Naveen Kumar allegedly posted an insidious post on his facebook timeline.

The tweet was followed by a detailed post on her Patreon account, which was captioned: "i posted a few more words here. i love you all so much. i love neil. this is all very hard. thank you for your care. i got you if you got me, people."

The violence broke out in Bengaluru over a controversial post on Prophet Muhammad on Facebook allegedly put up by P Naveen, nephew of Pulakeshinagar MLA Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy of the Congress party.

Though poll workers had shown up to their post on time at 5 a.m., they were unable to access the voting machines without the supervisor, one volunteer said.

To begin at the beginning, as they say, Kaepernick made a post on Twitter in reference to the recent killing of one of Iranโ€™s top leaders, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Australian mum-of-three Laura Mazza, 32, recently shared a post on where she revealed she'd given her son an iPad to play with while attending a family party.

Award-winning musician Jah Prayzah real name Mukudzeyi Mukombe celebrated his wife Rufaro Chiworesoโ€™s birthday with a sweet post on his official Facebook page.

โ€œWe are inundated with difficult stories,โ€ the showโ€™s staff wrote in a post on its official Facebook page.

When contacted by the yesterday, following a post on his personal social media page, cllr Mullins said some people argued that the current position complied with the Constitution, so the ministers involved had no obligation to resign.

While the police maintain that Peens had resisted arrest and used the K-word during the altercation, a bystander alleged in a post on Facebook that Peens was threatened for being white.

Winners will be selected based on the most stylish picture and popularity of the post on our Instagram page.

Check out Patrick's blog post on โ€œCanadian Disruptionsโ€ for further insights.

For example, in Champlain Township there are 165 hydrants, according to a post on its Facebook page.

From a 19 Oct 2004 post on NFLD-ROOTS-L, apparently quoting The Telegram of 18 and/or 19 Oct 2004: PIKE, Isobel Ferguson- Passed peacefully away on Sunday, October 17th, 2004, at the Agnes Pratt Nursing Home.

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