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215 examples of  potion  in sentences

215 examples of potion in sentences

But when, an hour later, Company K's whole street was aroused by peal on peal of Abderian laughter, Jack and Nick were found helpless in their bunks, and Barney was engaged in presenting a potion to settle their collapsed nerves!

Good Saint Cuthbert, I have wrought for him my best as thou hast seentended his hurt thrice daily and ministered the potion as I was commanded.

To him Abdulla half-hopeful, half-desperate, repaired: and the Syed came into his house and gave Afiza a potion composed of incense-ashes and water from the Miran shrine.

These herbs were greatly esteemed: such, for instance, as the cynocephalia, or, as the Egyptians themselves termed the asyrites, which was used as a preventive against witchcraft; and the nepenthes which Helen presented in a potion to Menelaus, and which was believed to be powerful in banishing sadness, and in restoring the mind to its accustomed, or even to greater, cheerfulness, were of Egyptian growth.


And how knowest thou," added he, striving to soothe her, "that I will not give thee to drink of the miraculous potion?"

Remembering that if he gained the potion of immortality he would himself be plunged into a trance, he made all preparations for the interregnum.

He could only cry, "Give me the potion, lest I die, give me the potion!"

He could only cry, "Give me the potion, lest I die, give me the potion!"

Countless times was he on the point of calling after the physician and imploring him to return with a potion of like properties to the one rejected, but something seemed always to rise in his throat and impede his utterance, until, worn out by agitation, he fell asleep and dreamed this dream.

" "My dear friend," said Photinius, venturing at this favourable moment on a question he had been dying to ask ever since he had been an inmate of the convent, "would you mind telling me in confidence, did you ever administer any potion of a deleterious nature to his Sacred Majesty?" "Never!"

Stretch forth your hands, therefore, simultaneously to this table; let each unhesitatingly grasp and intrepidly drain the potion which fate may allot him, and be the quality of his fortune attested by the result.

This fact forms the groundwork of Leopold Schefer's novel, "Der Unsterblichkeitstrank," which has furnished the conception, though not the incidents, of "The Potion of Lao-Tsze.

And he having received it very cheerfully, Echecrates, neither trembling nor changing at all in color or countenance, but, as he was wont, looking steadfastly at the man, said: "What say you of this potion, with respect to making a libation to anyone, is it lawful or not?"

The root of the male fern was in years gone by used in love-philtres, and hence the following allusion: "'Twas the maiden's matchless beauty That drew my heart a-nigh; Not the fern-root potion, But the glance of her blue eye.

Be 't whisky-gill or penny-wheep, Or onie stronger potion, It never fails, on drinkin deep, To kittle up our notion, By night or day.

Were we to consider the constituent parts and properties of the most common things we are in the habit of daily using, and their poisonous and destructive natures, we should recoil at the deadly potion, and shrink from the loathsome draught we are about to take.

Afterward, bewailing his mishap, he commanded the earl to be attached, imprisoned, strangled, unbowelled, and his heart in a cup of gold to be presented to his daughter: she thankfully receiveth the present, filling the cup (wherein the heart was) with her tears, with a venomous potion (by her distilled for that purpose) she drank to her earl.

When the doctor swalloweth his own draught, what peevish invalid can refuse to pledge him in the potion?

No one hope, but of his fees, And his skill runs on the lees, Sweet Spirit, comfort me. When his potion and his pill, His or none or little skill, Meet for nothing but to kill, Sweet Spirit, comfort me.

The pain had grown to such proportions that the nerves had become hysterical, and would be stilled by no physician's potion.

Perhaps this wet cloth in the original, is what we now call laudanum; a potion that overspreads the faculties, as the wet cloth did the face of the royal patient; and the translator knew not how to render it.

I'll give the earl, unknown to any man, A sleepy potion, which shall make him seem As if he were stark dead, for certain hours:

In order to obtain certainty as to the identity of Vautrin with Collin he offered a bribe of three thousand francs if mademoiselle would administer a potion in his coffee or wine, which would affect him as if he were stricken with apoplexy.

But all the sport's to see what several thoughts The potion works in their imaginations.

boy, reach a cushion, sit down, good Acrasia: I am so beholding to you, your potion wrought exceedingly; the Senses were so mad: did not you see how they raged about the woods? COM.

What did you with the potion Acrasia made you? LIN.

" "I will tell him you asked me for a love-potion for the engine-driver's wife," Jeremy answered.

You see how stupid I am; I entertain you with discourses of physic, but I have the oddest jumble of disagreeable things in my head that ever plagued poor mortals; a great cold, a bad peace, people I love in disgrace, sore eyes, the horrid prospect of a civil war, and the thought of a filthy potion to take.

Upon their releasement from prison, our poet gave an entertainment to his friends, among whom were Camden and Selden; when his aged mother drank to him and shewed him a paper of poison which she had designed, if the sentence of punishment had been inflicted, to have mixed with his drink after she had first taken a potion of it herself.

Heere thou incestuous, murdrous, [Sidenote: Heare thou incestious damned Dane,] Damned Dane, Drinke off this Potion: Is thy Vnion heere?

