14 examples of poster of in sentences

If they are, however, it may be that the posters of the posters referred to took that method of bringing them to life again, which may be looked on as a post mortem proceeding.

I have never seen one poster of any kind put up by friends of the Allies.

Above that were the wire-blinds with the name of "Q. Karkeek"; and above the blinds the blue posters of the Five Towns Chronicle.

And there, among a group of white posters covering the large window, was a poster of the sale of "valuable household furniture and effects removed from No. 15 Lessways Street.

At the corner of the Rue Drouot an officer of the 117th Battalion is reading in a loud voice, or rather reciting, for he knows it all by heart, the proclamation of M. Picard, the official poster of the afternoon.

Poster of "John Bull.

As I was strolling around in rather a melancholy mood, just at the close of the cavalcade, I saw the flaming posters of a circus, and knew my day was saved, for I had a great fondness for the ring.

The posters of the new feature film looked dull.

"Also doing crayon portraits at two francs fifty a head," and he pointed to the sign beside the poster of Cleofonte breaking the chains which advertised the nature of his talents in glowing terms.

Another farmer entersa rather rougher-looking manand, without saying a word, turns to the advertisement boards on which the posters of farms to be let, &c., are displayed.

[In view of the official discouragement of railway-travelling something should be done to eradicate from the minds of the public any favourable impressions created by the posters of the past.

Fink, who was the veteran bill poster of the town, was as round shouldered as a hod carrier.

William Nicholson and James Pryde, who began by working together as "The Beggarstaff Brothers," and in this period did a poster of Henry for "Don Quixote" and another for "Becket," were as enthusiastic about the Lyceum as Burne-Jones had been.

Mrs. MERRICK's picture of the Countess on a visit to the Sheppards' cottage might have been designed for a poster of the Land Campaign.

14 examples of  poster of  in sentences