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344 examples of  postman  in sentences

344 examples of postman in sentences

He knows they are there, does Mr. DROWSE; for he gets my copy of the penny postman, and he keeps it, too.

Only the old, old message, so often told that it seems scarcely worth while to bother the postman about it.

The quiet of the place was seldom disturbed, except by the grocer and butcher, who came to receive orders, or the cabs, hackney-coaches, and Bath-chairs, in which the ladies took an infrequent airing, or the livery-steed which the retired captain sometimes bestrode for a morning ride, or by the red-coated postman who went his rounds twice a day to deliver letters, and again in the evening, ringing a hand-bell, to take letters for the mail.

Next day when the postman's letters Came from all over the land; Came one for the Christ-child, written

Mrs. Kemlo watches up the street and down the street for the postman.

" "A while ago the postman brought me a note from your mother.

At that very minute the Postman brought two letters.

The weary and all forspent twopenny postman sinks beneath a load of delicate embarrassments, not his own.

As the raven himself was hoarse that announced the fatal entrance of Duncan, so the knock of the postman on this day is light, airy, confident, and befitting one that bringeth good tidings.

The fifth landing was too remote for the postman, for I never got a letterat

One morning as she looked out of the window, she saw the postman suddenly surrounded by a whole flock of little girls, and heard one of them say, "Oh, haven't you got a valentine for me?"

And the postman laughed good-naturedly, and, looking through his pack of letters, took out two or three quite big square envelopes, and handed them to one and another of the clamorous little crowd.

She did not ask anybody the question, however, just then; but when the postman came around at noon, and she saw the same scene repeated, her curiosity could not be restrained any longer, and she started off to find Jane McClane,for Jane was fourteen years old and knew everything, Polly thought.

"Guess I know," said Martha, laughing; "yer watchin' for the postman to bring yer a valentine.

Just then the postman crossed the street, and ring, ring, went the Home bell.

A crowd of idlers followed the postman with this epistolary phenomenon, in the hope of getting some knowledge of its contents.

Post paper originally bore the wire mark of a postman's horn, as appears on specimens of paper of the date 1679.

The postman was at the door when he got there, apparently absorbed in conversation with the parlor maid.

Psmith stood by politely till the postman, who had just been told it was like his impudence, caught sight of him, and, having handed over the letters in an ultraformal and professional manner, passed away.

"The old postman says it was insufficiently addressed, or

it 'ud ha' been here by first post." "Was that the postman who rang just now?" asked Janet.

The only sensation of our day is when, just after darkness has fallen, the sound of a whistle in the tiny street of thatched cottages announces that the postman has called to collect letters.

I had written thus far when it occurred to me that I had still my own name to choose and that soon the whistle of the postman would be heard in the street.

Now when you can send a letter half round the globe for a penny, and when the postman calls half a dozen times a day, few of us take letter-writing seriously.

The postman (or rather the postwoman) brought me among other things this morning a little paper called The Superman, which I find is devoted to the stars, the lines of the hands, and similar mysteries.

"Walter, my dear, a letter was left here to-day by the postman.

Incidentally I had to pay twopence on the letter, the postman insisting that George's neat signature in the bottom left-hand corner of the envelope was an insufficient substitute for a penny stamp.

How courteously tolerant was I of the postman without a proof for us; how M'Connachie, on the other hand, wanted to punch his head.

A Yorkshire Postman 28.

While the butcher is doing his thriving trade the postman arrives to collect letters from the pillar-box, Placing a small horn to his lips, he blows a blast to warn the villagers that the post is going, and, having waited for the last letter, climbs slowly up the steep pathway to Hinderwell.

His game-keeper was waiting at the boathouse, but the postman had brought some letters that made him put off his sport.

It's the postman, she replied with an air of frankness; he could not wait till to-morrow.

You have reason then to complain of my discretion that you tell the postman to hand your letters to yourself only.

He waited with feverish impatience for the postman's return.

"But here is the postman.

I know, too, that at least once each month she received a letter; I used to watch for the postman, get the letter, and run to her with it; whether she was busy or not, she would take it and instantly thrust it into her bosom.