The apothecary who sold the potion to the husband and wife was at the door below, requesting to speak with him.

But see, here is all that I have left of bread and wine, and here is a potion of healing herbs.

[Fr.], dejeuner a la fourchette [Fr.]; hearty meal, square meal, substantial meal, full meal; blowout [Slang]; light refreshment; bara^, chotahazri^; bara khana^. mouthful, bolus, gobbet^, morsel, sop, sippet^. drink, beverage, liquor, broth, soup; potion, dram, draught, drench, swill [Slang]; nip, sip, sup, gulp.

"If it be either carried about, or taken in a potion, it will increase wisdom," saith Cardan, "expel fear; he brags that he hath cured many madmen with it, which, when they laid by the stone, were as mad again as ever they were at first."

Those old physicians had no such mixtures; a simple potion of hellebore in Hippocrates' time was the ordinary purge; and at this day, saith Mat.

Frustra fit per plura (as the saying is) quod fieri potest per pauciora; 300 simples in a julep, potion, or a little pill, to what end or purpose?

Pliny sets down fifteen berries in drink for a sufficient potion: it is commonly corrected with his opposites, cold and moist, as juice of endive, purslane, and is taken in a potion to seven grains and a half.

Pliny sets down fifteen berries in drink for a sufficient potion: it is commonly corrected with his opposites, cold and moist, as juice of endive, purslane, and is taken in a potion to seven grains and a half.

So their actions and passions are intermixed, but of all other passions, sorrow hath the greatest share; [5305]love to many is bitterness itself; rem amaram Plato calls it, a bitter potion, an agony, a plague.

What potion has sleep like this crystalline air it almost takes one's breath to drink, of such a maddening chastity is its grot-cool sparkle?

Now the biped carries a box of phosphorus in his leather-breeches; and in the dead of night the half-illuminated beast steals his magic potion into a cleft in a barn, and half a country is grinning with new fires.

The empiric-medico at Salerno had been well paid to furnish a potion that should, by its slow but deadly action, prolong the tortures of the sufferers!

45 At night mingle the potion and at dawn in his hand let him raise (it).

That potion will rescue our bodies from torture, our minds from insult, our eyes and ears from seeing and hearing all those cruelties and indignities which await the vanquished.

I never told you of it, old pill and potion, for fear of a swinging bill: but just grinned and bore it, d'ye see.

But if you want to get away from the War and rumours of it, I advise you to take a draught of this tranquillizing potion.

Behold my Lord, behold thy headlesse Sonne Blest with a head, the late deceased living; As yet not fully waken'd from the sleepe, My drowsie potion kindled in his braine, But much about this houre the power should cease; And see, he wakes.

Ile take order for his winding sheete, And further, to furnish it with further suertie, Ile have a potion that for twentie houres Shall quench the motion of his breath.

These experiments were not confined to such vegetable and mineral poisons as could be mingled with the food or administered in a potion.

"Capt. Townsend awoke at his usual hour, having slept away the anodyne potion which had been administered to him.

You must take one or two dramsnot morein a glass of hot posset-drink, when you go to bed, and swallow another draught of the same potion to wash it down.

Canst not thyself the potion brew?

But as a leech, her hocus-pocus plays, That well with you her potion may agree.

After looking at him for some time, he finally administered a potion and hastily left the room, saying as he did so, "that Furr was as sure to die as though his head had been cut off."

"I'm scared," he stammered, "scared!" I wrote out a requisition on the surgeon for a sleeping-potion and sent it to him by the steward, giving the man to understand I wanted it for myself.

But the infant moans and tosses with a nameless want and anguish, While, with coarse, unmeaning bushings, louder sings the hireling nurse, Knows no better, in her dull and superannuated blindness, Tries no potion,seeks no nurture,but consents to worse and worse.

" Ambrosio hastened to secure a phial of the mysterious potion.

I slept about eight hours, as I was afterward assured; and it was no wonder, for the physicians, by the emperor's order, had mingled a sleepy potion in the hogsheads of wine.

Yet much sweetness mingles itself with this bitter potion, chiefly in the view and hope of my speedy removal to the eternal world.

Instead of peace I had the whirlwind; instead of tranquillity a riot; instead of the poppy an alarming potion.

They run to her rescue, and arrive just as the god is offering his captive a potion; the brothers seize the cup and dash it on the ground, while the spirit invokes Sabri'na, who breaks the spell and releases the lady (1634).

Then one night in the midst of the potion scene when she felt herself Juliet, soft, passionate, and beautiful, far away in the land of tragic romance, she heard the lodger crying: "Stopmy God, stop!

"Come here"he pointed to the centre of the rapturous rug"and do the potion scene for me."

"If you will repeat the potion scene," Arthur Noyes suggested.

The aunt, however, administered to him the second potion of the same dose that her brother had originally dealt out, and gave him to understand that his presence in Front street was not desired.

Asbury comes, And defiance beats by drums; Label, bottle, box, pill, potion, Each enlists in the commotion.