" She did not stay to observe the contrast between her fervent sentences and the weak, faint characters that expressed them, but hastily sought the servant who was accustomed to act as postman, gave him directions to acquaint her of its reception, and watched him out of sight.

The postman then with double knocks This morning many a heart was thrilling, And brought a shining cardboard box With round red hearts in paper frilling.

Here, the same night, came the postman, and the seeming youth watched nervously, but determinedly, for an opportunity of finding out whether the fateful paper was in his bag or not.

The postman had just discharged into the capacious letter-box an avalanche of letters and circulars, and as I sat glancing through the solitary letter that had fallen to my share, I looked from time to time at Thorndyke and noticed, as I had often done before, with some surprise, a curious habit that he had of turning over and closely scrutinising every letter and package before he opened it.

On the carpet where it had been thrust by the postman under the door, a white square caught her eye, and she picked it up before she switched on the light.

A rural postman in a blouse with red collar had been trudging up the hill behind me, and I let him overtake me so that I might fall into conversation with him, for these men are generally more intelligent or better informed than the peasants.

When we had reached the highest ground, from which a splendid view was revealed of the Rouergue country.a crumpled map of bare hills and deep dark gorgesthe postman pointed out to me the village of Roquecรฉsaire (Caesar's Rock), on a hill to the south, and told me a queer story of a battle between its inhabitants and those of an adjacent village.

'Now, the Holy Virgin,' said the postman, in no tone of mockery, 'was obliged to turn her back either to one village or the other, and this was the cause of the fight!'

The postman was a little reserved at first, not knowing to what country I belonged, but when he was satisfied that I was not a German, he let his tongue rattle on with the freedom which is one of the peculiarities of his class.

Perhaps the postman had given a good account of me, the absinthe having touched his heart.

'Your reverence, the postman overlooked this letter in the morning.

Arriving at a chefferie, the stage halted, the district mutoi, or native policeman-postman, appeared leisurely, opened the locked box on the diligence, looked at ease over the contents, took out what he liked, and put back the remainder, with the postings of the chefferie.

It was seldom visited by white tourists, as even the post brought by the diligence ended at Taravao, and letters for farther on were carried afoot by the mutoi, or postman-policeman of the adjoining district, who handed on to his contiguous confrรจre those for more distant confines.

THE BOSTONIANS It was precisely on the day set for the Brentwoods' westward flitting that the postman, making his morning round, delivered David Kent's asking at the house in the Back Bay sub-district.

The Norman imposed his laws upon England; the courts, the parish-registers, the Acts of Parliament were all his; but to this day there are districts of the Saxon Island where the postman and census-taker inquire in vain for Adam Smith and Benjamin Brown, but must perforce seek out Bullhead and Bandyshins.

When the postman brought in the last letter, he looked quite grave.

"Oh, if you please, Mr. Postman!"

So you see we must keep count now, and when we get to two thousand four hundred and seventy, we mustn't write any more, unless the postman gives us leave.

" In the midst of these trying circumstances, as her husband was one day sitting in his study, absorbed in meditation, the postman brought three letters from different towns where the boys were at school, each declaring that unless the dues were promptly settled, the lads would be dismissed.

The few letters which he received were addressed to a post-officeimpossible to shock the nerves of a postman by requesting him to deliver correspondence at this dead house, of which the front door had not been opened for years.

'It was the postman,' he muttered.

He had in his hand what I saw was a bookseller's catalogue, just delivered by the postman.

In the street where we first noticed the stove-pipes sprouting from the pavement, we saw a postman in the regulation costume of the French postman, with the regulation black, shiny wallet-box hanging over his stomach, and the regulation pen behind his ear, smartly delivering letters from house to house.

In the street where we first noticed the stove-pipes sprouting from the pavement, we saw a postman in the regulation costume of the French postman, with the regulation black, shiny wallet-box hanging over his stomach, and the regulation pen behind his ear, smartly delivering letters from house to house.

Why, bless my soul, sir, she's been thinking of nothing else for the past two or three days but the coming of the postman, expecting a letter from you, not considering that you didn't know where to address her, or that it was rather scant time for a letter to come from La Guayra, where Captain Stearns would take you if he succeeded in picking you up.

CAIN, JAMES M. The postman always rings twice.

Let's play postman.

Let's play postman.

NEWTON, RUTH E. Let's play postman.

Here comes the postman.

PARK, RODERIC B. Here comes the postman.

Why the postman has to ring twice; or, Yellow envelope, etc.

Why slug a postman.

By Leo Joseph Postman & James Pendleton Egan.

Leo Joseph Postman & James Pendleton Egan (A); 25Jul77; R668344. R668345.

The vegetable; or, From president to postman.

Here comes the postman.

PARK, RODERIC B. Here comes the postman.

"They won't even be able to make a postman of me.

* Rat-tat-tat at the door next afternoon, and little Pansy ran to open it, expecting to see the postman, but the knocking was only a bit of Tom's fun.

He had scarcely said it, when there was a rat-tat at the door: it was the postman; and what do you think?

By-the-bye, has the postman been yet? MANSON

The postman!

Besides, firing a cannon had become as commonplace a function to both French and German gunners as getting up to put another stick of wood in the stove or going to open the door to take a letter from the postman.

If you asked, Pray, Sir, what says the Postman from Vienna?

He was the calmest; he promised to come every Sunday and to write every day, and at first he did so, but before long many weeks passed without his coming, and the postman came up less often to the Claverias, and at last did not come at allit was ended, the young lieutenant found other amusements in Madrid.

the postman puts an end to my idle speculationsbut, Scarborough for ever!

The seclusion in which I live, surrounded by pine woods, a mile and a half from the nearest post office (tho' a postman brings our letters) and an equal distance from such supplies as a village can afford, is a little trying in some ways, but a real boon to me in my present condition.

All of which did not prevent her from scurrying to the door at the postman's knock, nor prevent her from referring somewhat shortly to retired sergeant-majors of bibulous habits when she found that the post brought a tailor's bill.

He ate his breakfast slowly on the first of the month, and, the meal finished, took a seat in the window with his pipe and waited for the postman.

He jumped up suddenly and met the postman at the door.

Why don't you go out for little walks?" Mrs. Gribble went, after several promptings, and the fruit of one of them was handed by the postman to Mr. Gribble a few days afterwards.

White and trembling she sat at breakfast on the first of November, waiting for the postman, while the unconscious Mr. Gribble went on with his meal.

Nearly a week later Joyce sat at her desk, hurrying to finish a letter before the postman's arrival.

"Oh, dear, the postman has come sooner than I expected.

I know perfectly well I can't hear from you and Jack for an age, and yet I watch for the postman three times a day, as a hungry man waits for the dinner-bell.

It is the postman.

So far from objecting to the Ideal Shepherd, I wish there were an Ideal Postman, an Ideal Grocer, and an Ideal Plumber.

It is undoubtedly true that we should laugh at the idea of an Ideal Postman; it is true, and it proves that we are not genuine democrats.

A grocer should have a coat-of-arms worthy of his strange merchandise gathered from distant and fantastic lands; a postman should have a coat-of-arms capable of expressing the strange honour and responsibility of the man who carries men's souls in a bag; the chemist should have a coat-of-arms symbolizing something of the mysteries of the house of healing, the cavern of a merciful witchcraft.

"The postman," it was rumoured, "often sees him on the road leading to the castle, talking in a shadow with someone enveloped in a long, black, hooded cloak, whom he once thought he recognised as the Princess.

The rural postman carried a brass cowhorn, and made a practice of sounding it as he mounted the road leading to Culvercoombe.

It came with delightful unexpectedness, with no warning of its arrival; simply, one day as he was going to see his lawyer, Mr. (afterwards Sir Nicholas) Hannen, a passing postman handed him a little brown-paper parcel with Swedish stamps on it.

Have you any commands at Oakwood that I can perform?" Mrs. Hamilton answered thankfully in the negative, but Emmeline exclaimed "I have a good mind to make you bearer of a letter and a gage d'amour to my good old nurse; she will be so delighted to hear of me, and her postman a nobleman.