We may also guess at it by this: if God upon all single instances, and in the midst of our sins, before they are come to the full, and sometimes in the beginning of an evil habit, be so fierce in His anger, what can we imagine it to be in that day when the wicked are to drink the dregs of that horrid potion, and count over all the particulars of their whole treasure of wrath?

A sleepy potion having been mingled with my wine, I again slept.

For inasmuch as a certain Malichus was afraid of this, he bribed one of the king's cup-bearers to give a poisoned potion to Antipater.

This man came and brought another deadly potion of the poison of asps and of other serpents, that if the first potion did not accomplish its end, Pheroras and his wife might be armed with this also against the king.

This man came and brought another deadly potion of the poison of asps and of other serpents, that if the first potion did not accomplish its end, Pheroras and his wife might be armed with this also against the king.

"Give me the potion," I said.

Whereas the poet may rather feel that he at this precise point of time may master and possess the emotion that nature can provide for his soul, and that he is fully blessed if the sight of the mountain-head above the sunset cloud-banks, the green gloom of the summer woodland, the lake lashed with slanting storm, gives him a sense of profound emotion, and fills him to the brim with the pure potion of beauty.

In Massilia and on the island of Ceos a hemlock-potion was offered in public by the magistrate to those who could give valid reasons for quitting this life.

His economy became proverbial; it was sometimes made a reproach to him; and things were carried so far that he was represented, on the stage of a popular theatre, ill, pale, and surrounded by doctors, who were holding a consultation as to the nature of his malady: they at last agreed to give him a potion of gold to take; the sick man at once sat up, complaining of nothing more than a burning thirst.

Then, after a time, disguised in a glass of wine, he administered a sleeping potion, which soon took effect.

Our young men here were like children with a medicinethey proposed first one form of taking this military potion, then another, and finding them all equally unpalatable, would not, but for a little salutary force, have decided at all.

Niocles, his Friend, under the same Sentence, desired he might drink the Potion before him: Phocion said, because he never had denied him any thing he would not even this, the most difficult Request he had ever made.

"Your potion, Miss Damer, has completed the work of your surgery.

I am forced to send Lord Hertford and Sir Horace Mann such garbage, because they are out of England, and the sea softens and makes palatable any potion, as it does claret; but unless I can divert you, I had rather wait till we can laugh together; the best employment for friends, who do not mean to pick one another's pocket, nor make a property of either's frankness.

By a trick of fate these two drink a love potion inadvertently and become irresistibly enamored of each other, although Isolde is betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall, and Tristan is his nephew and ambassador.

"Take this," said he, and he gave me another potion.

The wives of our cits of inferior degree Will soak up repute in a little Bohea; The potion is vulgar, and vulgar the slang With which on their neighbors' defects they harangue.

Ulysses having landed on her isle, she administered a potion to him and his companions, which turned them into swine, while the effect of it on himself was counteracted by the use of the herb moly, provided for him by Hermes against sorcery; she detained him with her for years, and disenchanted his companions on his departure.

And now, with stifled cry, by fears oppressed, The sick man feebly throws his coverings off "Let me, O Greek, a cooling potion quaff!

Who, after their money waxed scant, and turned to a very lowe ebbe, they three drinking a poysoned potion one to another (which was the last cuppe that they kissed with their lippes) passed out of this life (as it were from a banquet) to the powers infernall.

Who mixed the infernal potion of Charles the Ninth?

I will only observe that it points especially to the over-roof, so to speak, arrayed against meto the folly of supposing that an intentional murderer would ostentatiously persist in administering the fatal potion to the victim with his own hands, carefully excluding all others from a chance of incurring suspicion.

Incredible as it may sound, my wife, in order to prove her devotion to me and to free me from further annoyance on her part, offered to take poison; and but for my interference (fool that I was to stay her!) would have drained the phial containing the deadly potion.

And it was to prepare the potion which was to effect her brief cure that Luke Hatton had quitted her chamber, and left the coast clear for Sarah Swarton.

"You have not deceived me as to the efficacy of the potion," said the lady; "it has given me new life, and with returning vigour I can view all things as I viewed them heretofore.

"A love-potion," replied Luke Hatton, calmly, "I am about to prepare a philter for her, and will answer for its effect.

Sir Francis will fancy you have swallowed a love-potion.

He bathed in milk, breakfasted on snail-broth, and swallowed a strange potion prepared for him by the apothecary, which the latter affirmed would make a new man of him and renovate all his youthful ardour.

They forcibly carried off the maiden from her own dwelling, and detained her against her will within this house, till by their arts they imagined they had gained their pointand that a love-potion would accomplish all for them, that their persuasions and fair promises were unable to effect.

His cantankerous mother, Catherine Kepler, had for some years been carrying on an action for slander against a woman who had accused her of administering a poisonous potion.

And filling the glass nearly to the brim he downed the huge potion at a single draught.

"Not one in a million," coughed Fatty, disposing of another formidable potion.

The cruel potion had possession of me, and entered into every fibre of my brain through the avenues prepared for it by the treacherous anodyne; so that, enervated and intoxicated, I yielded passively, after a brief struggle, to the power of the then newly-invented sedative, called chloroform.